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28 Feb, 2023 , 11:26 am

How To Sell An Accidental Car in India?

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We all love our cars. Surely, anyone who has a slight affection will lose his/ her mind over a minute scratch. You can anyways get the scratches removed at a service station and your ride will be as good as a new one. The real problem arises when the car’s parts get damaged. It is difficult to cope with the low price that you are offered,  taking into consideration the marks and dents along with the service history of your car. How to sell an accidental car is obviously a big issue then.

You already know your car’s value has gone down and the thought of getting a fair price for your accidental car haunts you day and night.

There are different conditions in which your car falls under the accidental car category. Covering all the major and the minor ailments of your car, let us dive deep into the situations where your car gets an accidental pain.

Types of accidents and the damage they cause:

1. Primary Damage:

accidental car

We know that even the slightest of a scratch on your vehicle has the potential of making you very very angry and disappointed, but these are just the primary kind of damages and can be cured with a little bit of servicing. The damage done to the car is generally not internal, so they don’t have a major impact on the resale value of your vehicle.

2. Secondary Damage:

The damage done to the vehicle increases several folds when it suffers from the secondary level of accidents. As they say, everything can be fixed except for broken hearts, you can get your car repaired too. Fixing it might cost you a fortune but thanks to the insurance cover that saves you from paying way too much.

According to the damage cost claim policy of the insurance company, you can get a relaxation on the cost of repair. The car will now have a damage history and since it will turn into an accidental car leading to a huge drop the vehicle’s resale value, and to get it repaired is also a hassle.

3. Severe Damage:

The third case is the severe damage case wherein,  the damage done is fatal and the car repair cost is nearly more than or equal to the refurbishment cost.

The vehicle in most of such severe cases turns into a non-moving vehicle due to the total loss in the accident. In all such cases, you have no option but to declare your damaged car as scrap.

accidental car

How to sell your accidental car?

Depending on the level and type of accident, the condition of your car can be presumed. You can sell it only when it is in the moving condition and the cost of repair does not exceed the value of the car. However, if the conditions mentioned in the previous line are not met, the RTO refuses to issue the fitness certificate. The fitness certificate is necessary for any vehicle to be driven around if the vehicle has suffered a fatal accident.

accidental car

You can sell you car irrespective of the condition it is in

  • If your car is in moving condition:

If your car is still moving after getting repaired or its repair didn’t cost more than the actual cost, you can sell it off. Selling the accidental car might not be a cakewalk as the price that you will get will be too low and it will be a great hassle taking your accidental car here and there in order to sell it.You will have to sort all the documents first of all. 

The documents required to sell car can be broadly categorized into the following categories:

Individual Documents Required To Sell A Car::

a) PAN Card

b) Passport Size Photographs

RTO Documents Required To Sell A Car:

a) Form 28

b) Form 29

c) Form 30

d) Form 35 and NOC

e) Sale Affidavit

f) Clearance Certificate

Car Documents Required To Sell A Car:

a) RC

b) PUC

c) Insurance

d) Application for Insurance Transfer

e) Invoice of the car

f) Ownership Manual

g) Duplicate Car Keys

Even though the car will be accidental, it can be sold like a normal car and the documentation will be the same as a normal car. If you want to know about all the details required to sell a car, you can check read more about all the documents required to sell a car.

  • If your car is in a non-moving condition:

If the car is non-moving, or the repair cost has gone above the actual value of the car, then it needs to be declared scrap. You will have to follow a different procedure altogether since there is a different procedure to sell a scrap car which involves scrapping your car after informing the RTO and removing the chassis plate too.

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Hope this was useful for you. We wish you never land up in an accident though. Drive safe and stay safe 🙂