Sell Car and Upgrade

Do you plan to sell your car and upgrade to a new model? CARS24 is just the right destination for you in case you plan to sell an old car and wonder how to sell a car online. You can sell any car to us by visiting our outlet and getting your car valued. You can quickly sell a used car to us and even benefit from services like free ownership transfer. As they say, change is the only constant and you can start your journey to buying a better car by opting to sell your car online through CARS24.


Advantages of Selling Car Online

Guarantees Comfort

One of the most important aspects to sell car is to have a rough idea about the amount it can fetch. Instead of driving to a dealer to sell your car, you can adopt a more convenient approach by deciding to sell car online. All you need to do is to key-in details of your vehicle and get an approximate figure right at your home. This method suits anyone who wants to sell car but doesn’t have the time or will to visit a used car dealership.

Fearless Selling

Internet is the best place if you’ve always wondered how to sell a car in India. Even if you have limited knowledge of selling a car, you can simply start by putting a price tag on your vehicle. However, do note that you need to add a small buffer to the price listing as prospective buyers are sure to try to negotiate the price. Sell your car once you get a desired offer. Hence, you can easily sell any car without the fear of getting short-changed in the process.

People Find You

Unlike the traditional format, where you need to visit a used car dealer to sell any car, it’s actually the interested buyers who find you if you sell your car online. Instead of wasting your time to bargain with the dealer, you can simply wait for the correct price from the comfort of your home. By using internet to sell second-hand car, the chances of quickly finding the right buyer increase manifold.

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Ease Your Pressure

It can often get quite stressful to find the right buyer when you sell car online in India. With CARS24, you can be assured of not only getting the best price for your used car but also an efficient document transfer process. We can make the entire process look like cakewalk if you want to sell car online to us.


CARS24 ensures totally transparency when you sell your car online through us. All our processes are highly transparent in nature, thereby offering complete peace of mind when you sell any car to us. We are a certified 9001:2015 company that believes in complete customer satisfaction.

Sell Car Online in a Flash

Once you agree to the price offered, you can immediately sell your car to us and get the payment in your bank account the same day. Moreover, even the paperwork involved when you sell second-hand car is handled by us. Furthermore, you can even track RC status by entering your Appointment ID and mobile number into our website.


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