Here's Why You Should Not Sell Your Used Car To An Individual

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Team CARS24

Updated on: 20th December, 2023 IST

Here's Why You Should Not Sell Your Used Car To An Individual

The idea to sell second-hand car comes along with a lot of hassles if you think about them. These include things like ‘why you want to sell it’, ‘should you sell it’, and ‘whom to sell it to’. These will keep going through your mind until the very last moment. The confusion doesn’t end there too, after selling the car you might be haunted by doubts like the price you got for it, pending RTO formalities and so on. Thus it is always better to have a few necessary things in place before we head out to sell the second-hand car - these include tips on how to increase the

resale value of your used car

. Now that you are finally ready about selling your car, here is why we think it is a bad idea to sell a car privately, that is, to an individual rather than a dealer or us!.

1. Safety When Planning To Sell Second Hand Car

sell second hand car

This is always paramount of all the things. Selling your car to an individual, or to say privately, requires you to be very careful. If might be very easy for a scamster to either pay you much less than what your car deserves or they can do much worse – for example, illegal activities before the new owners change vehicle ownership. Inviting unverified strangers can bring in more troubles than we can list here.

2. Encountering Non-Serious Buyers When You Sell Your Car Privately

When trying to sell a second-hand car privately, you are bound to meet many people who don’t want to buy a used car shortly. They just got an opportunity to see a car on sale and hoped into a window shopping mode. You will be surprised to see how many non-serious buyers can knock at your door, thus wasting your precious time.

3. Headache From Delays Before The New Owners Change Vehicle Ownership

The great Indian bureaucracy is something that even the mighty ‘Formula 1’ sport could not handle. If you sell your car privately, be ready to have multiple visits for RC transfer and other related documentation at government offices. Frankly, no one has time for all that, if you do, then still are you sure you want to do all that by yourself?

4. Repeated Negotiations And Visits

negotiating for second hand car

This is India, and we all love negotiating down to the last rupee. So once you list your car for a private sale, be ready to run through a series of negotiations with the customers. They might just find out that they are related to your grandfather’s best friend’s son, and thus you should at least go of that 5000 more from your price.  Unless you are training yourself to be a negotiator, we reckon you leave that all to a professional used car dealer.

5. Side Effect Of If You Sell Your Car Privately To A Known Person

We Indians are of the emotional kind. So if you want to sell your second-hand car to a known person, not only will you get a much lower price for your car, but they can always come back to you and tell you about the issues they are facing with the car. In such scenarios, you can’t even tell them they are not maintaining the car well. Let’s just stay away from all that.

6. Following Up For Full Payment Can Be An Issue

This is going to be the most painful thing you would go through if it happens. After spending so much time and energy into finally selling your car, it might be excruciatingly painful to regularly follow up for the payment. That needs some real patience, and it is hard to come by. By now you would have understood that selling a second-hand car privately is not an adventure you should be enlisting yourself to. We reckon, if you have a car to sell, just let our


team know about it, and we will handle the rest. With our thorough industry standard procedures, we will not only get you the best price for your used car but also will bring you only those customers who are verified by us and who are are in the market for a second-hand car purchase.

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