Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

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Thanks to the ever-increasing prices of fuel in India, it’s only natural for car owners to do all they can to save on the running costs of the vehicle. Of course, a natural way to do this is to drive sedately, but a lot even depends on the type of car one drives. Driving a fuel-efficient car a bit aggressively will still give you better mileage than driving a thirsty car slowly. However, diesel cars simply are a step ahead of their petrol counterparts when it comes to low running costs. Not only are diesel cars more efficient compared to their petrol counterparts, but they’re also quite fun due to the abundance of torque they have.

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Thanks to their design, Diesel engine cars clearly provide their users with higher mileage and better performance than the petrol variant of the same vehicles. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see diesel cars in demand among those who have a high running. However, a lot many users still don’t know how to maintain diesel cars’ engines. Compared to indirect injection oil-burners of the past, the common rail Diesel engines available today are much more advanced and even far more reliable. However, one should be aware of the basic maintenance tips he or she needs to exercise to ensure the long life of the motor.

Top 5 Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

Cleanliness of filters

It is very important to regularly check if your engine’s filters are clean. The role of the filters of the Diesel engine is to kick out impurities, and if these filters are not kept clean, there are good chances that the debris would adhere to it, thereby reducing the overall performance of the vehicle.

Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

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Check Oil Purity

It is necessary to make sure that the engine oil you use is pure and in good condition. In case there is debris in your engine oil, it will directly impact the performance of the vehicle. One should even refer to the owner’s manual of his or her vehicle to figure out how he or she can maintain the purity of the engine oil. However, motor oil is best changes every 3,000 kilometres.

Engine Idling

Of course, we all want our diesel cars to have a long life, but not all of us are able to achieve it as the engines get worn out within a few years of ownership. A major reason for this is that many simply don’t make use of the idling technique during cold weather. In low temperatures, the viscosity of engine oil is higher, and this leads to inefficient lubrication of the internals. Hence, on starting the car, it’s important to keep it on idle for five minutes. This ensures that the viscosity of engine oil is lowered and the oil flows smoothly. However, one must not overheat the engine by idling it for far too long.

Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

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Condition of glow plugs

It is imperative to regularly check the well-being of the glow plugs. The glow plugs of a Diesel engine work increase the temperature of the engine and have a direction relation with the ignition as well thru the amount of compressed heat developed for the ignition to take place. On starting the engine, the glow plug I’ve out a hot wave at a predetermined level to make the cold engine start working. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the glow plugs are in good condition, failing which the engine might not work efficiently.

Check the tyre pressure

This is something that needs to be done regardless of the fuel type your vehicle uses. Tires are the only part of your car that stay connected to the road all the time, but they’re often even the most neglected ones. The easiest way to ensure the longevity of car tires is to inflate them correctly. To figure out the correct air pressure for your car, you should consult the owner’s manual.

Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine

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So, above were the top 5 Tips to Maintain Diesel Car Engine. Following this guide should help you extract the maximum from your diesel car. Are you planning to purchase a second-hand diesel car? If so, we, at CARS24, can not only provide you with a wide range of used Ford cars to choose from but also sort out all the documentation, including the RC transfer, totally free of cost. What’s more, you can also use our free used car value calculator to find out the correct value of any car on sale in the country.