This Is Why You Should Sell Your Car After 3 Years

Team CARS24
Team CARS24

Updated on: 20th December, 2023 IST


With changing times, average ownership period of consumer products is coming down drastically. The need to own and experience modern day products that offer more features and simple user interface is one of the primary reasons for this shift. The same change is being experienced in the car industry as well and to us, it makes complete sense. Here is why you should sell your car after 3 years.

1. Rising Maintenance Costs

This is a no-brainer fact. Maintenance costs and odometer mileage are directly proportional to each other. The most you drive, the more you will eventually end up spending on regular servicing and part replacement. This includes regular items like brake pads, filters, and minor electrical work as well as expensive jobs like timing belt replacement, clutch overhaul, tensioner belt replacement etc.

A new car will run relatively trouble free for 3-4 years or 60-8000km before you start noticing an increase in a number of visits to the workshop. This indication is good enough for you to sell your car and get a new one!
Hands with spanners doing engine maintenance

2. Warranty Issues

Most new cars come with a standard warranty of three years that covers most mechanical and electrical issues that may arise due to a manufacturing defect. However, post this warranty period, you may have to shell out a lot of money to replace defective parts. Some manufacturers do offer extended warranty but at an increased cost.

If you cannot opt for an extended warranty, it’s a reason enough to think about selling your three-year-old used car
New car with warranty

3. Rising Fuel Costs

With expanding cities and increasing commute distances, fuel costs is one of the highest contributors to an owner’s monthly expenses. Modern day cars deliver

higher fuel economy

which can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend at filling stations. Furthermore, switching to a CNG powered or a diesel engine car can help you save as much as 30-50% over a petrol powered car. If you own a petrol car and drive over 1000km a month, switching to CNG is practical.

If your running is over 1600km, we recommended switching to a diesel vehicle. Happy savings!
hand filling fuel in the car

4. Want To Be Pampered?

Similar to modern day mobile phones, newer generation cars also come equipped with more (and unique) features that are useful and can be flaunted in front of your friends. Some of these include keyless entry with a start-stop system, the micro-hybrid technology that shuts off the car automatically at a red-light, multiple airbags, rear air-con vents, DRLs (daytime running lights), voice commands etc.

If you are a gadget freak, there are multiple new car options out in the market that now support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay feature. Go ahead, indulge!
Car with start stop button

5. Ease Of Driving

AMT or automated manual transmission is the future of small cars in India. This is a low-cost alternative to a conventional automatic and does not hamper performance or fuel economy. Most manufacturers are now offering AMT options and we recommend this highly if you commute daily. Spending hours in slow moving traffic and changing gears non-stop can drain you physically.

An AMT gearbox will make your commute much easier and this is also a driver friendly alternative for those who are new to the world of cars.
car with AMT gearbox

In addition to these points, selling a used car has now become easier. All it takes it setting up a free inspection appointment with us followed by a price quote in 30 minutes. If you like our quote, we transfer the money into your account immediately and offer a complimentary ride back home. The entire paperwork formalities including ownership transfer are on us. Don’t believe it? Head over to



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