5 Best Used Luxury SUVs to Buy in India
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5 Best Used Luxury SUVs to Buy in India

SUV’s are world-acclaimed, leading opulent vehicles across the global car market. Adventure lovers are fascinated with the luxurious drives and the latest technology offered by SUVs. They offer status symbols, extensive off-roading capabilities, powerful engines, versatility, and pronounced street presence. It is ideal for the family, the SUVs are more practical than sedans and hatchbacks as they can tackle the road as well as rough terrains. The premium SUVs offer comfort, luxury, power, and massive boot space, unlike cars.

Owning a lavish luxury SUV is a costly endeavor. But pre-owned SUVs cost half the price or lesser than a new premium SUV due to high rate of depreciation. Used SUVs from Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Landrover, Range Rover boast of high-end safety features, luxury, and performance in pocket-friendly prices. Car enthusiasts with a tight budget can buy pre owned SUVs with warranty and other added benefits for less than half the cost of a new one at CARS24.

Here is a list of the five best used luxury SUVs to buy in India:

Audi Q5, Petrol

Audi Q5, German SUV, is a sheer luxury to own. It comes with three engine options, a 2 Litre TFSI Quattro (petrol), a 2 Litre TDI (diesel), and a 3 Litre TDI Quattro (diesel). The Q5 comes in two trim levels – premium plus and technology. It has a spacious interior and big boot space for comfortable long drives. It has a well-featured cabin with electrically operated front seats with a range of safety features.

The latest Audi Q5  prices start at Rs 55.27 lakh (ex-showroom India) while used ones are available from Rs. 6 Lakh onwards.

Buy Used Audi Q5 in Delhi NCR

Mercedes ML350

Mercedes ML350 CDI, Diesel, is a power-packed high-performance SUV. It is efficient and has the best in class features. The colossal SUV has a 3.0 Litre diesel mill with highly acclaimed rail technology. It has smooth gear shifts with a seven-speed automatic transmission gearbox. Many crucial top-notch safety functions have been embedded in the SUV, like the off-road mode, nine airbags, hill descent system, etc. It is laden with many advanced and sophisticated comfort features.

The new Mercedes ML350 CDI costs Rs 66.98 Lakh (ex-showroom) while used ML’s are available from Rs. 8 Lakhs onwards.

Buy Used ML350 CDI in Mumbai

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne is the marvelous blend of performance and luxury. The advanced engineering and astounding creativity make it a highly anticipated SUV.  It comes fitted with efficient and powerful engine options including a 3.0 litre V6 diesel, a 3.0-litre V6 petrol, and a Twinturbo V8 that putouts a whopping 512 Bhp. It has AWD drivetrain with eight automatic gears and dual-clutch. It has the most innovative features with lavish interiors for convenience and comfort. It is a striking SUV for adventure lovers.

The prices for a new Porsche Cayenne starts at Rs 1.2 crore (ex-showroom) while good pre-owned Cayenne’s are available from Rs. 10 Lakh onwards.

Buy Used Porsche Cayenne in Delhi NCR


BMW X3, Diesel, is a brilliant midsized premium SUV. It is a stunner with a distinctly sporty look. It comes with a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged unit developing 190PS @ 4000rpm, and 400Nm @ 1750-2500rpm. The usage of leather all around the interiors, massive sunroof, and standalone central multimedia screen have elevated the SUV’s luxury.

The new BMW X3 prices start from Rs 60.5 Lakhs (ex-showroom) while used X3’s are available from Rs. 8 Lakhs onwards.

Buy Used BMW X3 in Mumbai

Land Rover Freelander 2

Land Rover Freelander 2, Diesel, is an outstanding, all-terrain prerequisite SUV. It has excellent on-road and off-road abilities with a 2179 cc refined diesel engine. It has premium interiors with standard fit Napoli leather upholstery for unbeatable comfort and convenience. Well catered safety measures include seven airbags with driver’s knee airbag and transverse engine mounting for better crash protection. It is a well carved, stylish SUV.

The latest Freelander 2 prices start at Rs 49.97 Lakhs while used ones are available from Rs. 8 Lakh onwards.

To own a high-end premium luxury SUV is a dream of many car enthusiasts. But, the cost of the lavish cars constraint them to own it. CARS24 provides you with the opportunity to buy luxury pre-owned SUV at a modest price. With our presence in over 100 major cities in India, we provide the largest platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars at affordable prices. CARS24 offers versatility in the preowned cars for you to select according to your preference. Our large inventory of pre-owned cars offers you to choose from all the major brands. Our unique business model provides you with the best price and top-rated service in the market as per your expectations and beyond.

Looking to buy a used car? CARS24 luxury SUVs come with a 6 Months Warranty. Buy from thousands of car online (or Download CARS24 App) and get it delivered to your doorstep. Love it or return it with our 7 Day Easy Return Policy.

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