Baleno Car Modified Examples - Best Modified Maruti Baleno Cars in India
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10 BEST MODIFIED Maruti Baleno Cars of India

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The Maruti Baleno car is currently the highest selling model in its class. With sales of roughly 20,000 units every month, it is close to as popular as many cheaper models like the Wagon R and the Swift. A reason for this high popularity is its design, high mileage, ease of maintenance, and a very comfortable cabin that. In spite of all these qualities, several owners have decided to modify their cars as per their whims and fancies. Many examples of Baleno car modified by their owners have come under our scanner. These models carry many modifications, such as fancy paint job, custom alloy wheels, changed headlamps, and even Lamborghini-like scissor doors. This post will take you through 10 of the best modified Maruti Baleno cars in our country.

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Baleno Car Modified – Example 1

baleno car modified

This is arguably the best modified Maruti Baleno car that we have set our eyes on. It is a good showcase of how a normal looking family car can be transformed into something much hotter and catchy. The biggest modification carried by this Baleno car is the scissor doors that are inspired from Lamborghini. The dual tone red-black paint scheme also makes the car look and feel sporty. Other than this, it gets custom smoked headlamps, new bumper with sporty diffuser, and black-painted 17-inch alloy wheels. It also gets a red interior. The cabin’s talking point is the sports seats set from Bride. Full details of performance upgrades aren’t known but what’s known is that this Baleno car gets a K&N performance air filter and a custom FRK full exhaust.

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Baleno Car Modified – Example 2

baleno car modified

Another model in our list of best modified Maruti Baleno cars in India is the stunning model you see in the above image. While this modified Baleno car isn’t as radical as the first car in the list, it’s still a very attractive model. It has been modified by Grid7 customs in Kochi, Kerala, and rides on eye-catching set of alloy wheels. It carries XP Minisuper V3 projector headlights along with a new set of LED DRLs that seem to have taken inspiration from none other than the Porsche Panamera. The performance modifications to this car include a free-flow exhaust. We still can’t get over those tasty 17-inch alloy wheels though.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 3

baleno car modified

Next in our list of best modified Maruti Baleno cars in India is this wrapped beauty that comes with an Anthracite-Grey wrap. As is the case with such wrap jobs, the car has received a new identity without much of an effort. A good wrap can do wonders to a car’s appearance and what’s even better is that it can be completely restored to the original look very easily. This wrap has been done by IDE Autoworks. It gets blacked-out badges and front grille. The roof, the mirrors, and the spoiler have been blacked out too to give this car a total racy appearance.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 4

baleno car modified

At no. 4 of our list of best modified Maruti Baleno cars in India is this low rider from Kerala. It has been modified by Grid7 Customs, and of course, its talking point is the very low ride height. It has been lowered through the usage of lowered springs. Furthermore, the low rider effect is enhanced through the Samurai body kit. Other than the low stance, the modified Baleno car gets Vossen mag wheels, black roof and blacked-out outside rear view mirror caps. The only performance upgrades it carries is Brembo-sourced brakes and a sports free flow exhaust.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 5

baleno car modified

The next car that we have has an all-black look that makes it look amazing due to an all-black look. The modified Maruti Baleno car features a custom body kit with Samurai front-lip with a carbon fibre finish. The all-black colour treatment has been taken so seriously that the Suzuki badge on the front grille has also been blacked out completely. Performance modifications have been kept to the minimum. It’s powered by the standard 1.2-litre VVT petrol motor with the only performance upgrade coming in the form of a free flow exhaust from Raj Hingorani. This Baleno car modified example rides on 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels that have been shod with 215/40-spec tires.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 6

baleno car modified

The Maruti Baleno RS is among the sportiest cars in its price bracket. But someone out these decided it wasn’t sporty enough when it came to the looks and hence, though to upgrade it to match the sporty engine. The modified Baleno car here features sporty bumpers, updated tail lamps, and black-painted alloy wheels. The front-end has a new grille with an RS badge on it. We approve it.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 7

baleno car modified

This one has to be among the neatest examples of best modified Maruti Baleno cars in India. While it doesn’t have any major modification or even a sporty body kit, we have decided to include it on our list as it looks great with those amazing alloy wheels. Other than a custom set of wheels, it features a matte-red wrap along with a contrasting black roof.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 8

baleno car modified

We regularly see the Maruti Baleno RS, and even some regular Baleno models, in a black paint scheme. This one, here, however, has a red-white paint job. The roof, the outside rear view mirror caps, and the lower bumpers have white paint. The rest of the car has red paint along with a set of black racing stripes. These start at the front grille and rum across the car till the rear bumper.

Baleno Car Modified – Example 9

baleno car modified

Another car in our list of best modified Maruti Baleno cars in India is a mildly modified example that has racing stripes. It has a matte black wrap along with bold red racing stripes that help it stand out. The bumper diffuser also has some red accents. Not half bad, right?

Baleno Car Modified – Example 10

baleno car modified

The final car in our list of modified Maruti Baleno cars is this 1.2-litre petrol engine variant from Assam. Like previous few models, this one also features subtle modifications that make it look neater. The biggest highlight is the black roof, black outside rear view mirror caps, and a blacked-out front grille. Another cool feature is the set of 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels.

So, which of these Baleno car modified examples in our list of best modified Maruti Baleno modified cars in India do you like the most? You can send in your feedback by commenting below. Stay tuned for more such posts on the modified cars in India.

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