5 Warning Signs of Engine Failure You Should Not Ignore

5 Warning Signs of Engine Failure You Should Not Ignore

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5 Warning Signs of Engine Failure You Should Not Ignore

One of the primary reason for engine failure is lack of timely maintenance – failing to replace the engine oil, coolant and filters during regular intervals leads to reduced engine performance before turning into a catastrophic failure. Also failing to check on parts like clutch and spark plugs, for wear and tear, could lead to a damaged engine.

Before the engine fails, it gives certain warning signs that you can’t miss! Let’s go through the 5 warning signs of engine failure listed below to get a clearer picture.

1.     Check engine light.


Every car has a check engine light on its dashboard. Whenever something goes wrong with a vehicle’s engine, any component, or sensor affecting the engine’s normal functioning, the warning light flashes on the dashboard. Cars nowadays have an onboard self-diagnostic set-up that works as a  reporting system as well. This system triggers the warning signal whenever there is a problem, minor or major. Depending on the issue, get your car checked by an expert!

2.     Smoke coming out of the exhaust.

A little bit of smoke coming from the vehicle once in a while during winter is very normal, but if your car emits black, blue, or thick white smoke whenever the engine is running, you might have to get it checked by an expert! Black smoke suggests a problem with the fuel supply or a disproportionate fuel mix. If the smoke tends to be somewhat grey, it indicates that the petrol/diesel is entering the combustion room, not a good sign.  Thick white smoke indicates the burning of engine oil along with the fuel.

3.     Problems while driving.


A smooth car is a good car. When a vehicle starts facing problems while driving, there might be an underlying issue. Fuel lines getting clogged, spark plugs fouled, damaged ignition coils, and dirty fuel/air filters are all causes of a cars’ poor performance. Cars nowadays have well-equipped systems to manage air to fuel ratio and airflow sensors, but to leave them alone to work is not a good practice. Regular checkups and cleaning can help you avoid major engine failures.

4.     Loss of mileage and poor performance.

Over time, a car tends to lose its mileage (fuel economy) and power gradually due to wear and tear. However, if the car loses its power drastically or mileage drops significantly, the cars’ engine needs attention. Sometimes minor problems might be lurking behind the engine, causing significant damage to the vehicle over a period of time.

5.     Engine knocking.

Engine knocking is when a small portion of the air-fuel mixture starts burning independently, without ignition. It may not be a loud sign, but if you can hear a constant knocking from the engine, it’s best to get it checked immediately. If ignored, it can result in a lot of damage to the engine hence, costly repair.

Apart from these, there are many other signs that you can look out for before engine failure as well, like foul smells coming out of the car, oil patches on the ground below car parking, excessive overheating, loud noise, and excessive vibration of the vehicle. Trivial issues can be rectified easily, but when it comes to issues such as drastic mileage drop and poor car performance, it is best advised by experts not to ignore. It’s highly advisable to go to your nearest car service center and get your car’s engine checked by a professional.

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Happy driving!

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