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Transform the used car business in your city

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What is CARS24 franchise?

CARS24 Franchise offers an opportunity to multiply your revenue by putting together your on-ground expertise with its wide dealer network, verified leads and advanced technology ecosystem

Why CARS24 franchise?

  • Profit Potential

    Profit Potential of Up to


  • Used car market

    Used car market growth of

    20% Yearly

  • Access to a

    Access to a network of

    20,000+ Dealers

  • Trusted brand:

    Trusted brand: annually catering

    2L Sellers

  • Return of

    Return of investment in

    3 Months

  • Diversify your

    Diversify your income via

    10+ Services

Journey to become a franchise owner

  • Step 1

    Register your interest to begin the application process

  • Step 2

    Our team will get in touch and guide you on next steps

  • Step 3

    CARS24 conducts a quick verification to confirm eligibility

  • Step 4

    Align with CARS24 standards, launch franchise, start operations

Frequently asked questions

Why should I take the CARS24 Franchise?arrow

CARS24, India's largest organized used car player, offers high-intent, quality leads;integral to our franchise model. Joining our franchise presents a chance to join the revolution and expand your business, with the privilege of exclusive CARS24 branding at your dealership

Does a potential franchise partner need to be a used car dealer?arrow

No, being a used car dealer is not mandatory for partnership. Anyone eager to enter used car sales, committed to increasing monthly earnings, can join CARS24, subject to agreement with the CARS24 franchise screening process

How does CARS24 determine the suitability of a potential franchise partner?arrow

CARS24 employs a screening process to evaluate partner alignment with operational standards, financial capability, and time commitment for daily business operations.

What fees are required for partners to pay to CARS24?arrow

Franchise partners need to pay onboarding fees, refundable security deposits, monthly fees, and lead costs to CARS24, ensuring their commitment and operational support.

Can dealers sell cars directly to customers under the CARS24 brand within the franchise agreement?arrow

The CARS24 franchise model focuses on car procurement, not direct sales under the CARS24 brand. Dealers are prohibited from selling cars to customers under the CARS24 brand within this agreement. Any such sales will be deemed a breach of the agreement and addressed accordingly

Will co branding be allowed for the franchise partner?arrow

The franchise outlet will feature Cars24 branding alongside the partner's name. However, the partner is not authorized to use Cars24 branding at any other location or for other purposes, such as another store or car selling activities.

How does CARS24 handle territory exclusivity and the presence of multiple franchises in a region?arrow

Exclusivity is not typically part of the agreement; usually, only one franchise operates in a region to effectively manage potential leads. However, in areas with exceptionally high demand that cannot be served by one partner, multiple franchises may be considered

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