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10 Tips To Increase Resale Value Of Car

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Selling your car invariably ends up being a long process. The most time consuming of all the steps is to make up your mind to sell your car. Have you decided what new car you are going to buy for yourself? If yes, then you surely are thinking of ways to get the maximum resale price for your old car. We have created a checklist to help you increase the resale value of your car if you are planning to sell it off.

Establish Factors That Influence Used Car Pricing And Hence The Resale Value Of Car

Factors such as model year, model make, the condition of the car, mileage and the desirability are most important for any used car buyer. Thus, you need to make sure that your car scores as high as possible on these parameters.

Research On Online Platforms

Used cars don’t come with a price tag. This is why it becomes very difficult for a person to figure out his car’s worth. A little bit of research will help you here. You can either approach someone who has sold his car or can try free online used car valuation tool so that you have an anchor price while selling your car.

Resale value of car

Settle For A Resale Price In Your Mind

Being sure about the minimum price at which you think your car should sell at is an important tick in any used car transaction checklist.

If you are selling it to a local business, do remember, they would want to take a 3-5% commission while selling your car further. Thus, it is advisable that you add 4-5% to your final decided minimum sale price.

You can also head over to our detailed article on how to estimate the right resale value of your used car.

Make Sure Documentation Is Perfect

While selling your car, it is imperative that you furnish every legal paper and document for your car. This means that you need to make sure that everything is in place before you head out to sell your car. Documents such as original Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Policy (updated) Pollution Certificate and Warranty documents of various accessories like battery, tyres etc, should be kept safe. Proper documentation will surely increase the resale value of car!

Resale value of used car in India

Duplicate Key

An extremely important thing to keep safe is your car’s spare key. These things not usually come into use, thus it is better to store them where they can be found easily. And, oh yes! The new owner of your car will also need it.

Service History

First of all, whether you want to sell your car or not, it is always advisable to get your car serviced from authorized channel. It becomes more important in case you are planning to sell your car. Since authorized service centers are interconnected, you can always find out and take printouts of your whole service history. Simple isn’t it?

Owner’s Manual

car owners manual

The original owner’s manual that arrived with your car is of importance since it might have information about your exact make and model that present cars of the same make won’t. Keep it safe and pass on the knowledge to the new owner.

Tool Kit, First Aid, Inflated Spare Wheel

Never lose your toolkit or any of its tools. In case you have lost them, be kind and furnish them back before you sell your car. The same applies to the first aid kit – remove expired medicine and bandages. Always make sure your spare wheel is in usable condition and doesn’t look like that you stole it from your neighbor!

Essential Fluids

Be considerate and please do not deliver a car that is running low on essential fluids (like windshield fluid) and lubricants. While you are at it, please do make sure every feature and electronic aid are working as it should be. And come on; fill that tank up to at least 1/3rd of its capacity.

Remove All Unwanted Stuff

No one likes a dirty car, so please do make sure that you get your car thoroughly cleaned before delivering it to the new customer. That means, no baby diapers, no cigarette buds (just don’t smoke inside of your car, please) and yes no empty bottles please.

Resale value of used car in India

All these tips do not require much effort, time and money. However, if you follow these properly, we are sure it will help you increase the value of your used car by a minimum of 5-10%. To read more such tips before selling your old car, head over to our “Sell Used Car” section.

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