Selling your used car via online classifieds - not a great idea!

There are many innocent sellers who become victims of fake online offers everyday, don't be one of them

Perils of selling a car through a
classified advertisement

Meeting unknown buyers could be dangerous

It doesn't take much to create a fake online profile on the various social channels we have today. There are high possibilities that you come across someone with sinister thoughts. The consequences of which might leave you repenting for the rest of your life.

Sharing personal details online is not safe

Keeping your personal data secured online takes a tad bit of time and effort. The more information you have online, greater the chances of them reaching the wrong hands.

Quoting fake prices by random buyers is very common online

You often find quotes on the higher end listed by random buyers on several online platforms. Getting lured by them, when you want to sell something fast, is quiet natural. However, the internet is an open platform where anyone and everyone can just quote a price.

Car ownership not transferred on time is a serious issue

This is the problem most car sellers face, which involves a tedious paperwork. Therefore, to avoid the time-taking and mind-baffling documentation process, it's always wise to seek help from professionals. CARS24 can get this done for you while you can chill & relax.

Getting 100% payment could be a nightmare

Now, this is the biggest problem car seller's encounter. If you ask unknown or local dealers to help you sell your car, get ready for uncountable numbers of follow-ups for your own money. CARS24 guarantees instant cash in your account.

Taking multiple calls from non-serious buyers is a pain

There are several online platforms where you can post your car selling requirement. However, the chance of meeting a genuine buyer on most of these platforms is extremely low. Most of the people who dial your number are not completely interested to buy.

Finding time for multiple test-drives is a hassle

Your time is precious. Anyone who comes to buy your car will go for multiple test drives. Now, who likes to make time from their busy schedule to take people for test drives? A wiser move would be to entrust CARS24 for the same work.

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