Teflon Coating - Pros & Cons of Teflon Coating on Cars - Teflon Coating Vs Ceramic Coating
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What is Teflon Coating? Pros & Cons of Teflon Coating on Cars

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Teflon Coating, which is also popularly known as Paint Protection Coating, is basically a treatment that is recommended by many dealerships and car detailing shops to ensure the longevity of the paint. Basically, these coatings form a protective layer over the paint along with giving it more gloss and shine. Teflon is a chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer that is non-sticky in nature and reduces friction on which it is applied. It also enhances the paint’s ability to prevent corrosion or wear and tear in extreme temperature conditions.

Teflon Coating Process

Following is the process of applying Teflon coating on the exterior of a car-

  • The entire car surface is washed and clean thoroughly to get rid of any dust particles
  • The car body is wiped properly and dried completely
  • Teflon coating is applied over the entire car body in a lubricated form
  • After the applied coating is dried completely in, say, 15-20 minutes, the car is polished by a car buffing machine to an immaculate glossy finish
  • The process of buffing takes more than 30 minutes and it even removes minor scratches if done properly

Advantage of Teflon Coating

  • Applying a coat of Teflon on the car body has multiple advantages, which are as follows-
  • The most apparent advantage that applying of Teflon coating has is that the paint of your car will have a highly attractive shine as soon the process of applying it is completed.
  • Also, unless the coating of Teflon isn’t applied properly, even the minor scratches in the paint will disappear.
  • Teflon coating also acts as a paint protection film by forming a layer over the car’s paint that prevents minor scratches. While most new-age cars come with a high gloss paint finish, applying of a coat of Teflon should further make the car look pristine for longer.
  • Finally, applying a coat of Teflon will even increase the life of the paint, provided the application is repeated every few months.

Why Teflon coating is bad?

First things first, there is nothing ‘bad’ about applying a coat of Teflon to your car. However, there are some negatives associated with the entire process through which many get the coating applied to their vehicles. It must be understood that Teflon is a registered Patent of Company DuPont and now part of Chemours India (Subsidiary set up of Dupont).

However, it has been observed that many workshops take customers for a ride by merely waxing and machine polishing the vehicle in the name of applying a Teflon coating. Also, the polishes that such erratic car detailing shops use are not related to Teflon and hence, don’t have exactly the same benefits.

Therefore, many times, it is seen that vehicles owners feel cheated as the inferior treatment used do not provide the benefits associated with Teflon coatings. The shine given by non-Teflon products is comparatively short-lived. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting customer never realizes that he has been short-changed and ends up failing to realize the benefits of Teflon coating.

Is ceramic better than Teflon?

Before we tell you if the ceramic coating is better than Teflon coating, you need to understand that the latter costs roughly Rs 5,000 to Rs 7,000, depending on the size of your vehicle. In comparison, prices of the ceramic coating start at roughly Rs 18,000 and goes all the way up to Rs 35,000 as per the size of your car and the exact package you opt for.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly paint protection treatment, Teflon is probably your safest bet. However, getting a ceramic coating treatment for your vehicle will be a better option if you look at the bigger picture. While getting a ceramics coating will be expensive, it will be far more durable and will even offer more protection from minor scratches, dust, corrosion, etc. It’s also more resistant to harsh weather and even acid rain.

What is the use of Teflon coating?

Like we have been saying, getting a Teflon coating can give you multi-fold benefits without having to make a huge dent on your pocket. You can get your car a decent Teflon coating for as low as Rs 5,000, which will not only give your vehicle a high shine and gloss finish but even protect your vehicle’s paint from minor scratches and corrosion. Similarly, investing in an under-body coating will help you protect the underside of your vehicle from corrosion.

What colour is Teflon coating?

Teflon coatings have been designed in a way that they have a protective rather than an aesthetic nature. Hence, they form a transparent layer on the paint of your vehicle and don’t have a colour of their own. However, there is indeed a limited colour selection of Teflon that is commercially available in case you desire a new colour finish for your car’s exterior. In general, Teflon coatings are sold in grey, black, green, blue, red and brown.

Teflon Coating is waterproof or not?

Yes, Teflon forms a non-sticky, waterproof and heat-resistant layer on the surface it is applied on. Hence, Teflon coating forms a protective layer on the surface of the vehicle that prevents the original paint finish to come in contact of not just water but even excessive temperature or harsh weather conditions such as acid rain.

Speaking of the heat-resistive properties of Teflon, it has been tested in various laboratories that the material can withstand temperatures up to 260 degree Celsius, while it can even offer resistance to corrosion and oxides. Also, as Teflon coating is waterproof, It can be cleaned easily without having to worry about rust issues.

How long does non stick coating last?

Mostly, it has been seen that well-applied Teflon coatings last up to 8 months before their effect starts wearing off. In comparison, ceramics coatings are known to last up to a minimum of 3 years. If applied in a correct manner, they can even last the entire lifetime of a vehicle.

Which coating is best for your car?

Like we said earlier, both ceramics and Teflon coating offer paint protection. However, one may decide between the two as per his or her budget. Those who are on a strict budget can opt for Teflon coat, which would last at least 6-7 months and a maximum of 8-9 months. On the other hand, if you don’t have a budget constraint, you can opt for a ceramics coating, which would last at least 3 years. That said, a ceramics coating costs at least three times more and hence, you’ll have to decide as per your exact budget.

However, all said and done, it is a ceramics coating that will protect your car’s paint for longer. It’s also the more durable of the two options and offers better protection from minor scratches, dust, swirl marks and corrosion. It’s also more resistive to extreme weather conditions. Hence, getting a Teflon coating for your vehicle might be a cheaper option but it will have to be redone in a few months of time and therefore, will turn out to be a more expensive option in the long run.

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