How To Change A Car Air Filter

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Updated on: 20th December, 2023 IST

How To Change A Car Air Filter

Our cars are important to us; they are like a part of the family. In fact, for most of the petrol heads (including us), our cars are more important than most of the mankind. Thus, maintaining ones car to its best state comes naturally to us and there cannot be a more satisfying thing than spending some quality time with your car and taking care of the basic maintenance related issues by ourselves and this includes basic DIY jobs like how change a car air filter. Replacing a car air filter is a simple, easy to do process and can do wonders for your cars mileage, reduced emissions, improved acceleration, increased engine life and overall improved drivability. This is also a must to-do when you are trying to

sell your used car

as it gives a feel good factor to a prospective buyer when he takes a test drive of your car. Here are the easy steps through which you can change your air filter.

Gather Tools And Locate The Car Air Filter

how to change car air filter

Try to locate this box

First make sure your car is all cooled down and chilling under a shade. The tools required are minimal for this job. All you will need is to grab a standard medium sized screwdriver and one mid-sized Phillips one. Next, its time to locate the car air filter - look for an enclosed plastic casing which should be either at right side or center-top of the engine. Remember, it should be the largest plastic cover here.

Open The Air Filter Casing

Most casings are closed with the help of metal clips and are easy to open. You can do this by using a flat-headed screwdriver. Slide it between the clips and the casing and then simply pull the clips out. Others might have 4-6 small screws which are easy to open. Next, open the casing and reveal yourself with the air filter. The color of the filter is usually bright - can be yellow or white and this is so that you are enable to see the collected dirt easily.

Pull Out And Inspect the Car Air Filter

how to change car air filter

Be careful while pulling out the car air filter

A car air filter is generally flat and made of a paper element that has rubber edges. Once you have pulled out the filter, you need to check it for any dirt or dust that might be covering it. Hold the filter up towards the sunlight at an arm’s length. Now bend the filter in a way you would flutter book pages, to look inside the crevices. If you find much dirt or dust particles inside and on the straight lines of the filter, then you might need to replace it. However, fret not, air filters are among the cheapest of spare parts in our car. These are also available off the shelf from any good car workshop.

Install The New Car Air Filter

how to change car air filter

An important step on how to change your car air filter is about the authenticity of the product. Make sure that you got your cars OEM’s genuine unit as it is always recommended to keep your warranties and service history without flaw. Once this point is taken care of, place the filter inside the casing and put the clips back on. Make sure screws and clips have been installed correctly and nothing loose has been left inside the air filter and its casing. The next step is to go and clean up or else your wife would not let you have your favourite lunch. Jokes aside, hygiene is important, for your car and sometimes for you as well. Here you go, you have successfully finished this simple DIY job of how to change your car air filter. Now have a safe drive! For more such simple DIY tips, refer to our

maintenance section


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