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“For Every New Car Sold in India, a Used Car is Sold Somewhere.”

This is true in every sense. Not only new cars but used cars too are in high demand. For these reasons, even auto companies have started to sell used car in India. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Indian used car market has grown at a tremendous pace. Statistics show that the used car market in India accounts for nearly around 3.4 million vehicles annually, which, by 2021, is expected to reach around 6.6 million. So if you are planning to sell used car, this is the time—time to search ‘sell used cars near me’.


For the evolution and growth of the used car market in India, there are many reasons. They include enhanced quality, better maintenance (reason being latest technological services) and less usage (as many urban families having more than one car, due to which the second car is less driven and well maintained). And for people who want more in less, second-hand cars are the best option. 

Where to Sell Used Cars Online for Free?

To sell a used car in India is never easy. You need a lot of knowledge, need to meet people or dealers and market your product. Still, how many people are satisfied are doing all this? So many struggles! Isn’t it? 


Many people who want to sell used car go for classifieds but we never suggest it, for it, Classifieds has its own limitations -

  1. Posting your personal details can be a threat. Your details can be misused by strangers, spammers or junk mailers.
  2. Making fake online profiles is easy. People pretending to be buyers might get in touch with you via these profiles and can lend you in trouble. 
  3. You might start getting calls from unknown numbers asking for your address and other details in the name of enquiring. 
  4. Too many calls each day can frustrate you. Besides your home what are the other locations where you can answer the question of why you are selling your car? It’s demeaning, right? 
  5. Quoting high price just for the fun of it. When you are looking to sell used car in India urgently, a tempting offer is hard to decline. But, in reality, such quotes are false as anybody can quote a figure with just a click. 
  6. And not to mention, the free test drives your buyers would be asking every time they call to inquire about your car. 
  7. Even if you are able to zero in on a buyer and sold your car. The paperwork could be a laborious, time-consuming task and, in the meantime, any mishap occurs or your car is misused who will be held responsible? Obviously, the one on whose name is the RC of the car. 
  8. Complete payment of your car in one go is a nightmare while selling through classifieds. If you sell your car by accepting part payment then get ready for daunting visits to your buyer’s home.


In such a case, we suggest that you sell your used car online. Selling cars online has a number of benefits over other platforms. You get an instant valuation of your car and wide selling network. Not just this, it is hassle-free and time-saving too. No doubt that there are many platforms these days but the most efficient, time-saving and free of cost is online. 

You simply must search online (free of cost) for the people looking for second-hand cars around you and directly sell used car online in India or elsewhere.

Why Cars24 to Sell Used Car?

Are you searching for the best place to sell used car? Or are you looking for the best website to sell your car? Congratulations, for your search, is over! Cars24 is the ideal online medium to go forward. 


Cars24 is one of the most popular places to list a car, putting you in the driver seat of hundreds of vehicles. You have the power to sell used car for free in or from any part of the country. 

At Cars24, we are giving our best in building India’s best website to sell your car—the most trusted and transparent car selling platform. Our efforts are in making it easy for our website users to list their cars on our platform by providing proper guidance so that you sell your used car at the best possible Cars24 pricing. Based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previous car listings, Cars24 help you calculate the price you deserve. Our team is a collection of experienced people having worked in various car companies, in India and internationally. From the marketing point to the technical aspect, they are there to help you sell your car. 

Not just this, but to add more, we have 5000+ cars available, 500+ makes and models, over 1 lakh happy customers and 1000+ dedicated employees. With such a huge network in the nation, Cars24 is certainly the best place to sell used cars online.


At Cars24, you get a lot of things:

- Free evaluation of your used car

- Sell your car in India at the best price

- Instant payment assured

- Save your precious time by selling the car in a single visit

- Free RC transfer and Check your RC Transfer Status Online as well

- Trust of over 1 lakh customers

- A network of over 100+ Branches in 19+ Cities across India

Becoming the best is never easy but we are, for you; because we value our clients. Our customers are our family and this motto has made us the best website to sell used car.

How to Sell Used Car Online?

With the number of growing internet users, it has become easy for anyone to sell used car online. Still, if you are new to the platform and are skeptical about how to sell used car online, below are a few points to be followed. 


  1. Go to
  2. You will see a strip reading ‘SELL CAR AT YOUR NEAREST CARS24 BRANCH’
  3. Enter the details of the car you want to sell online: brand, model, year, variant, car registration state, kilometers driven, email and mobile number.
  4. Press on ‘GET PRICE’ and get rid of the question: how to sell a used car?

There are other means as well to sell used car online but the process is lengthy, distrustful and requires patience, then too there’s no guarantee whether you’ll get a good deal or not. There just too many loopholes involved along with the risk of personal information getting public.  

You can go online and find the best resale value of your car on various websites. Whichever website claims to pay you the best, connect with it. But always keep in mind, it is better to have plan B, always; so try to connect with more than one website instead of choosing just one. 
Every person before buying a car keeps few things in mind so you must keep these steps in mind before you approach your prospective customer: inspection of the car for damage, dent, rust, and tyre condition; under the hood, that the car has an original engine; and check for all the documentation


People are selling anything and anywhere—classifieds, social media, through friends and family etc. But above all, Cars24 is the best way if you are troubled by the question - ‘where to sell my used car fast’. You simply save yourself the trouble of all the paperwork involved. It just takes a single visit and you get your money in your account on the same day.

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I was great experience, just sold my car in single visit with best price offer from CARS24. Hassle free R.C transfer, without any headache. It’s highly recommended for selling your used cars.



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It was very nice to dealing with Cars-24, the staff is very cooperative and reliable and process is very easy to sell and I get best price for my car. Thanks Cras-24

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