Govindan Kishwar

Govindan Kishwar


Govindan loves anything with an engine. He is the Head of Content at CARS24, and is a seasoned journalist and content specialist who has worked with the likes of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Zomato and Hindustan Times. When he isn’t in front of a laptop typing away, you can find him tinkering with his motorcycles, gaming, or cleaning up after two Golden Retrievers.


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How ChatGPT Could Change the Automobile Industry
How ChatGPT Could Change the Automobile Industry

The way we interact as humans has changed drastically over the past two decades; phone calls have given way to texts, long-drawn out work

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Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) checklist for new cars
Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist For New Cars

Picture this: You test drive a bunch of cars, looking for the perfect one for you and your family. You shortlist one, book it, and eagerly wait for

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