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How to Check Challan Status in Tamil Nadu?

You can quickly check your online challan status in Tamil Nadu using the CARS24 platform or the Parivahan Sewa website.

Here's how you can quickly locate your pending challans on the CARS24 platform:

  • Visit the CARS24 website and navigate to the E-challan section
  • Enter your vehicle number in the input box
  • Locate any pending challans associated with your vehicle

If you want to locate your pending challans using the Parivahan portal, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit the Parivahan e-Challan webpage
  2. Enter your Challan number/vehicle number/ Driving licence number.
  3. A list of your e-challans shall be displayed.
  4. Click on any challan to check its status.

How to Pay Traffic Challan Online in Tamil Nadu?

Once you have the details, you have three options for paying your Tamil Nadu traffic police challan online: using the CARS24 platform, using the Parivahan website, or through the Tamil Nadu Government's official website.

Using the CARS24 Platform:

Once you've successfully located your pending challans, here's how you can easily manage and settle them through the CARS24 website:

  • Make the payment for the due amount on the CARS24 platform

  • CARS24 takes care of settling the challans on your behalf

  • You will receive a notification from CARS24 once the settlement is completed

Using the Parivahan Website:

To pay your Tamil Nadu challan online, you can utilise the Government of India's official e-challan website called Parivahan Sewa:

  • Visit the Parivahan e-challan webpage

  • Enter your username and password

  • Provide your challan number, vehicle number, or driving licence number

  • Enter the Captcha code and click on the appropriate button

  • You will see a list of e-challans; select the one you want to pay

  • Details of the offence and the pending fine will be displayed

  • Proceed with the payment

  • After completing the challan payment, you will receive a confirmation through an SMS alert, along with the transaction ID

Using Tamil Nadu Government's Website:

To pay your Tamil Nadu challan online, you have the option of using the Tamil Nadu Government's official website, which is the official web portal of the Tamil Nadu Government.

  • Visit the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police website.

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Citizen Services (Paid).

  • Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the Parivahan e-challan webpage.

  • Then select District, Treasury, Office Name, and Period as applicable.

  • Follow the steps mentioned in the previous section

  • Choose your preferred payment method from the available options.

  • After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation via an SMS alert.


Paying Tamil Nadu Traffic e-Challan Offline

If you prefer the offline experience or don't have access to online payment methods, you can still pay your Tamil Nadu police traffic challan using offline methods.

1. Visit Tamil Nadu Traffic Police Headquarters

  • Go to the Tamil Nadu Police Headquarters located at EVR Periyar Salai, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600010.
  • Bring your Driving Licence, Address and Identity Proof, and the letter regarding the traffic violation
  • Submit the fine amount in cash at the headquarters

2. Approach a Tamil Nadu Traffic Police Officer

  • Look for a Tamil Nadu traffic police officer equipped with an e-challan machine
  • Provide them with your vehicle details, including the registration number, challan number, and driving licence number
  • Make the payment to the officer using the preferred method

3. Demand Draft

  • You can send a demand draft or cheque by courier to the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police headquarters

Traffic Rules and Regulations in Tamil Nadu

1. Keep left

Drive on the left side of the road and allow the traffic on your right to pass safely, especially in the absence of dividers or lanes

2. Overtake from the right

When overtaking, use your indicator and overtake from the right side. Avoid overtaking on narrow lanes to ensure the safety of others

3. Follow traffic signals

It's crucial to respect traffic signals and not jump red lights. Wait for pedestrians to cross before proceeding

4. No parking in prohibited zones

Avoid parking in designated No Parking zones, busy corners, or in the middle of the road. Illegally parked vehicles can cause accidents and disrupt traffic flow.

5. Give way to emergency vehicles

When emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, or fire engines need to pass, give them the right of way. Blocking their path is a punishable offence

6. Carry necessary documentation/identification

Always carry the necessary documents, either in physical or electronic mode via the DigiLocker application.

7. Observe speed limits

Adhere to the specified speed limits, both in city areas and on highways.

8. Proper use of lights

Use indicators when changing lanes or making turns. In adverse weather conditions like rain or fog, use fog lights and emergency lights to signal other drivers and maintain a safe distance

9. Avoid phone usage while driving

Refrain from using mobile phones while driving. If you receive an urgent call, park your vehicle on the side of the road before attending to it

10. Don't drink and drive

Drunk driving is a serious offence that can result in hefty fines, imprisonment, or a revoked licence.

11. Accompany learners

Learner drivers should always be accompanied by someone with a valid driving licence sitting in the passenger seat.

12. Only one pillion rider

Two-wheelers are permitted to have only one pillion passenger along with the driver. Triple riding is not allowed.

13. Wear helmets

Both the driver and the pillion rider must wear approved safety helmets.

14. Always wear seat belts

Wear seat belts while travelling in a car. Children in the back seat should be properly secured with a harness or belt.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if I don't pay challan in Tamil Nadu?arrow

If you don't pay a challan in Tamil Nadu, your vehicle registration may be suspended or your driving licence may be revoked. You may also be issued a warrant for your arrest.

What is the time limit to pay an e-challan in Tamil Nadu?arrow

The time limit to pay an e-challan in Tamil Nadu is 30 days from the date of issue.

Can I contest or dispute a traffic challan in Tamil Nadu?arrow

Yes, you can contest or dispute a traffic challan in Tamil Nadu. You must file a written appeal with the traffic court within 30 days of the date of issue of the challan.

How to pay a court challan in Tamil Nadu?arrow

To pay a court challan in Tamil Nadu, you can either pay it in person at the court or you can pay it online using the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police website.

How to check the fine traffic receipt issued by Tamil Nadu police?arrow

To check the fine traffic receipt issued by Tamil Nadu police, you can use the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police website or you can call the Tamil Nadu Traffic Police helpline.

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