CNG cars maintenance guide for a long run!

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Updated on: 12th April, 2023 IST

CNG cars maintenance guide for a long run!

Over the last decade or so, the number of buyers of CNG cars has certainly been on the rise. However, everything good under the sun comes with some faults or the other. One common issue that bothers most of the CNG car buyers is the low power. If you compare a CNG car with that of another Petrol car, the latter would be having a better power. However, being mindful of the other benefits of a CNG car, this problem is often negated. All you need to do is take a little care of your car engine and practice some good habits. Here's your

CNG Cars Maintenance Guide

that you can follow to ensure your the condition of your car remains perfect. Let’s discuss the same in details in this article:

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Sequential or Conventional CNG Kit

The first tip from the CNG cars maintenance Guide - if you are given two choices: Sequential or Conventional – choosing the former will be a prudent decision. The performance of Sequential cars has always been found to be better than the Conventional ones.

CNG cars maintenance Guide: Major Checks for using CNG cars

Auto Fuel Mode

: It is in this mode, the engine starts in Petrol and then switches to CNG automatically, as soon as it reaches a warming up state. You don’t need to perform any tune or change any settings. This betters the overall life of the engine. On a general basis, after riding for about 1.5 km – 2 km, your engine would automatically switch to the CNG mode.

Covered Parking:

CNG Cars maintenance guide

It is always better to park under the shades. And, the reason not only is because your car would become too hot for you to sit inside later on. As CNG contains gasoline, it relatively, evaporates faster as compared to Petrol, Diesel, or any other liquid fuel. When your car is parked under the shades you are actually preventing the evaporation of gas due to heat radiated by the sun.

Renewal of CNG Compliance Plate:

Getting the Compliance Plate renewed in a span of 3 years brings along its own set of perks. It ensures the inspection of the CNG Cylinder for leakage and other fitment is done by the book. You should not mind doing this even if it is also a legal requirement as it improves the performance of your car. Apart from regular servicing which involves checks on the oil and filters, there is an array of other inspections that matter in the long run.

Air Filter Cleaning and Replacement

CNG Cars maintenance guide

Cleaning the air filter every half a year and getting it changed on a yearly basis, falls under the basics. The moment your CNG cars cross 10,000 Kms, you should put this on your priority list.

Throttle Body Cleaning

In case you are unaware, the Throttle Body is a connecting valve between the air filter and the Intake. Getting the Throttle Body Cleaned as soon as your car crosses 10000 Kms is highly recommended.

Spark Plug Checks

CNG cars maintenance Guide

Miles from any doubts, changing Spark Plugs after a definite period of time or a number of kilometres crossed is more of a desire than a necessity.

Reducer Filter Cartridge

Replacing the CNG Filter after riding for more than 20,000 Kms is of paramount importance. This acts as an enhancer of the engine and pickup of the car. If the filter remains unchanged for a long period of time, you would encounter substantial loos of power of your car. Changing the Low Pressure Filter Cartridge on a regular basis, should also be taken seriously. Whenever you go for the servicing of your CNG car, consider giving the CNG Leak a comprehensive look. Each and every time you find the RPM to be too high, get the Tapet adjusted.

What do you do if your car faces power loss even after practicing the points mentioned in the above CNG cars maintenance Guide?

You have done the needful to improve your car’s performance. You have repaired or replaced the Air Filter, Spark Plug, Throttle, but still you are not getting the required output. In case this happens, consider going for the CKP Time Advancer to address the Engine power loss issue. CKP helps in improving the acceleration of your car as well. We are sure the points mentioned in this CNG Cars Maintenance Guide will help you keep your CNG car in the best condition.

Are you irritated and want to sell your CNG car?

It is human nature to get irritated with a product if its maintenance demands too much time, energy, and effort. This is the reason why most CNG car owners decide to get rid of the machine. However, finding a good buyer, ready to pay a decent amount in exchange of your CNG car, is easier said than done. We at CARS24, are on a mission to streamline the unorganised used car selling market in India. If you have any such requirement of selling a CNG car, just contact us. We guarantee a hassle-free used car selling experience and ensure you get the best price for your car. To know more about used cars, visit:


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