Selling A Car? 7 Negotiation Tips That Will Never Fail You!

Team CARS24
Team CARS24

Updated on: 20th December, 2023 IST

Selling A Car? 7 Negotiation Tips That Will Never Fail You!

A car is more than just a means of transportation in India. There are always many emotions attached to it. Thus, in most cases, while selling a car, it is important for us to make sure we not only find a good new home for it but also the best price for your used car that justifies the care we have put into it all these years. We understand that many questions run through your mind when you start considering selling your present car. If you remember, we previously talked about how you can actually

increase the resale value of your used car.

Once you have prepared your call properly for a good deal, the next is to find a good customer. During the negotiation round, we also need to make sure that we do not fall below the minimum price that we have set for our car. This means that we have to put our negotiator cap on and make the deal while selling your used car. Here are the steps that you should keep in mind while selling a car.

1. Negotiate On Well Maintained Documents While Selling A Car

We continue to put stress on this aspect of selling a car. It is important for prospective customers to know that you have properly maintained your car and that it has gone through every fair channel. This not only creates trust in the buyer but also lets you command a premium over similar but dodgy cars in the market.

2. Market Your Car’s USPs Well

You love your car and have kept it well maintained; this should also show in your words. You should also promote special or segment best features and attributes about your car. To understand this better you can refer to our ‘

Brag Your Ride Section

’. It is your car, flaunt it.

3. Read The Buyer's Mind And Talk About What He Wants

Understanding your target base and then understanding the customers individually is an important step in negotiating a perfect price for your car. Though, if you are planning to sell your car privately, you would want to read our feature– “Why Selling your car to an Individual might be a bad idea” before going ahead. Once you are ready to proceed further, promote the stand out points of your used car as per what the customer is, for example, for a family person looking for a car for his usual family commute, you can talk about how spacious your car is. This type of a customer might not be that much interested in say ‘aftermarket sports levers’ installed in the car.

4. Give The Buyer A Few Payment Options

Always remember, in the case of a private sale of your car, you should try to sell car to a known person. In this case, you will have a more secure deal. Also, you need to be sure and clear about the payment terms for your car. For a known person, you can go for a part payment process where we recommend you to opt for post dated cheques.

5. RTO Formalities While Selling A Car

In case you know the person who is buying your car well, you can help him in getting all documentation and RTO formalities done. Though we recommend you should pre-plan and add the expenses involved (along with time) in the final sale price.

6. Show The Home-work You Did For The Right Price

To go through the above steps effectively, you can actually show the buyer the research work you did to come to the final price of the car that you are quoting.  To understand this further, you can head to our feature on – ‘

How to estimate the right resale value of your used car


7. Show The Value For Money

For a customer going for a used car, it should already be evident that pre-owned car deals are more value for money over new car purchases. If you talk about the money that the customer is saving over a new one and the fact that he is getting a well-maintained car too, you might just be able to get a much better price for your used car. Though we are sure these tips will definitely help you negotiate better while selling a car, in case you want us to assist you in selling your car, do get in touch with us.

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