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How To Know The Location Of The Fuel Tank Of Any Car?

How To Know The Location Of The Fuel Tank Of Any Car?

Admit it : we all have been through this embarrassing moment at the fuel station when we end up parking our car on the wrong side of the fuel dispenser. Worry not as this is a very common mistake which happens with most of us. Not all cars have the fuel tank lid on one side of the rear body – this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and car to car.

car fuel tank lid

The Problem In Locating The Fuel Tank

With increasing number of cars in the family, we often forget which side is the fuel tank lid. I personally have four cars at home and trust me, recalling the location of the fuel tank at the last minute is almost impossible. This problem can also occur when we are driving a friend’s car and need to fill up or have a self-drive rental vehicle while on a vacation.

The Solution

fuel tank marker

The solution to this problem is really simple. Every car has a fuel gauge located in the speedometer console behind the steering wheel. The gauge can be analog or digital depending on the car you have. If you look closely at this fuel level indicator, you will notice a small fuel dispenser icon and an arrow next to it. This arrow is the crucial factor here – it points exactly to the side where the fuel tank lid is located. For example, in the image shown above, it points to the left which means the fuel tank lid is on the rear left side of the car. This means you will have to park on the right side of the fuel dispenser.

Note that cars like the Tata Nano do not have this arrow icon as the fuel tank lid is located in the front, under the bonnet!

Even if you park on the wrong side at the fuel station, some dispensers will have the pipe long enough to be pulled across to the other side of the car. That said, it makes sense to play safe and glance at the fuel arrow in the speedometer console before you enter the fuel station. Head over to our car maintenance section for such cool tips!

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