Highway driving tips - How not to spoil your roadtrip!

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Updated on: 2nd February, 2024 IST

Highway driving tips
Parallel street lights in symmetry through the windscreen, vast lands stretched along the roads present a romantic dance of natural wonders and interesting sights. Car driving out of your city and visiting new places adds a great amount of diverse experience in the way of life. Road Trips have always been a great way for people to get out of the monotony of life and paint their own picture of reality. Following some highway driving tips will add colors to your journey. Crossing one toll plaza at a time, highways are a world in itself. Connecting cities big or small, highways present a great opportunity to explore the world around us. India is on the verge of expanding its highway arteries all around the country, making it easier for people to commute as well as travel to destinations, far and new. This newfound expression among Indian drivers has formed a community of people flocking on highways in search of solitude and driving pleasure. But, as they say, every new step brings with it a great amount of responsibility. Driving on highways is a pleasure but at the same time, it could be a very risky affair if correct rules are not followed. Read on as we list down the tips you should follow while driving on highways. These highway driving tips will help you stay safe and enjoy your journey in the best way possible:

Highway driving tips - Before starting the journey

Pre-drive check

The first step before starting your journey on the road is to inspect your vehicle. This will include checking all the essential documents such as RC, pollution certificate and car insurance papers. Also, make sure to check if you have your driving licence and medical insurance in place. Next step is to top-up your vehicle with fuel and check the tire pressure.
Adequate tire pressure on highways Adequate tire pressure on city roads
32 psi to 35 psi 35 psi to 38 psi

Highway driving tips

Look for the best route

The next step is to look for the best route you are going to take for the trip. In the present day and age, GPS has transformed the experience of driving. It helps you choose the best route to take before starting your trip. Look for roads which are not so crowded and avoid cities on the way because city highways generally have lower speed limits and could be more crowded as well. It is very important for you to adhere to the prescribed speed limit on the highways for your own safety and for the safety of fellow drivers on the road. Highway driving tips

Highway driving tips - While on the road

Be cautious for heavy vehicles

Highways are the arteries connecting cities across India. The cargo movement between cities is generally carried out via heavy automobiles such as trucks and lorries. These vehicles are generally humongous in size and transport anything from daily use commodities to cars and ships. Drivers of such vehicles usually drive for very long hours without sleep and work under stress. This makes up for a dangerous recipe on the highways for commuters as well as truck drivers. Make sure to stick to your lane and never zig-zag between lanes. Also, be very cautious of slow-moving heavy vehicles to make your trip enjoyable and safe. Highway driving tips

Be cautious of unmarked speed breakers

Speed breakers are installed on the roads to check the high-speed traffic on intersections and highway exits. The intent of installing them on the highways is to keep intersections safe and maintain the flow of the vehicle. But, these speed breakers could also pose an immense risk if they are unmarked. Imagine, you are driving on the highway at more than 100 kmph and suddenly an unmarked speed bump meets your way. What will you do? Hitting the brake pedals hard in such a situation will generate an immense risk of you losing control of the vehicle or damaging the suspension mechanism of your vehicle. Safest bet in such a scenario is to maintain a constant speed and never surpass the speed limit. Slow down on intersections and keep an eye out for unmarked speed breakers. Highway driving tips

Twisties can be lethal

Many highways in India are located in the mountainous regions such as ‘The great Himalayan expressway’.  Driving on such twisted roads can be tricky sometimes. Driving in the mountains is a skill in itself and should be done with utmost caution. Make sure to slow down on the winding roads and stick to your lane. Many mountainous roads in India are generally one-way roads, so keep an eye for oncoming traffic and remember to honk at every turn to alert fellow drivers. Also, make sure to give way to heavy vehicles coming uphill. Highway driving tips

Stick to a Speed

When driving on a highway, it’s best to stick to a speed below the speed limit. What this means is that you should drive at a speed lower than the permissible limit even if the highway is empty. This will keep you from violating any laws and should even keep you relaxed. Trying to keep up with other motorists isn’t of much use anyway simply because more often than not, they would be driving too quickly and you’ll unnecessarily put yourself at risk of a crash.

Lane Manners

Rapidly changing lanes should be avoided. Even if it’s important to change lanes, indicate and make full use of the mirrors to ensure you don’t suddenly end up in front of a fast-moving vehicle in the adjacent lane. Also, avoid driving in the wrong lane. The right-most lane should be used when you need to overtake someone, while the left-most lane is for slow-moving traffic. The middle lane(s) are the one that should be stuck to for most part of the trip.

Driving when tired or inebriated

If you have been driving for a long time on a highway, it is very natural to feel fatigued and tired. Sitting in the driving posture stiff your muscles and make you feel tired mentally. Make sure to take enough breaks while on the road and keep yourself refreshed all through the way. You should also never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is extremely risky for you as well as fellow drivers. Highway driving tips

Tackling breakdowns

Mechanical breakdowns are the sad reality of any road trip. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, vehicle breakdowns amount for a lot of misery. The best way to tackle such a scenario is to keep calm and move away from the oncoming traffic. Switch on the hazard lights and put the reflective warning triangle at a safe distance from the road to alert the fellow drivers. Next, call the roadside assistance and wait for them to rescue you from the situation. To avoid such breakdowns while you are on a road trip, make sure to do a thorough vehicle check before starting your journey and also learn some basic repairs such as changing the fuse or jump-starting the vehicle. Highway driving tips Last but not the least, make sure to keep yourself calm all through the journey. Unfortunately, Road Rage is a common killer on many roads and such scenario only persists when 2 people lose their calm. Best bet in such a condition is to ignore the other person and drive away with a smile.

These were few highway driving tips which are sure to help you stay safe in your next adventure. Comment below your highway travel stories!

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