Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Delhi - DETAILS

Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Delhi – DETAILS

best ev electric vehicle charging station in delhi

With an aim to enhance energy efficiency and promote electric mobility, R.K Singh, Minister for Power, New & Renewable Energy, inaugurated the best EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station in Delhi in July 2020. Speaking on this occasion, Singh had said, “The EV charging plaza is a new avenue for making e-mobility ubiquitous and convenient in India. Such innovative initiatives are imperative for the creation of a robust e-mobility ecosystem in the country. My congratulations to both EESL and NDMC.” 

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best ev electric vehicle charging station in delhi

Best EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station in Delhi

Set up at at Chelmsford Club in New Delhi, the one-of-a-kind EV charging plaza allows charging of multiple vehicles simultaneously. EESL has so far spearheaded the EV ecosystem development in India by undertaking demand aggregation for procuring EVs and identifying innovative business models for implementation of Public Charging Station (PCS). NDMC and EESL have set up India’s first of its kind public EV Charging Plaza in Central Delhi. This plaza will host 5 Electric Vehicle Chargers of different specifications. 

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Speaking on the public EV plaza Shri Sanjiv Nandan Sahai, Secretary, Ministry of Power said, “The charging plaza, with its compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles will greatly spur e-mobility adoption. This would make EV charging hassle free and convenient for the consumers, thereby making e-mobility adoption an attractive proposition.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Union Power Minister Shri R K Singh has also launched “Retrofit of Air-conditioning to improve Indoor Air Quality for Safety and Efficiency” (RAISE) national programme. At the launch, Singh had commented, “I believe the RAISE initiative can potentially alleviate the issue of bad air quality in workspaces across the nation and pioneer ways to make them healthier and greener. I look forward to the success of their programme and wish both EESL and USAID best of luck for their future endeavours.” 

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It must be noted here that Poor air quality is a huge concern in India and the improvement of air quality has become more necessary in light of the COVID pandemic. As people slowly return to their offices and public spaces, maintaining good indoor air quality is essential for occupant well-being as well as productivity. 

In line with this, EESL has launched a project to retrofit its office air-conditioning and ventilation system. This is a part of the larger initiative to “Retrofit of Air-conditioning to improve Indoor air quality for Safety and Efficiency” that has been made to promote energy-efficient buildings with healthy air. This program has been launched in partnership with US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) MAITREE programme. EESL’s corporate office in Scope Complex has been taken up as a pilot project for this initiative.

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