The Glue That Holds Us Together- Ethics And Values

Team CARS24
Team CARS24

Updated on: 26th January, 2024 IST

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Values and ethics are defined for every good institution but, what makes the institution best is how efficiently these principles are applied.  CARS24 definitely falls under the radar of a few best companies out there. We consider our company to be a living and breathing organization. An organization that is growing and the fuel that keeps us going is the love of our beloved customers accompanied with the zeal and enthusiasm of our CARS24 family. We strongly believe that ethics and values are the gravity that helps an organization to maintain balance in every aspect.

If you're wondering this is just a business ethics article, we bet you will have a change of opinion as you will advance towards the end of this article. We don't go by the list of values, but just a few of them define our code of conduct. You might be an atheist, but it's hard to keep up with that if you're an employee of


as we preach these values as a religion.


We don't want our employees to be managed, but to take control

Ownership for us is doing the right thing and taking charge.  Ownership is taking responsibility.  We don’t find reasons for, "why it didn’t work out?", we find ways to make it happen instead. Ownership means empowering people. We believe in training our colleagues to be better than us, imparting all the knowledge, ensuring more decision making everywhere than just at the top level. At CARS24, we believe that a great workplace is not defined by the founders or top management but,  by how many ‘owners’ we have in the organization. We have always seen a zeal in our employees who come up with ideas and take charge of situations.

Investing In Employees And Partners:

We don't look forward to raising capital but, to raise our people and partners

This value defines putting people and partner development as our key success metric.  We believe a business is successful only when people & partner growth is as much our priority as business growth. It is treating people & partner with fairness and respect as fairness is the key tenet that drives our success. We can disagree but not disrespect. At CARS24 we don’t think of our success in just profitability and IPO but, in making our employees & partners super successful in life. We believe in the aiming for the maximum. We all will agree with this old saying,

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’

High Standards And High Results:

We don't settle for less, instead, we focus on more

This value focuses on raising the bar always. There are always areas to improve our metrics, processes, environment and we never get complacent. We follow being self-critical and learning from the best.  Afterall, whatever we do, there is always someone better than us, and we got to learn from them with an open mind. It is being focused on focusing on right inputs, with right quality despite setbacks and

‘Success shall happen.’
cars24 employees

At CARS24 we don’t gloat in what has been achieved but we focus on doing even better


We won’t let exceptional performance go unrewarded; our aspirations are bigger than they appear

Meritocracy is creating opportunities for the star performers and we support our stars, always.  It is only about strong performers, for who we commit to creating opportunities at the earliest. Meritocracy is true when a person leverages it for an organization and peer success, equally. We keep the bar very high, for everyone including the founders. Meritocracy is about being honest with people on where they stand always. Feedback in the spirit of improvement, not in finding gaps. At CARS24, we don’t think of meritocracy as a ‘cut-throat’ phenomenon’; that there are only ‘fixed’ number of opportunities But we believe if we have more number of talented people, the more we can dream and accomplish (e.g international, bikes, financing, consumer etc). Afterall,

1000 thoughtful people will make more progress than 100.


We won’t get successful until there is a strong and deep trust with each and every stakeholder cars24 employees

Trust is at the heart of our success. So we enable a high level of trust internally. We have it between us inside the organization and we have it with all our stakeholders. At CARS24, we don’t think we do everything today to say we are extremely trustworthy but, we are aware this is a key tenet of what we do, and we will work hard with committed goals and timelines to ensure we are ever-improving.


We don’t try to be penny wise, pound foolish but we won’t spend when it doesn’t ‘add value’

This ethic is a key to a company's future. Frugality is prudence, as our employees believe that every Re spent is like it is theirs.  Frugality is efficiency as we believe in innovating within constraints, in being resourceful.  We don’t take pride in the size of the team, budgets, and flavors of coffee. At CARS24 we believe that a great workplace is not the ones with fanciest offices, biggest parties, and free food but,  the one that makes real & healthy profits as first priority over everything else

Long Term:

In our minds, we got to be clear that doing the best work of our lives will be a very long journey

We focus on doing the bigger long-term right over the petty short-term gain thinking of the entire company, not just one team. It is long-term thinking we believe in as generating tremendous value takes time. It is the courage that we aim for as things will go wrong often and sometimes it will be really bad, but it shall pass. We focus on asking ourselves if our actions are aligned with what is the right thing to do long-term or is it shortsighted thinking on getting away with something immediate.

cars24 employees

At CARS24 we believe that we will succeed not just by achieving quarterly/ yearly milestones but, knowing that those milestones were achieved without zero compromises on our long-term plan, not compromising on what is the right thing. These values and ethics don't just make you a better employee but, it inculcates personal values too. You aspire more, take more responsibility, each action of yours becomes based on facts and logic. Needless to say, each action is better than the last one you took. We, the CARS24 family see these values flourishing in full swing across all verticals. A designer gets better at his design, a retail guy lays more efforts to increase customer experience, a writer becomes a versatile one, employees saving money where it is least expected out of them and what not? These are the signs we are moving towards the zenith. We believe in these values, we abide by these ethics and we have heard someone saying,

"When you believe in something so badly, sky is the limit for the success"

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