6 Tips To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat And Sunlight
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6 Tips To Protect Your Car From Extreme Heat And Sunlight

In the sweltering summer, the heat does affect us. Even if we are out for a few minutes, we get uncomfortable. What would be the condition of your car that is exposed to the heat from sunlight? The heat can affect your car if you aren’t prepared for it. With rising temperatures, many are facing car troubles on the road. Multiple reports of failures and damages are arising as temperatures soar to record highs.

In this article, we will see 6 tips to protect your car from extreme heat and sunlight.

What is the effect of heat on your car?

Interestingly, the effect of heat on a car does vary from car to car. That said, there are a few common effects every vehicle will face. 

  1. The interior and exterior of the car get affected by the UV rays.
  2. Car paint dries, and flaking of the paint begins.
  3. The car spirals into premature ageing.
  4. Cracks on the dashboard & damage to the upholstery.

Let’s see how you can save your car from the extreme effects of heat and sunlight.

Tips to Save Your Car in Scorching Heat

Park in The Shade

While it may seem obvious to park your car in the shade to avoid the heat, you may not always remember it when you are in a hurry. You may find it hard to find a parking place for your vehicle. Take some time and find the best place to park. Avoid parking under the sun. 

Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly washing your car keeps it clean of dust and other particles. These can boost the health of your vehicle and delay premature ageing. 

Wax Your Car

It has been proven that a waxed vehicle reflects UV rays instead of absorbing them. So waxing can be a good idea as it prevents excessive heating.

Window Shades

Window Shade

Use shades on your windows to avoid direct sunlight. Window shades prevent the sun rays from entering the interior of your car. Shades also reflect the UV rays, thus protecting the plastic components inside the car. 

UV Protective Window Tints

UV protective window tints can reflect 99.9 percent UV rays. It makes sense to use them whenever possible. Tinted windows are safe even while you drive, which is not the case with window shades. However, the visual light transmission (VLT) of the glass should be within legal limits.

Monitor Tire Pressure Levels

Make sure the tyres are adequately inflated. Underinflated tires use more surface area and add to the heat while cars parked under the sunlight for a long time are at the risk of overinflation.

These tips are a good start to protect your car from heat and sunlight.

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Est. Reading Time:
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