Best Honda SUV Cars in India in 2023 - Price, Seps and Features

Best Honda SUV Cars in India in 2023 – Price, Seps and Features

Honda SUV cars

Step into the world of Honda SUVs, where innovation meets style. From established icons to new arrivals, this blog unveils the finest in Honda’s SUV lineup in the Indian market.

Experience the blend of comfort, performance, and cutting-edge technology that defines Honda SUVs in India. Explore the driving force behind Honda SUVs and the excitement they bring to the roads.

Our blog navigates both the existing Honda offerings to the exciting new models, from the sophisticated CR-V to the adventurous WR-V. Honda’s unparalleled prowess in crafting SUVs that cater to diverse tastes shines through. So, join us as we take a closer look into the world of Honda SUVs, where excellence and innovation thrive.

Model Body TypeFuel TypeMileageEx-showroom PriceUsed Car Price 
Honda Elevate(yet to be launched)SUVPetrol15.31 km/l₹12 lakh onwardsNot Applicable
Honda BR-V(discontinued)SUVPetrol15.4 km/l₹13.82 lakh onwards₹6.79 lakh onwards
Honda CR-V(discontinued)SUVPetrol, Diesel 14.4 km/l (Petrol)19.5 km/l (Diesel)₹29.49 lakh onwards₹15.41 lakh onwards
Honda WR-V(discontinued)SUVPetrol, Diesel16.5 km/l (Petrol)23.7 km/l (Diesel₹8.08 lakh onwards₹6.14 lakh onwards 

1. Honda Elevate

honda elevate

Born out of the concept of ‘Urban Freestyler,’ the Honda ELEVATE is crafted to captivate auto enthusiasts across the globe. It has been developed by the Honda R&D Asia Pacific Centre in Thailand and is designed to impress those who seek performance and style.

Interestingly, Honda also states that the name Elevate functions as a backronym, with its letters symbolising ’empowerment, liberation, exploration, versatility, aspiration, transformation, and evolution!’ 

Expected to launch in September 2023, the Elevate is powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC DOHC petrol engine, mated to a 6-speed MT and a CVT. Boasting a commanding exterior, this SUV’s design oozes confidence and style. 

Following Honda’s philosophy of maximising space, the Elevate offers an incredibly spacious cabin with ample head and knee room and an impressive cargo capacity of 458 litres. Inside, you’ll also find a 7-inch high-definition full-colour TFT metre cluster, a floating-type 10.25-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) HD touchscreen display audio system with Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA), and a wireless smartphone charger. 

Featuring plush brown leatherette upholstery on the inside and an impressive array of single-tone and dual-tone colour options for the exterior, the Elevate ensures a striking presence wherever you go.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹12 lakh onwards

Honda Elevate Key Specifications 

Maximum Power119.35 bhp
Maximum Torque145 Nm
Engine1.5L i-VTEC DOHC
Transmission6-speed manual & 6-speed CVT
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage 15.31 km/l
Seating Capacity5
Body TypeSUV

Honda Elevate Key Features

Adaptive cruise control
Reverse parking camera
220 mm ground clearance
LED headlights and taillights
Touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

What’s Good: 

  • Roomy interiors
  • Powerful engine 

What’s Not Good: 

  • Lacks a diesel engine 
  • Lacks an AWD option

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2. Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V embodies versatility like no other. Designed to accommodate adventure-seeking families and urban explorers alike, this SUV boasts a unique 7-seater configuration that ensures no one gets left behind. Its spacious and thoughtfully designed interior invites you to embark on journeys with your entire crew, comfortably accommodating everyone from kids to grandparents.

Under the hood, the BR-V’s 1.5L i-VTEC Petrol engine generates a dynamic 118 bhp, providing the power you need to conquer highways and rugged terrains alike. With 145 Nm of torque at your disposal, seamless acceleration ensures smooth overtaking and uphill climbs. The option of both manual and CVT transmissions caters to your driving preferences.

But the BR-V isn’t just about brute force; it’s about intelligent design. With an impressive mileage of 15.4 km/l, this SUV ensures that your adventures don’t drain your fuel tank. Whether you’re navigating city traffic or exploring the countryside, the BR-V keeps you moving efficiently.

Beyond its functional prowess, the BR-V’s striking design turns heads wherever it goes. Its bold stance, signature front grille, and well-sculpted lines fuse to create an appearance that’s as captivating as it is aerodynamic. And with a top speed of 170 km/h, this SUV promises exhilarating highway cruises.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹13.82 lakh onwards

Honda BR-V Key Specifications 

Maximum Power118 bhp
Maximum Torque145 Nm
Engine1.5L i-VTEC Petrol
Transmission6-speed manual & 6-speed CVT
Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage15.4 km/l
Seating Capacity7
Body TypeSUV

Honda BR-V Key Features

Cruise control 
Dual front airbags
Vehicle stability assist
Anti-lock braking system with EBD
Touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

What’s Good: 

  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Spacious third-row seating

What’s Not Good: 

  • The engine can be noisy at high speeds
  • Interior materials are not as luxurious as some cars in this segment

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3. Honda CR-V

Enter the realm of luxury and performance with the Honda CR-V. This SUV is the embodiment of refinement, blending sophisticated design with impressive power. Available in both 2.0L i-VTEC Petrol and 1.6L i-DTEC Diesel engines, the CR-V delivers an extraordinary 152 bhp and 189 Nm of torque, making every drive a masterclass in exhilaration.

Whether you opt for the efficient petrol engine or the torque-rich diesel variant, the CR-V’s transmission options—ranging from manual to CVT and automatic—ensure seamless power delivery. It’s this range of powertrains that make the CR-V exceptional, catering to both performance enthusiasts and fuel-conscious drivers.

Speaking of fuel consciousness, the CR-V doesn’t compromise efficiency. With a commendable mileage of 14.4 km/l (Petrol) and an impressive 19.5 km/l (Diesel), it promises long-lasting adventures without frequent stops at the pump.

Step inside, and you’ll find a cabin that seamlessly blends opulence and practicality. Luxurious materials, advanced features, and meticulous attention to detail create an interior that’s as inviting as it is functional. With a top speed of up to 200 km/h, the CR-V gracefully balances power with control, making every drive an indulgent experience.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹29.49 lakh onwards

Honda CR-V Key Specifications 

Maximum Power152 bhp
Maximum Torque189 Nm
Engine2.0L i-VTEC (Petrol)1.6L i-DTEC (Diesel)
Transmission6-speed manual & CVT (Petrol)Automatic (Diesel)
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage14.4 km/l (Petrol)19.5 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity5
Body TypeSUV

Honda CR-V Key Features

Panoramic sunroof 
Leather upholstery
Dual-zone climate control
Heated and ventilated seats
Honda Sensing safety and driver-assistive technologies 

What’s Good: 

  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Good fuel economy (diesel model)

What’s Not Good: 

  • Third-row seating is cramped
  • Underwhelming off-roading capabilities

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4. Honda WR-V

The Honda WR-V is the embodiment of urban adventure, crafted for those who seek style and practicality in equal measure. With a choice of the 1.2L i-VTEC Petrol and 1.5L i-DTEC Diesel engines, this SUV strikes a perfect balance between power and efficiency, delivering 89 bhp and 110 Nm of torque.

The WR-V’s manual transmission enhances your connection with the road, allowing you to navigate city streets and highways with ease. What sets the WR-V apart is its exceptional mileage of 16.5 km/l (Petrol) and an impressive 23.7 km/l (Diesel), making it an ideal companion for your daily commutes and weekend getaways.

But the WR-V’s charm goes beyond its efficient powertrain. Its dynamic design exudes confidence, featuring rugged elements that hint at its capability while maintaining a youthful appeal. This SUV effortlessly manoeuvres through urban landscapes and adds a touch of flair to your journeys.

Inside, the WR-V’s thoughtful layout ensures both comfort and functionality. Its ergonomic cabin, advanced infotainment system, and spacious seating make every drive enjoyable. With a top speed of up to 172 km/h, the WR-V is the embodiment of agility, ready to conquer the twists and turns of city life.

Ex-showroom Price (Delhi): ₹8.08 lakh onwards

Honda WR-V Key Specifications 

Maximum Power89 bhp
Maximum Torque110 Nm
Engine1.2L i-VTEC (Petrol)1.5L i-DTEC (Diesel)
Fuel TypePetrol, Diesel
Mileage16.5 km/l (Petrol)23.7 km/l (Diesel)
Seating Capacity5
Body TypeSUV

Honda WR-V Key Features

Engine Immobiliser
ISOFIX Child Seat Mounts
Anti-lock braking system
Automatic Climate Control
Touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

What’s Good: 

  • Fuel-efficient engine (Diesel)
  • Spacious interior and comfortable ride quality

What’s Not Good: 

  • The engine can feel a little underpowered
  • Not as many features and amenities as some rivals

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The Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian SUV market, Honda’s lineup has consistently delivered a blend of performance, style, and innovation. From the upcoming Elevate which promises to carve its niche to the discontinued, yet reliable and beloved models like BR-V, CR-V, and WR-V, these vehicles have left a lasting impression on the hearts of enthusiasts. 

From versatile space and luxury to urban adventure, these exceptional vehicles showcase Honda’s commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences tailored to diverse lifestyles. Each model represents a glorious chapter in Honda’s history of trying something different when it comes to crafting quality SUVs that resonate with the unique tastes of Indian consumers. As the road ahead unfolds, one thing is certain – the legacy of Honda’s SUVs will continue to shape the way we experience driving and explore the open road. 


Q. What are the names of the Honda SUVS?

The names of the Honda SUVs mentioned in the blog are the Honda Elevate, Honda BR-V, Honda CR-V, and Honda WR-V.

Q. What is the price of a Honda 5-seater SUV?

The price of the Honda 5-seater SUV, the Honda Elevate, starts at ₹12 lakh onwards.

Q. Is Honda planning to launch a new SUV?

Yes, Honda is introducing a new SUV called the Honda Elevate, expected to launch in September 2023.

Q. What is Honda’s smallest SUV?

Honda’s smallest SUV is the Honda WR-V, offering a balance between style and practicality with its compact size and urban-friendly features.