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5 Things To Check At The Car Service Center During Delivery

5 Things To Check At The Car Service Center During Delivery

Visiting our friendly car workshop is a routine that we all have to undertake every few months. And admit it, the smile on our face when we go to take the delivery of our shining four-wheel companion at the car service center says a lot. We love our cars and we love to have them serviced properly. But, do we care to check some crucial points before exiting the workshop?

The next time you pay a visit to the car service center, remember to keep these important points in mind:

Pay The Car Service Center At The End

We often walk to the payment counter immediately once the technician or the floor manager tells us that our car is ready. Do not do this. A routine service costs a lot and the workshop is entitled to finish the job properly. This includes everything that was noted down in the job card a few hours back. So keep the ‘money’ part out till you are satisfied.

Insist On A Test Drive

If your car had a major mechanical part replacement, the best way to be satisfied with the work is by taking a quick test drive. Likewise, if the air-con had issues, run it for a while to see the cooling efficiency. Ditto for brake pad replacement (check brakes) or jobs like replacement of clutch plates. There is no point coming across the unfinished job after you leave the car service center.

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Job Completion

Have a look at the original job card to make sure all the tasks were taken care of. If you have specifically mentioned some minor jobs like tyre rotation or battery check etc, these things should have been done as per guidelines.

The Cleaning part

A car service center usually includes a proper wash and interior clean-up in the labour charges. Your car deserves a good bath and make sure that has happened. This includes exterior foam wash, exterior polishing including tyre polish, interior vacuum cleaning, interior polish and so on. Some workers at the car service centers take a short-cut and do not wipe off the dashboard polish completely. This can turn into a mess as the polish gets attracted to your hands and then to your clothes. Likewise, the inside part of the windshield should be free of dirt or polish marks too. Spent a couple of minutes inspecting all this.

Check for essentials

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Before exiting the workshop, make sure all essentials are in place

The last point for a check-list at the car service center includes presence of all the accessories. Ditto for your car battery (make sure it is the same) and car tyres. Access the boot and check for the spare wheel as well as the tool kit. If you had left the owner’s manual inside, make sure it is there.

These check points should be followed during every visit to the car service center. Only once you are satisfied is when you should make the full payment. For more such clever tips, head over to our car maintenance section. And if your old car’s maintenance is going over the roof, its time to sell it and buy a new one – head over to our free car valuation page right now!