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Risks of not checking car history report

Odometer tampering


of odometers are tampered in used cars

Accidental history


of used cars have some accidental history

Replaced parts


of cars have original parts replaced

Water logging damage


of cars are damaged by water logging

What would you get in the report

The service history of a car refers to the record of all the maintenance and repair work that has been performed on the vehicle throughout its life.

Vehicle details

Access a comprehensive report of the car’s like make, model, year, insurance, loan, etc

Car parts

Know if any parts were replaced, repaired or repainted

Odometer reading

Get the accurate mileage of the vehicle, including tampering issues, if any

Accident history & information

Get details about any accidents, damages, or flooding incidents

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The Service History is a helpful way of getting all the answers about a used car. I was able to make a better purchase decision with the CARS24 Service History report. It's quite impressive that for a very nominal amount I was able to get to know so much

Rishi Udeshi


I got feedback from my customers that they are very satisfied and happy with the CARS24 Service History report. The process is smooth, fast, and efficient.

Manish Kumar

New Delhi

The CARS24 Service History report helps customers make the right decisions and they're very happy with this service by CARS24.

Musa Asmi

New Delhi

One of our customers wanted to buy a car so they actually bought the CARS24 Service History report before making the purchase. The customer was quite happy with their decision and was confident about the purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What is a service/accidental history report?arrow

A service/accidental history report provides a comprehensive overview of the service history and any accidents or damage incidents that a vehicle has experienced throughout its lifetime. Additionally, this report also includes information about any odometer tampering, flooding incidents, total loss etc.

Why is a service/accidental history report important?arrow

Knowing the service history helps buyers understand how well a vehicle has been maintained, while information about accidents or damage can reveal potential issues or risks associated with the vehicle.

What information is typically included in a service/accidental history report?arrow

A service history report includes details about the car’s service schedule, maintenance tasks performed, dates of service, and mileage at each service interval. The accidental history report includes details of any accidents or damage incidents, airbag deployment, structural damages, flooding, engine and transmission repair, and odometer tampering, among other things. The report will also include the date of an accident, severity of damage, and extent of repairs.

Where can I obtain a service/accidental history report?arrow

You can purchase a service/accidental history report from CARS24 starting from Rs199. These reports offer valuable insights into a vehicle's maintenance history and any past accidents or damage incidents, helping you make an informed car-buying decision.

How accurate are service/accidental history reports?arrow

The accuracy of service/accidental history reports can differ, with OEM-provided reports generally considered more reliable. CARS24 gets its Service/Accidental History Reports directly from OEMs and the official Parivahan portal, making these one of the most reliable sources of information.

Can I use a service/accidental history report to negotiate the price of a vehicle?arrow

Yes, having a service/accidental history report can provide valuable insights that may influence negotiations on the price of a vehicle, especially if the report reveals significant maintenance issues or past damage.

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