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5 Tips For You On How To Increase Car Resale Value

Team CARS24

Selling your prized four-wheeled possession is not just about letting go of emotional memories but also about fetching that extra value to get the best possible deal. If we are ready to spend some time and effort, it can help us go that extra mile to increase the car resale value. Here are a few simple tips that could go a long way in getting you a getting you a better deal while selling your car.

1) Looks Matter For A Better Car Resale Value

Car wash cleaning

They say the first impression often works well in your favor. The same holds true in this case too. Before showing your car to a prospective buyer, spend half a day and a couple of thousand bucks in giving it a makeover. This includes a foam wash followed by exterior body polishing which also takes care of minor scratches. An interior clean up should be followed next which will take care of marks, stains and hidden dirt. Trust us, the feel good factor once a customer sits inside the car will go up by a few notches.

Dent on the pocket: Rs 1000-1500

2) A Service Ensures Good Car Resale Value

Servicing old car
A routine service with a simple oil change will surely help the car drive better. You can also show the service receipt to the customer which means he will not have to bother about technical care for the next few months. A newly serviced car feels smoother, drives better and will give the customer peace of mind. We are sure he won’t mind spending extra on a car that feels ‘new’.

Dent on the pocket: Rs 2500-4000

3) Keep All Papers In Place

car papers and documents
Before meeting a prospective customer, make a list of all documents that he could possibly ask for. This includes sale receipts, registration card, insurance papers, valid PUC and even copies of warranty on tyres, battery and any other accessory that you might have invested into. Further, if you have extended warranty of RSA coverage, keep their papers handy too. Make sure you have the second car key in your pocket. All this will ensure further peace of mind to the buyer.

Dent on the pocket: None

4) Know Your Car

It is advisable to keep a few strong points about your car in mind. This could be about any USP like unique features, spacious interiors or even excellent fuel economy. Try to read the buyers mind in terms of his requirements and if your pointers satisfy the same, bingo, you can boast about the same. Do have a look at our special “Brag Your Ride” section which lists down special and unique features about different cars.

Dent on the pocket: None

5) Do Your Homework

cars24 website
You should know the right value of your car in the market. For this, call up a few dealers or check your car’s price online on CARS24’s website. This will give you a fair indication of the right value so that a prospective buyer does not short charge you.

Dent on the pocket: None

To summarize, we do agree that selling a car can is a time-consuming exercise. But, if you are well informed and do it the right away, you could end up fetching as much as 10-15% extra for your car. Follow the steps above, invest some money into the car and we are sure, the final transaction will leave you satisfied!

To read more such simple tips about selling a car, head over to our blog’s Sell Car section.

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