Difference Between Climate Control and Air Conditioning

Difference Between Climate Control and Air Conditioning

Difference Between Climate Control and Air Conditioning

Today, every car comes with air conditioning, ranging from budget models like the Maruti Alto and the Renault Kwid to really expensive vehicles like the Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus. Of course, air conditioning is an important feature as India is a country where the temperature is at extreme levels throughout the year. However, not every car has a similar air conditioner. You must have already heard the term ‘climate control’ a few times. One of the biggest differences between climate control and air conditioning can be understood from the fact that all climate control systems have an air conditioner. Still, not all ACs have a climate control system.

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Basically, if we consider the layman language, basic air conditioning setups have manual control for adjusting the temperature and the speed of the fan. Also, there’s a manual adjustment even for the mode of airflow. So, when operating basic air conditioning, one needs to adjust the fan speed and airflow mode manually. Some cars even get these manual adjustments for the rear aircon blower.

On the other hand, climate control is a lot more sophisticated. Compared to the regular air-conditioners, climate control units are much more advanced as they are computerized systems governed by a pre-programmed chip. While these systems provide automatic adjustment of fan speed and airflow modes to maintain the desired temperature, you can manually control the settings in a climate control system. Mostly, these systems are found in the high-end variants of cars in B-segment or above. It must be noted here that these systems were earlier restricted to only the really expensive cars, but they’re fast becoming a common feature of even the affordable vehicles.

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In essence, all these systems require you to do is to set the desired temperature. Once you’ve dialed in the value of the temperature you require inside the cabin, the airflow, cooling, and fan speed is adjusted by the automatic climate control system to achieve the desired temperature at the earliest and then even maintain it. In order to consistently maintain a fixed temperature, the climate control system blows both cool and hot air to prevent the cabin from getting too cold or hot.

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This is done through a set of sensors placed at strategic locations of the cabin. These sensors help the system register a change in temperature and the air conditioning unit that works to maintain the temperature desired by the user. So, this was the basic difference Between Climate Control and Air Conditioning.

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