Best Used Cars Below 4 Lakh Rupees

Best Used Cars Below 4 Lakh Rupees

Earlier we came up with a post on 5 Used Small Cars With Terrific Resale Value. Today, in this post, we talk about premium cars you can buy for a price of a new small car. Many of you would be looking for a premium car that has shed most of its value over the last 6-7 years. Of course, such cars aren’t brand new either, but make a lot of sense for those looking for a more premium and feature-laden car. More than anything, these cars also offer a much higher brand image than similarly priced new cars. For example, you get a proper three-box sedan for a price of a small budget-end hatchback. Here, in this post, we have put together a list of 5 Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs for those looking for a premium car. The prices you see here are based on examples we have found on popular used car classifieds website. So, please note that these prices are merely indicative and may vary by some extent based on the condition of the car and its location.

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs – FIAT LINEA

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs

The Fiat Linea is getting old but it is still one of the most capable sedans in its class. Hence, it makes for one of the 5 best used cars under 4 lakhs that we have here. True, it could never do well owing to poor brand image and shoddy service quality. These are exactly the factors that have led to a pretty low resale value of the Linea. The Linea is a spacious and sufficiently feature-laden car. Its design has aged very gracefully and it offers a good ride quality. Also, the steering is well-weighted and the car feels pretty sure-footed in the corners. Spares and services are not an issue and the car can be easily serviced even at the local non-authorized service centres.

Price: INR 2.75-3.5 lakhs
Age: 5 years
Kilometers Covered: 50,100 kms

Best Used Cars Under Rs 4 Lakhs – TATA MANZA

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs tata manza

Here is another sedan that is a part of our list of best used cars under 4 lakhs. The Manza is a lot of car for your money – it offers a very spacious interior, a big boot, sufficient features, and decent engines. You can safely pick a Diesel engine variant for a lot less than Rs 4 lakh. The one you see here is a 2012 model going for just Rs 2.2 lakh. At this price, even if you consider the Diesel car ban on cars more than 10 years old, you have a lot of life left. Powering this car is a 1.3-litre Fiat-sourced Multijet Diesel engine that outputs a maximum power of 90 bhp along with a peak torque of 200 Nm. The engine has been internationally acclaimed for its efficiency and reliability. Even the petrol engine, which is a 1.4-litre unit, has been sourced from Fiat and is a decent performer, all of which makes a used Manza a car worth buying.

Price: INR 2-3.5 lakhs
Age: 5-6 years
Kilometers Covered: 60,000-80,000 kms

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs – HONDA CIVIC

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs honda civic

Back in the day, the Honda Civic was one of the most desirable sedans in the D-segment of our car market. Even though the car was taken off the shelves in 2013, it continues to be a hot favorite among all those looking for a fun-to-drive used car that also has a luxurious feel and a high brand image. However, keep in mind that the Civic is available with a powerful 1.8-Litre Petrol engine only and is not exactly frugal. Don’t expect anything more than 9-10 kmpl in the daily running. While some do install a CNG kit to reduce the running costs, remember that doing so will rob off the sportiness.  You can easily get a 2012 model with roughly 50,000 kms on the clock for less than Rs 4 lakh.

Price: INR 3.00-4.oo lakhs
Age: 6-7 years
Kilometers Covered: 50,000-60,000 kms

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs – FORD FIESTA CLASSIC

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs ford fiesta image

The Ford Fiesta Classic is another option for all those looking for a reasonably priced used car that feels more premium than entry-level hatchbacks. You can easily get a 3-4-year-old Fiesta Classic for less than Rs 4 lakh and with roughly 60,000 kms on the odo. The Fiesta Classic offers a 1.6-litre petrol engine that offers 14 bhp and 145 Nm. This engine can offer you a mileage of roughly 11-12 kmpl in daily usage. The other option is that of a 1.4-litre diesel engine that outputs 68 bhp and 190 Nm. This engine is known to offer at least 17-18 kmpl under normal circumstances. Spares aren’t really expensive and Ford has been working hard to improve its after-sales network. Decent looks, spacious interior, and the image of a sedan – there’s really enough going for the Fiesta Classic if you’re looking for a premium used car under Rs 4 lakh.

Price: 3.00-4.00 lakhs
Age: 4-5 years
Kilometers Covered: 30,000-50,000 kms

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs – VOLKSWAGEN POLO

Best Used Cars Under 4 Lakhs volkswagen polo

Nothing comes close to the Volkswagen Polo when it comes to good engineering and a high build quality. Also, it brings you the joy of owning a German car. The Polo comes with a timeless design, ergonomic interior, and even offers a good balance between ride and handling. While it’s not as spacious as some of its rivals, it is definitely a car that will last longer and give fewer troubles. You can easily get a 3-4-year-old car with less than 40,000 kms on the odo for less than Rs 4 lakh. The one you see here is a less than 4-year-old example with just 26,000 kms on the odo. Volkswagen India enjoys a considerably strong network of authorized service centers. Spare parts aren’t cheap but at least they last long.

Price: INR 3.00-4.00 lakhs
Age: 3 years
Kilometers Covered: 30,000-40,000kms

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