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Turn your scrap car into cash

Legally scrap your car with CARS24.

Contribute to a greener tomorrow.

  • Get a great price instantlyGet a great price instantly
  • Scrap benefits upto Rs 1 LakhScrap benefits upto Rs 1 Lakh
  • Scrap via govt. registered partnerScrap via govt. registered partner
  • Save up to
    25% road tax on
    new car
  • or
  • Get scrap certificate
    of ₹25,000 resale
  • Fuel savings up to ₹75,000

Scrap your car and

get benefits up to



Everything about car scrapping

The car scrap policy is a Government of India initiative that aims to phase out private vehicles that are more than 10 (diesel) and 15 (petrol) years old and commercial vehicles that are more than 15 years old (both diesel and petrol). The policy aims to improve vehicular safety, curb pollution, improve auto sector sales, and minimise maintenance costs for car owners.

How to scrap your car with CARS24

  • 01

    Car verificationEnter your vehicle registration number so we can verify your car details

  • 02

    Self-inspectionHelp us understand the condition of your car better for a better estimate

  • 03

    Pick upA registered scrap vendor will pick up your car at a time slot you choose

  • 04

    PaymentGet a secure, instant deposit into your bank account after pick up

Why scrap car with CARS24?

Fair Price

Get an accurate and fair quote for scrapping your car and helping the environment

Certificate of Deposit

Get benefits on buying a new car with a Certificate of deposit

What is a Certificate of Deposit ?

Registered vendors only

CARS24 partners only with Government-registered vendors.

What is a RVSF ?

What is the car scrap policy?

The process of scrapping a car is governed by the Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 laid down by the Government of India. Under this scrap policy, when a car reaches the end of its useful life or fails to meet emission and fitness standards, it can be scrapped. Car owners can voluntarily choose to scrap their vehicles, and in return, they receive benefits such as financial incentives, tax rebates, or discounts on purchasing a new vehicle. The scrapped cars are sent to authorised scrap yards, where they are dismantled, and the materials are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy aims to reduce vehicular pollution, promote recycling, and stimulate the automotive industry while providing benefits to those willing to scrap their old vehicles.

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When should you scrap your car ?

Private vehicle

  • Petrol

    15 years

  • Diesel

    10 years

Commercial vehicle

  • Petrol

    15 years

  • Diesel

    15 years

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have the original registration documents to sell my scrap car?arrow

Yes, you will need your original registration documents to sell your car to an authorised scrap car dealer.

What is the car scrap policy? arrow

The Vehicle Scrappage Policy is a Government of India program that aims to phase out old and polluting vehicles in the country. Under the policy, vehicles that are more than 20 years old for private cars and 15 years old for commercial vehicles will be scrapped if they do not pass a fitness test.

Can I sell a scrap car that is not in running condition?arrow

Yes, you can sell a car that is not in running condition to a scrap dealer. However, you may be offered a lower price for the vehicle.

How long does the vehicle inspection process take?arrow

The vehicle inspection process can vary depending upon the scrap car dealer's process and workload. However, it generally takes about an hour.

What happens if I still owe money on my scrap car's loan? arrow

To sell a car to a scrap car dealer, you will have to clear any loan amount that may be pending before the scrap dealer can take possession of the vehicle.

What types of vehicles does CARS24 accept as scrap? arrow

CARS24 accepts any privately owned vehicle (four-wheeler) as scrap. We also accept vehicles that are not in running condition.

How is the final price for my scrap car determined?arrow

The final price for your scrap car is determined by several factors including the car's make/model/year of manufacture, the weight of the vehicle, and the current scrap material costs.

Are 15 year old cars banned in India?arrow

Yes, the Government of India has prohibited the use of vehicles that are 15 years old or more.

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