The Cons and Cons of overloading of car - read, learn, & spread the word!

The Cons and Cons of overloading of car – read, know, spread the word!


Hey, it is a Friday night. After a week of toil at the boring corporate office, you have enough reasons to have fun. Yea, it’s time for paarrtyyy! So, get yourself travel ready, call your bunch of best buddies, and there you go. Tell the Mr. Designated Driver for all occasions to start the car. But wait, like every time your car will be a vehicle in motion with more than number of human beings it was manufactured for. One in the driver’s seat (Thank God), 2sitting on the rear seat and 4,5, or may be 6 in the back seats. While reading this do you say “So what is the problem?” The issue is you are overloading your car which is not legal. However, in India rules are made to be broken and everything is legal until and unless you are caught and penalised. Well, what you are forgetting is the importance of your presence on this earth and your car. Yes, you read that right – overloading of car can even take your life away.

Overloading of car is a crime and irrespective of the time of the day or name of the road you are driving on, should not be practiced.

Overloading of car – Breaking and Acceleration of the car goes is adversely affected

overloading of car - brakes

Imagine a Maruti Suzuki, okay if it is time for imagination then let’s go one step higher. Imagine you are sitting in a posh Ferrari with people squeezed inside the glam vehicle. The first thing you will notice is delayed engine start. Also, a Ferrari with 12 cylinders will be at a risk of tardy braking systems which is life imperilling. A car with lesser number of people will be easy on the braking system and the brakes will work faster.

Overloading of car – Wear and tear of tyres and suspension

overloading of car - tyres

Why overload your car and disrupt the suspension and tyre setup? Every single gram of extra weight on your car bothers the suspension and tyres. This could invite a major catastrophic failure such as air in the tyres to blowout off the bat. If you constantly drive with your seven friends in the back seat, in the luckiest of situation your tyres will keep supporting you. However, you cannot hold back the suspension to become a saggy setup.

Overloading of car – more the weight more difficult it is to steer

overloading of car - steering

Driving a car with double the capacity of weight it can hold, will eventually lead to lose of controls. The gear lever and steering wheel will stop obeying your orders. Especially, in case of an emergency your car will betray you like an envious close friend.

Overloading of Car – Ever increasing maintenance costs

overloading of car - car maintenance

With time passing like sand in your fist, if you keep travelling with an overloaded car, the parts of the car will start falling apart. Time and again, you would have to get your car parts repaired and car parts might stops functioning before their expiry date. The worst part is your insurance company would sooner or later declare your car as ineligible for any kind of insurance amount. Most insurance company will take a back seat and declare your car unfit for any insurance claim to pay the bills.

Overloading of car – no safety standard and the cops start calling

overloading of car - car safety

When you overload your car, you are inviting trouble. Not only does your own safety depart for a toss but also the cops see you as a probable any time money prey. There is no point playing with your life day in and day out. And, giving the cops a chance to pump you full of fines is no prudent thought either.

Overloading of car – vehicle collision of the highest order

overloading of car -  car accident

If you take a survey among 10 people you know, most of them will rant about overloaded buses on highways due to which majority of accidents occur. It is a universally accepted fact that most accidents take place due to overloaded cars on the roads. They constantly run on the roads of India heavily loaded where the drivers struggle to keep the cars on the right track.

Therefore, thwart your thought and actions the next time you are planning for an outing in a hatchback that is meant for five and you are trying to squeeze in nine. Overloading as an act is something Indians have got used to by now. Having half of your body out while sitting in an auto or hanging out of tuk-tuks is no big feat. Thus, let’s hope we as responsible human beings take the initiative to abhor from the practice of travelling in overloaded cars. Also, it is our responsibility to educate, persuade, and command people to abstain from overloading of car.