Selling your used car? - This is how long it will take you to negotiate a deal!

Team CARS24
Team CARS24

Updated on: 20th July, 2018 IST

Selling your used car? - This is how long it will take you to negotiate a deal!

Selling used cars is a tedious process. From searching for the right buyers to negotiating the deal and collecting payments, everything is time-consuming. In the present day and age, time is the biggest commodity as they say. Most of our calendars are blocked for weeks and weekends seem to vanish in thin air. In such a situation, finding a prospective buyer for your used car seems impossible. The process of selling used cars generally start with looking for peers and acquaintances who are looking to buy a car. Once the territory of direct contacts gets exhausted, we try to look for people around our neighborhood and friends of friends. Most of these hopes shatter in the first few days of starting your search for the right buyer for your car.

Looking for the most time-efficient way for selling used car?

Read on, as we compare different possible modes to sell your used car. We decide which one of them is the most efficient one.

Selling used car to an individual buyer

The most direct way to sell your car is to negotiate a deal with someone you already know. It minimizes the risk of selling your car to someone who is not trustable. The process generally starts with calling your friends and relatives and asking if they are looking to buy a car. If you are lucky enough, you may get a buyer for your used car within the first few calls. But, it is very rare to find someone who is willing to pay for your car within your group. The minimum speculated time needed to sell a used car to an individual buyer may vary from 1 week to months. What if you have got a buyer for your car within your peer group? Still, there are chances that payments or documentation with the person may take a long time. This is generally the reason why selling your used car to an individual buyer, is very time consuming and inefficient.

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Selling used car to a dealer

If selling to an individual buyer didn't work out, your next strategy could be to sell your used car to your local car dealer.  Every city in India generally has a market dedicated to buying and selling of used cars. You can drive up to them on a weekend and sell your car. These dealers are the mediators between you and the new buyer of your vehicle. They generally keep your car at the display near their shops or kiosk and wait for someone to inquire about them. This process could take anywhere from one day to months. The agony of selling your used car doesn't end here. Documentation is another crucial part of the deal which could take a long time to process. Because the dealer is dependent on payments to be cleared by the new buyer of your vehicle. It generally takes a very long time to get the money in your account as well.

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Selling used car through online classified ads and social media

One of the modern ways to sell your used car is to post an ad on various classified and social media platforms on the web. This includes clicking good pictures of your vehicle and wait for people to contact you. Sharing private information like phone number is the biggest threat one faces. After posting the ad, you may have to wait for a very long time before you generate leads for your vehicle. There are humongous chances that, even after making tedious negotiations with 100s of prospective buyers, you may not win yourself a good deal.

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Selling used car on CARS24

CARS24 is a car selling platform present in various cities of India. Working on a customer-to- business model, CARS24 buys your car and sells it to dealers. This makes the process smooth and hassle-free. It is a technology-oriented solution to solve the cluttered used car market in the country. The process of selling your car at CARS24 starts with taking your car to one of the 54+ physical branches in India. A dedicated car inspector inspects your car to give you a detailed report of your vehicle. Next, CARS24 offers the best possible price for your vehicle on spot. An executive at the centre initiates the documentation process of transferring the vehicle in the name of the new buyer. Once done, CARS24 debits the agreed value of your car directly into your bank account. The total time required to sell your car with CARS24 is approximately 30 minutes and makes the process delightful and hassle-free.

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