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100 Car Hacks, Tricks, and DIY Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

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The experience and joy of owning a car are unmatchable to anything else for people who are passionate about driving. The ownership of a car is considered a privilege and while one might be emotionally attached to the vehicle, others might just use it as a medium to get to their destination.

Apart from being just the owner of a car, the ‘caring’ of the vehicle can be quite the challenge and with the numerous kinds of car hacks available today, you can keep your car at its best. Let us take a look at 100 valuable car driving tips and tricks including car maintenance tips that even the smartest of drivers might have missed. From cleaning hacks to tips on increasing the lifespan of your vehicle, we have it all. Keep reading to know more!

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1. Silicone Cupcake Liners

Silicone Cupcake Liners

Do the cup holders in your vehicle store dirt and gunk? Washable silicone cupcake liners can be inserted into your cup holders to remove all slugs. Quick and easy way to ensure your cup holder stays clean.

2. WD – 40 Trick With Stickers

WD – 40 Trick With Stickers

Some of us love using bumper stickers on our cars but always find ourselves in disarray when it comes to removing them. Getting off that annoying sticky mark can be quite a task. However, with a quick spray of WD-40, you can simply peel off the glue.

3. Baking Soda To Remove Bad Odor

Baking Soda To Remove Bad Odor

Simple but quite effective, baking soda will help in making your car smell fresh and clean. Spread a generous amount of baking soda all across the mat and the seats, allowing it to sit for a few hours. Begin vacuuming to remove all traces of the baking soda, along with any unwanted odors in your car.

4. Removal of Dents with Dry Ice

Removal of Dents with Dry Ice

Applying dry ice to a dent works like magic. Surprisingly this super cold block of ice can help in popping out any dent marks. Just be sure to use thick and strong gloves while holding the ice as it can hurt your skin.

5. Fix Scratches With Nail Varnish

Fix Scratches With Nail Varnish

It is not a hidden fact anymore that paint works great when touching up any scratches and marks on a vehicle. What’s interesting is that clear nail polish also helps in filling in any unwanted scratches while ensuring it does not rust. This car hack works great when you’re in a pinch!

6. De-Ice Your Car Lock With Sanitizer

De-Ice Your Car Lock With Sanitizer

In colder areas, car locks can get icy and hard to unlock. By simply applying a little hand sanitizer onto the key and inserting it into the lock – you can melt away the ice. It is a known fact that alcohol content in sanitizer helps in killing germs while also helping in melting ice.

7. Scented Candle Air Freshener

Scented Candle Air Freshener

A scented candle in a glass jar on a hot day can work wonders when it comes to a sweet-smelling vehicle. Place the glass jar or container with the candle in any unused cup holder in the car to ensure it does not damage any car parts.

8. Toothpaste For Foggy Headlights

Toothpaste For Foggy Headlights

Headlights tend to get dirty and foggy over time but toothpaste would make them squeaky clean and shiny again, just like our teeth. With the help of a dry cloth, rub a generous amount of toothpaste on the headlamp. Rinse it off with clean water and wipe again for that extra shine.

9. Clean Your Windshield With A Razor

Clean Your Windshield With A Razor

Dirt, bugs, and sap can be a huge headache when it comes to cleaning the windshield of your car. Gunk takes a while to come off and is often quite sticky. By using a simple razor blade you can easily remove it by scraping it off gently. Be sure to take extra care not to cut yourself.

10.  Suction Cup Baskets

Suction Cup Baskets

Use special baskets with suction cups inside your car by sticking them onto the windows so that your children can store their toys and other kiddie supplies in one place.

11.  Seat Warmers For Keeping Food Warm

Seat Warmers For Keeping Food Warm

For those of you who love takeout, this hack is for you. Turn on your seat warmer each time you decide to order takeout, place the food on the seat and keep it warm right until you reach home.

12.  Handy Hanging Hooks For Extra Storage

Handy Hanging Hooks For Extra Storage

Extra storage space in your car is always a great thing. With this pocket-friendly trick, you can store your bags, wallets, and umbrellas without crowding the car floor. Just hang them onto hooks around the back of the seat and you are good to go.

13.  Keep Your Car Clean

Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping the car clean every time you drive is not an easy task. Candy wrappers, food crumbs, trash, dirt, pet hair, and more can be found under the seat, on the car floor, and sometimes even in the cracks of the seats. What better way to tackle this than by having a strong car trash can? Grab hold of any plastic container and add a mini garbage bag or a grocery bag for easy disposal. Place this container upright on the carpet of your car with the help of any adhesive.

14.  Towel Holder Hack

Towel Holder Hack

This DIY tip is one of the most sought-after. Simply attach a roll of paper towels under your car trunk hood and fasten it with a strong wire or cord. Without occupying any extra space, these paper towels will help you in keeping your hands clean while working on your car engine.

15.  Pop Your Dents

Pop Your Dents

Another DIY tip for dents – this one includes a handy plunger and a suction cup. Pretty affordable, just spray any liquid on the dent, place the suction cup over it, and then the plunger on the top of the suction cup, pull towards you, and voila!

16.  Laundry Basket Storage Space

Laundry Basket Storage Space

Large trunks have enough space to fit in laundry baskets for a better, well-organized trunk. SUVs and other larger vehicles can carry at least two laundry baskets for a neat space. They can be used for storing groceries, sports equipment, and kids’ toys.

17.  Shower Caddy/Shelf for Storage

Shower Caddy/Shelf for Storage

Considered to be one of the most effective ways to store bathroom supplies, the shower caddy is a spacious and easy-to-use storage rack. These handy shelves also work well in cars and can be used to store all kinds of objects. Sized at exactly the length of the car seat, they can be hung at the back of the seat. Kids find it most useful as they can store their school supplies, toys, books, and candy all in one place.

18.  Ensure Your Car Is Hand Dried

Ensure Your Car Is Hand Dried

Leaving your car to dry naturally after a good wash leads to water spots and ugly stains. Avoid this by using a rough towel or piece of cloth to wipe your car dry after every wash.

19.  Give Your Tires The Coin Test

Give Your Tires The Coin Test

When is the best time to change the car tires? With this test, you can quickly and easily decipher when your car needs a set of new ones. To find out, take a coin and place it into the tread groove of the tire. If the coin goes in more than 1/3rd then it indicates that the tires are pretty worn out and need to be replaced.

20.  Forget Which Side Your Gas Tank Is On?

Forget Which Side Your Gas Tank Is On?

Some of us seem to forget which side our gas tank is on, especially when we pull up to the petrol pump. This useful hack will help you remember which side it is. If you look at your gas gauge you will see an indication that shows which side the tank is situated on. So the next time you visit the petrol pump to fill gas, just take a quick look at the gauge and you will know exactly which side the tank is on.

21.  Speed Limits Do Help

Speed Limits Do Help

Considered one of the greatest car driving tips and tricks – This one will surprise many of you. Have you ever wondered why you seem to hit a red light every time you are in a hurry? The reason for this is pretty simple. Speed limits are specially designed to help you stay on track and hit only the green lights on any given route. If you find yourself driving faster or slower than the specified speed limit, you will undoubtedly hit a red light.

22.  Refresh The Interiors Of Your Car

Refresh The Interiors Of Your Car

You may sometimes find your car smelling of stale and unwanted odors. Another quick and easy way to keep your car smelling fresh and clean is by using tumble dryer sheets. Instead of going for expensive air fresheners, choose this easy, cheap, and effective method and keep your car odor-free. Simply put them into the vents and let them work. 

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23.  Prevent Parking Dents And Dings

Prevent Parking Dents And Dings

Nothing can be worse than getting a dent in your car when you’re out. Parking your car in a crowded space is often the primary cause of dents and dings. This little trick can help you keep your car at a safe distance from the rest – park as far away from doors as possible. Yes, it can be annoying at first but think of it this way, not only do you save the paint job on your vehicle but you also get in some extra steps for the day.

24.  Keep it Cool

Keep it Cool

Getting into a scorching hot car on a summer’s day is not pleasing at all, even more so, if your air conditioning system does not start up. With this trick, you can help the air inside your vehicle cabin circulate around and cool down the vehicle quickly and effectively. Instead of rolling down all the windows of your car, just roll down the two front windows. You will immediately feel the difference and it will be a lot cooler.

25.  Get Rid of Moisture From Your Car Windows

Get Rid of Moisture From Your Car Windows

During winter months, the windows and windshield tend to get foggy and it can take quite a while to defrost. However, this is one of the quickest and easiest car hacks that can help you in removing excess moisture within minutes. Fill a small bag with rice and place it on your dashboard. The rice soaks up all traces of moisture instantly, leaving you with clear, fog-free windows.

26.  Parking Tip With A Tennis Ball

Parking Tip With A Tennis Ball

Parking a car is not as easy as it seems and getting it right can take time. No one wants to collide with a wall or drive into a large object only to damage the vehicle. When it comes to your garage, you can prevent this thing from happening. Just attach a tennis ball to a long string and hang it from the ceiling at the exact point where you need to stop the car. So, by using this trick, you will be able to avoid unnecessary dents and damage.

27.  Keep Your Wipers Warm

Keep Your Wipers Warm

In colder regions, you will find your car wipers icing up. This usually happens when the temperature is too low along with rain. However, to avoid icy wipers, simply slide them into a warm pair of full-length socks. Just like your feet, these socks will keep your wipers from getting cold and prevent any ice formation.

28.  Create A Console For All Your Car Tools

Create A Console For All Your Car Tools

Not being able to find car tools and essentials while driving can be quite irritating. To ensure everything is in one place, you can build a special car console right in the middle of the car. Instead of randomly storing items in the dashboard compartment, you can keep your things organized. Installation of such a console is not expensive and can be set up easily.

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29.  Hidden Key

Hidden Key

For some of us, this might be one of the best car driving tips and tricks and something that you might not have known, until now. The remote key system, although quite handy and time-saving when it comes to locating your vehicle, can put you into panic mode if the battery ever runs out. For those who did not know, if the battery key dies, the remote has a secret key that can be easily accessed by just pressing a button on the remote.

30.  Keep The Change

Keep The Change

While driving, we often find ourselves paying in cash, be it a parking fee, toll charge, or a mug of coffee. Loose change is needed and where can it be found? Scattered all across the car floor, in the compartments, or inside cup holders. It can be quite difficult to get it all together when you need it urgently. Why not keep a coin container with a tight lid to store your change? It will not only keep the car clean but also give you instant access to change anytime you need. And, it’s one of the great car hacks that you can share with the family.

31.  Rubber Glove Trick

Rubber Glove Trick

Our pets enjoy frequent car drives especially when they are allowed to stick their heads out with their ears blowing with the breeze. However, this comes with a disadvantage as pet fur gets scattered all over the car seat. For those who have fabric seats, you’re in luck – with the help of some handy rubber gloves you can simply brush your hands over the car seat and all traces of pet fur will stick onto the glove. No need for brushing and vacuuming, it’s a waste of time!

32.  Carry Bag Hooks

Carry Bag Hooks

Ensure your shopping stuff doesn’t scatter all over your car seat with this convenient trick. Whether it is gifted or bagged presents or just some personal shopping – you can now safely transport your carry bags by simply installing a small adhesive hook beside the dashboard, preferably on the passenger side. Choose a detachable hook that can be removed and replaced when necessary.

33.  Garage Bumpers

Garage Bumpers

For those drivers who have their garage, you might not have all the space you need. Driving out or reversing the car into the garage can be quite daunting and there might be chances when you end up getting dents or the paint job is ruined. To prevent this from happening, install a pool noodle or any foam strip made up of a spongy material. This will hide any sharp edges and help keep your car protected and is the perfect car maintenance hack.

34.  Filter The Dust

Filter The Dust

Cars are prone to dust every second day and with that, the AC vents tend to get clogged especially when they are not in use. No one likes a gush full of dust the minute they switch on the AC or heater. With that being said, you can prevent this from happening by placing a coffee filter in front of the vents to ensure all dust and gunk is soaked by the filter instead of your face.

35.  Bumper Sticker Removal

Bumper Sticker Removal

We all love a humorous bumper sticker but only if it can be removed easily and replaced with a new one without leaving any sticky marks or residue. Use a hair dryer to remove old bumper stickers with ease. The heat automatically softens the glue allowing you to peel it off easily.

36.  Squeegee For Pet Hair

Squeegee For Pet Hair

Another great way to remove unwanted pet fur from your car seats is by using a squeegee. Just spray some water onto the seat and simply brush the squeegee down. The water helps in bringing down the hair so that you can remove it quickly and easily.

37.  A Picture Can Go A Long Way

A Picture Can Go A Long Way

Parking lots are filled with all kinds of cars, in different colors and body styles. It can be hard to locate your own vehicle and you might find yourself in a real predicament. This tip can help you make sure it doesn’t happen. Simply take a photograph of the curb your car is parked at, and any trees or objects near it will help you in finding it without any hassle.

38.  Hook it Up

Hook it Up

The best way to go grocery shopping when you are alone is by taking your car. However, grocery bags and carry bags do not come with closures and zips like the way a backpack does hence leaving a risk of groceries spilling out. To prevent this from happening, simply get yourself some sturdy S hooks from your hardware store. Add these hooks onto the back of your passenger or driver’s seat. This will ensure it stays upright and does not fall out while transported home.

39.  Mesh To The Rescue

Mesh To The Rescue

For those who play a lot of sports, it can be quite hard to store your equipment in the car without making it look untidy. But that can be sorted – simply get hold of a strong mesh or net and tie it to the roof of your car to create extra storage space. You can store your sports equipment, gloves, jackets, and more without having to go to your trunk every time.

40.  Always Keep An Eye On Your Dash Lights

Always Keep An Eye On Your Dash Lights

Whenever there’s a flashing light on the dashboard you know it’s time to check if there’s a problem. It could just be something minor or a major issue that requires the help of a mechanic. However, with the help of a portable device that can be plugged into the dashboard – you can instantly get to know the problem which can save a lot of your time.

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41.  Hair Conditioner Hack

Hair Conditioner Hack

Car maintenance can be quite difficult especially when it comes to cleaning. You may be surprised to hear this but, have you ever thought of cleaning your car with hair conditioner? We certainly don’t think so, but you will be shocked to see the results. A hair conditioner can be used efficiently to remove water stains, dust, and any kind of marks from the exterior of your car. Not only clean, but it will leave your car shiny also.

42.  DIY Washer Liquid

DIY Washer Liquid

As we all know, washing fluids for your car can be quite expensive. Most of them also come with a list of harmful harsh chemicals. Instead of wasting your money on such liquids, you should try to create your own washing fluid with simple ingredients. You will need 4 cups of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid detergent. Put all these ingredients into a spray bottle and mix well – there you have it, your very own washer fluid to remove any dirt and dust off your car.

43.  Tip for Cleaning Wipers

Tip for Cleaning Wipers

Most of us forget to clean our car wipers regularly, but it is extremely important to do so as it might restrict your vision on a foggy and rainy day. So, here’s the tip – use rubbing alcohol on a clean soft cloth to clean your wiper blades thoroughly. Rub the blade down to remove any trace of grime and dirt from your wipers. Once done, you can notice that they will be as good as new.

44.  Machine Wash Mats

Machine Wash Mats

Instead of visiting an expensive automobile cleaning agency to clean your mats, why not machine wash them yourself? Simply spray the mat with a good quality stain-removing liquid and dump them into the washing machine with a laundry detergent. Use the “gentle” option to make sure they don’t lose shape. Lay the mats out to dry once done and you are good to go.

45. Olive Oil Dust Removal Hack

Olive Oil Dust Removal Hack

Cleaning the dashboard of your car is not an easy task, especially when you find traces of dirt and lint even after spending hours trying to remove them with a rag. However, with the help of a little olive oil on the rag, you can easily wipe away the dirt and dust completely.

46. Foam Plugs

Foam Plugs

We all face the dilemma of losing something small and important in the open spaces in our cars. That space is often the area between the car door and the seat and sometimes it’s the space between the floor and the seat. To prevent the loss of any important items, especially your car keys, grab hold of a long piece of foam or a pool noodle, cut it to the size required to fit into the open space, and tuck the foam right in.

47.  Polish Your Car Interiors With This Hack

Polish Your Car Interiors With This Hack

There are several different cleaners available for cars that are expensive but are rather incompetent. Buffing the interiors of your car, especially for those who have leather seats can be quite costly. Leather cleaners are expensive and come with a pungent odor that leaves your car smelling weird. However, with the help of some olive oil, you can polish the interiors of your car, leaving it shiny, free from odor, and perfectly buffed.

48.  Convenient Mobile Holder

Convenient Mobile Holder

Phone holders for cars are necessary but can be quite costly. For those of you who do not intend to spend a huge sum, this car hack will help. Just grab hold of a few strong rubber bands and tie them around the air vents. You can then place your phone between the rubber bands to hold it safely.

49.  Cooking spray for bugs

Cooking spray for bugs

Another surprising car maintenance tip includes getting rid of bugs. Removing unwanted pesky insects is easy when you have a bottle of cooking spray or cooking oil. Simply spray a generous amount onto the affected area, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with a clean soft cloth.

50.  Soda For Rust Removal

 Soda For Rust Removal

Soda can be used to safely remove any rust buildup you may find on your vehicle. Soda contains a robust chemical that gets rid of rust on contact. Simply spray some soda and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. Regular practice will leave you with an almost new ride.

51.  DIY Car Mats

DIY Car Mats

An easy way to ensure your car stays clean is by using scraps of old carpets cut into the exact shape to fit on the floor of your car. Once they get dirty, you can remove them and either give them a good wash or throw them away and make new ones.

52.  Leaking Sunroof Tip

Leaking Sunroof Tip

During the rainy season, it is important to make sure that your sunroof drains clean. If they are clogged you will probably find drops of rain falling inside the car cabin. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to use a vacuum cleaner or a hard brush and clean out the dirty corners of your sunroof.

53.  Ice-proof Windows

 Ice-proof Windows

For those living in colder climates, cleaning off the frost on windshields and windows can be quite a pain. To prevent this from happening you can simply grab hold of a spray bottle, and fill it with one part of water and 3 parts of vinegar. Before going to bed at night, just spray the mixture on windows and windshields evenly. The acid in the vinegar will keep the frost away and help your windows stay clear overnight.

54.  Add a Back-up Camera

Add a Back-up Camera

Although newer cars come with special detectors and backup cameras, a lot don’t. If your car does not feature new-age technology, do not worry as you can purchase any car backup camera as an aftermarket accessory to help with parking. Simple to install, it just needs to be mounted onto the back of the car. The screen can be placed on your dashboard to give you a clear vision when you are trying to park the car.

55.  Visibility Hack

Visibility Hack

Another great way to get rid of moisture and fog from the windshield and windows is by using the car air conditioner. Just keeping it on for a few minutes can help you get rid of any mist and fog clogged on your windows. The cold air will evaporate the fog, hence leaving you with clear windows. It is also necessary to keep your car windows clean to prevent any fog buildup.

56.  Stay Cool without Using the AC

Stay Cool without Using the AC

Did you know there was a way you could stay cool inside your car without using the air conditioner? You can simply roll down the windows and turn on the recirculation vent system. This will automatically start circulating cool air inside the cabin of your car. This method can also be used if it’s a very hot day and your AC just won’t work.

57.  Tips to Increase Mileage

Tips to Increase Mileage

Here is a simple and easy trick to increase the overall mileage of your car. It always helps in getting more mileage if the AC is kept off while you drive but something you do not know is that cleaner air filters help even more in keeping the engine cool and subsequently enhancing the fuel efficiency. The more air you allow the engine to pull, the better your car mileage.

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58.  Use Slime to Clean Your Car

Use Slime to Clean Your Car

Slime is the soft stuff that children play with, but it can work wonders when you are trying to clean your car. Slime can be used to clean the smallest and hardest areas which hold the most dust and dirt. The hard-to-reach spaces like the AC vents can be cleaned with slime to remove dust particles and get a squeaky clean car.

59.  Make your Car Paint Last Longer

Make your Car Paint Last Longer

You might wonder how some people keep their old cars from looking old. This is simply because these car owners polish their cars once in a few months with wax. Yes, Wax. If you would like your car to look good, waxing is a great solution. There are different kinds of waxes you can choose from, like gel wax or bar wax.

60.  Keep Stockings Handy

Keep Stockings Handy

You would be in a fix if the timing belt of your car snaps. When this happens, the only thing on your mind is how to get to the next stop safely. In this situation, all you need is a stocking. The stocking needs to be fastened around the gears to ensure the engine goes long enough to get you to the nearest destination. Although this might not be the best solution, it will help you during this time.

61.  Tip To Fix Damaged Windows

Tip To Fix Damaged Windows

A little clear nail polish can go a long way. Yes, that’s right as clear nail polish is the solution to fix damaged windows. It not only helps with broken windows but also with cracks and knicks. The nail polish must be applied directly on the affected area and is one of the great temporary car hacks until you find the time to fix the damage professionally at a workshop.

62.  Vaseline Hack for Cleaning

Vaseline Hack for Cleaning

Vaseline is an excellent skincare product that is popular worldwide, however, did you ever think it could help in keeping your car clean? Not only does it help with your skin, but it can also be used for your dashboard too. Start by cleaning the interiors with the help of water and a cleaning liquid. After drying, apply Vaseline onto a soft cloth and polish the dashboard till it is shiny and clean.

63.  Onion for Damaged Leather

Onion for Damaged Leather

As crazy as this may sound, onions can help with damaged leather seats. For those of you wanting to sell your car and are looking for ways to make it look as good as a new one, then this hack is for you. Daily use can give your seats an old and weathered appearance. Grab an onion, slice it into pieces and place them on any areas that are damaged and affected like stains and burn marks. Leave these areas uncovered throughout the night – you will see them less when you wake up the next morning.

64.  Crayon Stain Hack

Crayon Stain Hack

For those who have kids, We are pretty sure that your car seat is as good as a canvas covered with crayon marks. However, there is no need to worry as with the help of some wax paper and a hot iron you can get rid of such stains. Place the wax paper on the crayon marks and roll the iron over the area. The crayon stain will automatically transfer onto the wax paper due to the heat.

65.  Coca-Cola for Cleaning

Coca-Cola for Cleaning

Coca-Cola can be used for cleaning multiple objects, and it’s no different when it comes to removing rust from your vehicle. Grab a bottle of Cola from your refrigerator and pour it over the affected area. Allow it to settle for some time then wipe it off with a clean cloth. The rust will fade and your car will look better than before. However, please do not use this hack on the paint of your car as it might damage the lacquer.

66.  Soda for Grime Removal

Soda for Grime Removal

Car batteries tend to get greasy and grimy over time, and this could affect the engine and sometimes prevent your car from starting smoothly. Yes, this issue is quite serious, but there is an easy solution for it. A simple can of coke would do the trick. All you need to do is pour some coke onto a clean damp cloth. Use the coke-soaked cloth to remove any dirt and grease from the battery. Not only does it help in cleaning but it also helps in increasing the lifespan of your car battery.

67.  No More Smelly Car

No More Smelly Car

Keeping your car smelling fresh can be quite a task when you have kids and pets who eat food inside the vehicle. Pet dander and food crumbs lying for days in the car can lead to a foul smell. In order to keep your car smelling pleasant, you can use your favorite oils on a cotton ball. Stick the cotton ball onto a clothespin and clip it onto the car vents. The essential oils will automatically release and spread throughout the vehicle, eliminating the unpleasant odors.

68.  Protect your Mirrors from Frost

Protect your Mirrors from Frost

Car maintenance during the cold winter months is something we should take care of. Waking up on a cold morning can be tough, but it is nothing compared to cleaning off frost from your vehicle. To help with this, keep plastic bags or zip-lock bags with you. Instead of wasting your time and energy in cleaning off ice and frost from your side view mirrors, simply place a plastic bag over it the night before. It will prevent frost from building up and you can save a lot of time.

69.  Defrost With a Potato

Defrost With a Potato

Yes, you read that right as for those living in colder areas, the simple potato hack is of great help in defrosting your windows. All you need to do is slice open a potato and slide it across the glass until all the frost and fog are removed completely. Continue to do this until you get a clear view.

70.  Cotton Swabs for Those Pesky Corners

Cotton Swabs for Those Pesky Corners

There are multiple nooks and crannies in the car that can be quite tough to clean. To get to those areas you need the right size tool and those can sometimes be quite expensive. But wait, you do not need to spend a lot as you might just have the perfect tool in your bathroom cupboard in the form of cotton swabs. Dents, vents, gaps, and small areas in the car can easily be cleaned out with the help of a simple Q-tip.

71.  Carpet Cleaning Trick

Carpet Cleaning Trick

Over time, car carpets tend to look shabby and worn out. A quick shake-up and dusting can sometimes work but there are times when a proper cleanup is required. With this trick, all you need is a stain-removal liquid. Spray this over the carpet and allow it to settle for a while. Transfer the mats to your washing machine, add in a little liquid detergent, and wash. Once done, dry them out in the sun and you are good to go with spotless and clean carpets!

72.   Tip to Remove Dry Hard Mud from Wheels

Tip to Remove Dry Hard Mud from Wheels

One of the most challenging tasks in car cleaning is getting rid of the mud from the tires. To help you with this, all you need is oven-cleaning foam. Simply apply a generous amount all over the tires and let them sit for some time. Once the debris and mud are softened up, spray the wheels with some warm water and you will have clean and shiny wheels.

73.  Tissues On the Go

Tissues On the Go

Another one of the top car driving tips and tricks include tissues as they are something we all need, all the time. While driving it can be difficult to find a piece of cloth each time you need it. So how about having your very own handy tissue box attached to the sun visor in your car on the passenger seat side? By doing this, you can drive safely and never have to dig into your compartments to look for a cloth while driving.

74.  Quick Tar Removal Hack

Quick Tar Removal Hack

No one likes tar stains, especially when it’s on the car body. However, with the application of this simple yet astounding liquid, you can completely clean off all the tar marks. Here we are talking about mayonnaise. Simply put some amount of it on a cloth and apply it onto the affected area while rubbing gently until the tar stains are completely gone. Let it sit for a little while before wiping it off with a clean soft cloth.

75.  Chewing Gum Can Help with Leaks

Chewing Gum Can Help with Leaks

If your car faces a leaking problem and you are nowhere near a mechanic or repair shop, this simple solution will help you take care of the leak for a short while. All you need is some chewing gum. Chew on it for a few minutes and stick it into the area that is facing the issue. It is a temporary yet effective solution.

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76.  Bird Poop Cleaning Hack

Bird Poop Cleaning Hack

We all face the horror of dry bird poop on the windshield of our cars. However, it is possible to get rid of such a disturbing sight with the help of a simple ingredient – soda water. Pour the soda water over the poop and allow the bubbles to work their magic. Place a towel below the windshield to soak up any soda that may trickle down onto the hood of your car. Once the stains are dissolved, wipe them dry with a clean cloth. You will also notice that the windshield will stay clean and clear for a longer time.

77.  Sparkling  Car Interiors

Sparkling  Car Interiors

You do not require expensive products to keep the interiors of your car clean and shiny. It is easy to achieve a glossy finish with just two steps and an easy-to-put-together solution. Mix one part kerosene and one part water. Dampen a cloth with the liquid mixture. Now take the damp cloth and wipe down the parts on the inside of the vehicle. Not only does this mixture make your car interiors shiny but it also prevents any dust and dirt buildup.

78.  Cooking Spray for Car Handles

Cooking Spray for Car Handles

Frozen car handles can be quite frustrating especially when you are in a hurry. Waiting for the handles to defrost and warm up can be a waste of time but the solution for this can be found at home itself. The quickest fix for frozen door handles is cooking spray. Spray the oil over the handles until it warms up on its own. You must remember to keep cooking spray handy in your car during winter months.

79.  Shiny Wheels with Bleach

Shiny Wheels with Bleach

Most cleaning products come with tons of chemical ingredients which can harm your car and its expensive paint job. Cleaning worn-out and dirty wheels are quite complex and require a lot of time and money. However, with some simple ingredients, you can clean up the car wheels without spending a bomb. All you need is detergent, bleach, and water. Mix them to form a thick liquid and apply this liquid onto the wheels. Let it do its magic. After 3 minutes, rub the wheels and wash them with clean water.

80.  DIY Shoe Polish Trick

DIY Shoe Polish Trick

You can restore the perfect black shade of your car bumper with the help of this easy hack. All you require is some black shoe polish and a sponge. Apply the shoe polish onto the car bumper while ensuring you do not leave out any spots. Work your way around the entire bumper until you get all the corners done too. Once this process is complete, you will be left with an almost new and shiny bumper.

81.  DIY Car Insulation

DIY Car Insulation

Insulating your car could be one of the most effective ways to save energy and ensure your family stays comfortable inside it. By sealing the spaces between the windshield and the dashboard with the help of some pipe insulation, you can keep your car warm and cozy during winter. Simply measure the right length you need, cut the pipe to size and seal the gaps and you are good to go.

82.  Parking Tips

Parking Tips

One of the easiest ways to make sure you don’t waste time defrosting your windshield during winter is by parking your car facing the East direction. The sun will help with quick and energy-free defrosting. The same goes for summer months – park facing the west direction to make sure your car doesn’t get too hot.

83.  Hack to Increase your Visor

Hack to Increase your Visor

If your car visor is too short and you are getting nasty sun rays in the eyes, this hack will help! Simply grab any sturdy piece of paper or cardboard and a paperclip. Clip the paper or cardboard onto the edge of the visor and now you have an extra-long visor for protection from the sun’s rays.

84.  DIY Oil Funnel

DIY Oil Funnel

When refilling oil or lubricant into your car engine, you need a funnel to ensure a mess-free filling. However, some of us might not have a funnel ready. The easiest way to get a funnel at your disposal is by simply rolling up a piece of paper in the shape of a cone and you are good to go! Place the cone on your engine and fill it away.

85.  Parking Ticket Hack

 Parking Ticket Hack

When parking at a mall or shopping center, we are issued a parking ticket to keep a record of the time we enter and exit so that we can pay accordingly. However, most of us tend to lose this ticket. The best way to keep it safe is by pushing it into the CD slot in the center console of your car as this way you won’t lose them.

86.  DIY Car Pillow

DIY Car Pillow

For those of you traveling long distances, you might just get tired and need a quick stopover to rest. The headrest of your car seat can come in handy at this time. All you need to do is remove the headrest, turn it over, and use the softer side as a pillow.

87.  Keep your Drinks Close

Keep your Drinks Close

When pulling out our drinks from the cup holder some of us might accidentally pull off the lid along with it, and leave the holder in a mess. You can prevent that from happening if you elevate the drink so that you can get a good grip on the cup instead of just the lid. Place an old bottle cover inside the holder before inserting your drink. This way the drink stays high and you can grab it with ease.

88.  Get Creative with Dents

Get Creative with Dents

Car dents can be a horror, especially for those who cannot afford to fix them in a hurry. While there are many hacks to help with car dents, some might not work. In this case, you can get creative with the dent in your car. Use a funny sticker to make the dent look cooler. This is an excellent car maintenance hack!

89.  DIY Dog Blanket

DIY Dog Blanket

Most car owners have pets that travel along with them. In this case, they face the issue of pet hair and dander all over the car seats. However, by using an old blanket or tablecloth you can keep your seat clean. Once the dog steps out, just remove the cloth and your car is still clean!

90.  Safety While Driving

Safety While Driving

Before getting into your car, always ensure your mobile phone is switched to “talking mode” so that you can keep your eyes on the road instead of the phone screen.

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91.  Paint Foam Brush Hack

Paint Foam Brush Hack

Visit your local craft store and get yourself a foam painting brush. The tip of the brush is slightly tapered which makes it a great tool to clean the space between the AC vents in your car. Get rid of dust and dirt with this crafty equipment.

92.  Stick In the Mud

Stick In the Mud

If you find your car stuck in a pile of mud and you are not able to get out, this car hack will help you instantly. Simply use the carpets and mats inside the car by placing them under the wheels and getting that extra traction needed to get the car out of the dirt.

93.  Pin The Location

Pin The Location

Most of us park at unknown locations only to have problems finding the car later on. To prevent this from happening, simply drop a pin on the location on the maps on your phone when you park. This pin will help you locate the car easily when you are ready to get going.

94.  Road Sickness

Road Sickness

Some drivers find themselves sick after driving for long distances. This is a common issue and can be solved easily. Simply tilt your head to one side and your dizzy sick feeling will gradually go away. This is one of the great car driving tips and tricks, especially for those who travel a lot.

95.  Think Of The Exit When Parking

Think Of The Exit When Parking

It is always advisable to think of leaving safely without any dents on the car body when you reach a place and park the car. Yes, you might have to walk a little extra to get to your car after you’re done. At least you will not have to face the frustration of getting stuck in traffic.

96.  Helium Balloon Hack

Helium Balloon Hack

If by chance you’re having a party at home or a balloon at home, you can use the balloon to spot your car in a crowded parking lot.

97.  Cat Litter Trick

Cat Litter Trick

Always keep cat litter in the back of your car, even if you do not own a cat. The cat litter filled into a sock or pouch can help in preventing the buildup of fog. It will instantly attract moisture and leave you with frost-free and fog-free windows.

98. Fuel Up the Car When it’s Cold

 Fuel Up the Car When it’s Cold

A quick and handy tip you need to know: Petrol is thicker when it is cold which means you will get more fuel for your money. Choose the right time of day to refill your tank in order to get the most out of your payment. Either early in the morning or late at night when the weather is cooler is the perfect time to refuel your car tank.

99.  Driving a Rented Car

Driving a Rented Car

Whenever you decide to hire a rented car you need to keep this tip in mind. Take pictures of all the sides of the car before you get in. In this way, you have proof as a customer if there is anything already wrong with the vehicle from the outside.

100. Changing Lanes when Stuck in Traffic?

Changing Lanes when Stuck in Traffic?

When stuck in traffic for too long, most drivers tend to change lanes thinking they just might get out of the thick jam quicker. However, studies have proved that changing lanes does not decrease wait time instead it might cause you to meet an accident.