How To Fix A Flat Tire?

How To Fix A Flat Tire?

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A flat tyre is something that is a common phenomenon for most car users. In fact, this is an issue that can be faced by anyone, regardless of what kind of car he or she is buying. In fact, a tyre puncture or a flat tyre is something that gets a bit risky if it happens late in the night or even at a place where there is no help in sight. Luckily, they are some tried-and-tested methods to fix a flat tire. In fact, apart from the tools to change the tyre, another thing that can help you out is a mobile phone but we’ll let you know more about this later.

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Firstly, how can you figure out if you have a flat tire? Well, in case you’re driving with a punctured tire, there is some thumping noise that starts coming from the wheel. Of course, it’s also accompanied by a jerky performance. Even the steering gets heavier as the only thing between the road surface and the rim of the vehicle is a thin layer of rubber with no air inside. The difference gets even more apparent in case one of the front tires gets flat. This is because it gets tougher to steer a car with a flat tyre.

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First things first, one shouldn’t panic on realising he has got a flat tyre. You need to slow down, switch on the emergency lights and pull over safely. Even better if you can drive slowly to a nearby parking lot and park as far from traffic as possible. However, make sure you don’t drive much with a flat tyre as the more you drive with a flat tyre, the higher is the chance of permanent damage to the tyre. Next, we have a few steps to figure out how to fix a flat tyre –

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How to Fix A Flat Tyre/Punctured Tyre of Your Car?

Should I Change My Car’s Flat Tyre myself?

Unless you’re well versed with the process of changing the tyre yourself, we don’t recommend the DIY approach. Also, even if you’re sure you know to fix a flat tyre, make sure you have parked away from any sot of traffic. Once you’ve done so, it’s best to follow the instructions given in the user manual. Also, many new cars, especially those from the luxury segment, miss out on a spare wheel and instead come with tyre puncture repair kit. In fact, even the recently discontinued Ford EcoSport misses out on a spare wheel for the SE variant and in such a case, either you should know how to repair the tyre yourself or locate a nearby to a regular tyre shop for tyre repair/replacement.

Who Can I Call For Help In Case of a Flat Tyre?

In case you’re stuck with a flat tyre and are not sure if you can replace it yourself, it’s best to call for help. For this, you can contact your car manufacturer’s roadside assistance service who’ll drive down to your location and carry out the repair work. Alternatively, you can even call a friend or relative who stays nearby. In such a case, the said person can even bring along a tyre expert in case he himself is not aware of the replacement process. Also, if you are stuck with no help in sight, you can even call the cops and request them to help you out. However, as we said, it’s best to avoid taking the matter into your own hands unless you’re confident. Also, in case you haven’t subscribed to roadside assistance, you can do so now so that you easily get the required support in case of such situations.

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As we said, it’s best to call the cops in case you’re left with no better option. Even on highways, there are many highway patrol teams who continuously monitor various sections of the road to help road users in trouble. Of course, in case you’re on a highway with no patrolling, it’s not a bad idea to dial 100 and wait for the cops to come and help you out.

Be Cautious

Finally, be cautious. At times, there will be people who’ll approach you to offer help. True, not everyone who approaches you to help will be a miscreant but it’s better to be careful with dealing with such people. This holds true especially if some vehicle that stops to help you out doesn’t belong to cops or is some sort of a service van. Many times, it will be just some Samaritan trying to extend a helping hand but at times, it could even be someone trying loot your possessions. Hence, if you’re felling insecure, you can remain inside and lock your car, and wait for the cops to arrive.

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