Difference Between Hatchback and Sedan - Which One to Choose?

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Updated on: 10th January, 2024 IST

Maruti Swift Dzire VS Maruti Baleno

Today, many hatchback cars cost as much or, at times, even more than sedans. However, in case you're looking to buy a car, it should be clear right from the onset if you want a sedan or a hatchback. True, it's easy to get confused, but our guide on the difference between hatchback and sedan cars will help you choose between the two types of vehicles.

Maruti Swift Dzire VS Maruti Baleno


As is commonly known, the biggest difference between hatchback and sedan cars comes from the boot. Mostly, the sedans are designed as per the three-box layout, while the hatchbacks have a two-box design. Basically, the former has a separate compartment for luggage, but in hatchbacks, there is no such division of the car body as there is no separate compartment. However, what you need to choose between these two isn't merely based on the luggage space you need. Instead, it's also based on what your driving routine looks like or what kind of cabin space do you prefer. Of course, even the luggage carrying capacity plays a role here, but that's not the only parameter.

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Difference Between Hatchback and Sedan

Boot Space

Of course, like we said, even the boot space has to play a part in defining what suits you more. In most circumstances, a sedan will always have a bigger boot space than a comparable hatchback. For example, the latest generation Maruti Swift has a boot space of 268-litre, but the latest Dzire offers 378-litre. This is clearly a lot of difference, and if you're someone who needs to carry a lot of luggage a lot of times, then the sedan is the one you should choose over a comparable hatchback.

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That said, one important thing that needs to be mentioned here is that, unlike most hatchbacks, the sedans don't come with split-folding rear seats. What this means is that in a hatchback, you can simply fold a portion of the entire seat or even fold it fully to accommodate more cargo at the cost of passenger space. Many sedans don't provide this feature, which means, in rare cases, when you need to carry something big and bulky, a hatchback would make more sense. However, in most cases, it would be the sedan that will be capable of carrying more (regular) luggage without sacrificing passenger space.

Interior Space

Another big point of difference between hatchback and sedan cars is the interior space. More often than not, a sedan offers a more spacious cabin than a comparable hatchback. This is true, especially for the rear occupants. Unlike in a hatchback, where designers sacrifice some of the space for rear occupants to offer a decent boot space, a sedan has a separate compartment for carrying luggage. Hence, the interior space at the rear stays untouched.

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So, basically, in most cases, sedans turn out to be more spacious for occupants than hatchbacks, and if you're someone who prioritizes passenger space over enhanced practicality through split seats, it's the sedan that you should pick over the hatchback.

However, there is one thing you should note here - the hatchbacks don't need to have a tapering roof to have a sporty design, which is something that often limit the headspace for rear occupants of a sedan. Hence, in the case of tall rear occupants, it's the hatchback that will feel more spacious than a sedan.


Needless to say, a hatchback is always smaller in dimensions than a comparable sedan. Even if you compare the Swift and the Dzire, there's a difference of 150 mm in the overall length of the vehicle. The reduced length comes in handy in congested spaces, and hence, if you're someone who regularly drives on crowded streets, a hatchback might be a better option for such buyers. Also, at times a hatchback would have a smaller wheelbase than a sedan of the same price, and hence, it gets easier to manoeuvre hatchbacks than sedans.

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Rear Visibility

Yet another major difference between hatchback and sedan is the rear visibility. It's always easier to reverse a hatchback than a sedan, and the biggest reason for this is the lack of any extra compartment behind the rear windscreen. Many drivers struggle to park sedans in tight spaces owing to the bigger dimensions and the lower rear visibility, but there's no such problem in a hatchback. This is something that gets further highlighted in case of inexperienced drivers. So, if you're someone who has always found it tough to reverse into tight spaces, hatchbacks will naturally suit you more.

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So, this was our guide on the Difference Between Hatchback and Sedan, and we hope that it will help you make an informed decision while choosing between the two common car body types. Are you planning to buy a used car or SUV? If so, then CARS24 can not only offer you a range of used hatchback and sedan cars to choose from but can also take care of all the necessary paperwork, including the RC transfer, absolutely free of cost. Not only this, but you can even put our used car value calculator to use in order to find out the accurate resale value of any used car in India.

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