Used Hyundai i10: The Various Aspects To Look Out For While Purchasing One

Used Car Buying Guide: Hyundai i10

Used Car Buying Guide: Hyundai i10

Hyundai Motors India had a supremely successful car in the name of the Santro. When the Santro was up for global discontinuation (excluding India) in 2007, there were some really big shoes left to fill. The vehicle that succeeded the Santro was none other than the equally legendary i10. The i10 was a global hit, winning numerous awards everywhere across the world and it wasn’t limited to just one year. From 2008 to 2013, it kept winning numerous accolades including the prestigious Indian Car of the Year award. In 2013 the i10 got a significant overhaul and was christened as “Grand i10” to further up the ante. With a history like that, it’s not surprising that the car was a hit in the new and used car markets. So here we list out some of the important aspects you need to look out for while purchasing a used Hyundai i10.

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used Hyundai i10 Feature

The Essential Things to Look Out for while purchasing a used Hyundai i10:

Faulty Headlight Adjusters

Like every other car on the market, the i10 comes with a headlight adjustment feature. However, it is very commonly observed by several i10 users across the world that after a while, the headlight adjustment does not work properly. This issue is caused by a faulty headlight adjuster switch. While not a very major problem, headlight adjusters often come in handy in several situations. If you’re driving on an unlit highway with your light beam pointing elsewhere, driving in such cases can be very inconvenient and dangerous. This issue should be covered under warranty in most cases but if not it will require the adjuster switch to be replaced. So be sure to test the headlight switch in a dark environment on the used Hyundai i10 you intend to buy.

used Hyundai i10 headlight position

Steering Motor Issues

This issue is very particular with the new generation Grand i10. The Grand i10 comes with an EPS or Electronic Power Steering module. A lot of Indian owners have reported that the steering wheel of the car randomly becomes unnaturally light or heavy for a brief period after sudden steering inputs or at high speeds. It goes back to normal after a while but keeps displaying these issues periodically. The cause of this problem is a faulty EPS Motor. The EPS motor costs around Rs.7000 to replace making it a slightly expensive ordeal. When you are test driving the used Hyundai i10 you intend you to purchase, keep an eye out on the steering wheel’s functioning. If possible try to trigger this issue voluntarily but be sure to check your surroundings first.

used Hyundai i10 Steering

Excessive Clutch Wear

Excessive clutch wear is a problem that many new generation Hyundai cars suffer from. The entire clutch mechanisms used on these cars are very sensitive in functioning. This means riding the clutch or keeping it full pressed while braking will rapidly deplete the life of the clutch plates. This issue is not only limited to the clutch but to the cables and other miscellaneous parts as well. Some owners have reported the clutch system giving up as early as 15,000 kilometres. However, if you drive properly and without committing too many errors, this problem does not appear. So if you feel that the clutch effort is too hard or too loose on the used Hyundai i10 you intend to purchase, you know what’s going on.

used Hyundai i10 Clutch

AC Not Functioning Properly

Another very common issue that is observed on i10’s that have a clocked a good number of kilometres is with the Air Conditioning Unit. The AC unit over time begins to significantly decrease its cooling output or absolutely fails to send out cool air. There could be several culprits behind this problem. The primary one is depletion of refrigerant gas inside the system. Apart from that, it could be due to a damaged condenser unit, clogged pipes or defective sponge filters. All these mentioned parts have no fixes and can only be replaced. So be sure to check the functionality of the AC on the used Hyundai i10 you intend to purchase.

used Hyundai i10 Air Conditioner

ABS Problems

This is a relatively less common issue but its effects can be very severe. Both the i10 and i10 Grande come with ABS models. As per some owners have reported that the ABS mechanism stops working after some time has gone by. While your brakes will work normally, the ABS system won’t. This malfunctioning of the ABS can potentially cause an accident as there is nothing preventing the wheels from locking up now.

used Hyundai i10 ABS

This problem in a majority of the cases is caused due to a faulty wheel speed sensor. The sensor loses its capability of measuring abrupt changes in the wheel’s rotating speed rendering the ABS system useless. A clear giveaway of this issue is the ABS light on the dashboard which won’t go away even after the ignition procedure. If you can find an empty stretch, do some hard braking on the used Hyundai i10 you intend to purchase and see if the ABS system works properly.