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Do you plan to sell your car and upgrade to a new model? CARS24 is just the right destination for you in case you plan to sell an old car. You can sell any car to us by visiting our outlet and getting your car evaluated. You can quickly sell a used car to us and even benefit from services like free ownership transfer. As they say, change is the only constant. So start your new car journey by booking an appointment and visiting our retail outlet to get the best deal on your current car.

Disadvantages of Selling Car Through Online Classifieds

Many Risks Involved

It’s common to see people selling a car through online classifieds, but it is not safe to meet complete strangers who have expressed an interest in your used car. While your intention would be to sell your car, the person you meet could have some sinister objectives. Plus, it’s often a problem to obtain 100 per cent payment from the buyer of your used car. Moreover, sharing your personal data on the internet is not safe as your details could land in the wrong hands.

Issues with RC Transfer

Another problem you can face on selling your car through online classifieds is issues with timely RC transfer. A delay in the ownership transfer can have dire consequences as you’ll be held liable for any sort of misuse of your car by the new owner as long as the registration is not transferred. As you can see, using the internet to sell second-hand car increases the chances of facing troubles with the RC transfer.

Plenty of Inconvenience

It’s often a harrowing experience to answer hundreds of phone calls to answer questions about your used car. While you would want to sell your car as soon as possible, there would be many non-serious buyers who would call you just to try their luck at obtaining a bargain. Even if you do find some serious buyers, it’s quite a task to take out time from your busy schedule for multiple test-drives of the vehicle.

CARS24 Enables a Smooth Car Selling Experience

Avoid unnecessary stress

It can often get quite stressful to find the right buyer when you sell car on the internet in India. With CARS24, you can be assured of not only getting the best price for your used car but also an easy document transfer process. We can make the entire process look like cakewalk if you plan to sell your used car to us.


CARS24 ensures total transparency when you sell your car to us by heading to one of our branches. All our processes are highly transparent in nature, thereby offering complete peace of mind when you sell any car to us. We are a certified 9001:2015 company that believes in complete customer satisfaction.

Sell Car in a Flash

Once you agree to the price offered, you can immediately sell your car and get the payment in your bank account the same day. Moreover, even the paperwork involved when you sell second-hand car is handled by us. Furthermore, you can even track RC status by entering your Appointment ID and mobile number into our website.

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