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Tips And Tricks To Defog Your Car Throughout The Year

When warm air comes in contact with a cold surface, the result is condensation. In a car, condensation or fogging is a common occurrence. However, it is quite dangerous when the windows and windshield of a car get fogged up as it can severely obscure the vision of the driver. Fogging usually occurs during the monsoon season, which already brings a certain amount of risk when driving. As a driver, you don’t want to have low visibility while driving on slick, wet roads – that is putting yourself in a very dangerous situation. There are ways to defog your car and prevent fogging and we will take a look at some of the most effective methods here today.

Defogging in the summer

India is known for its intense summers and one of the best places to be during the summer is out of the country. The second-best place to be is inside an air-conditioned space – like your car. However, when the hot air from outside reaches the cold glass of the vehicle, tiny droplets of water form on the surface and make it difficult to see. Although this type of fogging is easier to remove, it can be quite distracting when driving. Here are some of the tips you can use to defog your car in the summer.

Turn the air-conditioning speed down

While it might feel like heaven to sit inside a cool vehicle, the difference in temperature from inside to outside will surely make driving quite difficult. If you want to reduce the amount of fogging on your windshield and windows, you can reduce the power of the air conditioning just a bit. When the temperature is raised inside the car, the air inside will begin to match the air outside and stop fogging quickly. What you can also do to stop your car from fogging up is to roll a window down a little bit to allow the outside air into the car. This will not only balance the temperatures quicker but will also allow you to keep enjoying your cool breeze.

Use the windshield wipers

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Because condensation during the summer occurs on the outside of the vehicle, it is a lot easier to remove using only the windshield wipers. Condensation is basically water that forms on the surface of your windshield and your wipers are designed to get rid of water, right? In the same way, you use the wipers to clean your windshield, the water on the glass can easily get wiped off with a few swipes of the blades. If you feel that the wipers are making the windshield worse, spray some cleaner and turn the wipers onto a lower setting so they clean the glass as well.

Leave the windows open

For all those people who are used to the summer heat and would rather put safety above comfort, the fastest and easiest solution to defogging your windshield is to open the windows. As soon as you find your windscreen and windows fogging up, roll down the windows to your preferred height and allow the outside air to fill the inside of the car. This will keep the inside of the car at the same temperature as the outside and stop fogging completely.

Defogging in the winter

Unlike summer fogging, winter fogging occurs inside the vehicle. This is because the inside of the car is usually warmer than the outside air. When the cold air and the warm glass meet, condensation occurs on the inside of the car and makes it a lot harder to get rid of. For people in cold regions, this is a common problem, and here are some tricks you can use to defog your car during the winter.

Circulate fresh air into your car

Also known as the “Fresh Air Mode” button located on your dashboard, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to defog your windshield in cold temperatures. The button has a car with an arrow that points into the car. Once turned on, this feature pulls in fresh air from outside but does not lower the temperature inside the car. Rather, the temperature is gradually balanced and the fog across your windshield will disappear. You will have to make sure that the “Recirculation Mode” is turned off which is the button with a car and a circular arrow inside it. This function recirculates the air inside the vehicle by closing the air ducts in front.

Reduce the temperature inside the car

As discussed earlier, the best way to stop fogging instantly is to match the temperatures both inside and outside. During the summer, that might not be a huge problem, but in the winter, that can be quite daunting. Allowing cold air into your vehicle might not be a comfortable feeling so you can either decrease the air-conditioning temperature or increase the fan speed to lower the temperature inside. Once the temperature is reduced, the fogged-up glass windows and windshield should clear out. However, you will need to carry an extra layer of clothing to keep yourself warm.

Use the defrost vents

Anyone who knows about cars should know about the “defogger button” which is a button with a box and three squiggly arrows pointing upwards. This button is extremely useful for those vehicles that have to take on some of the coldest climates. Once activated, the defogger button sends air straight to the windshield. This air matches the temperature of the surroundings and reduces the fogging. Some cars come with defogger buttons for the front and rear windshields so that their vision is not limited.

DIY tips to stop defogging in your car

Although the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help get your car defogged quickly, there are some things you can try to help the process along. These tricks involve easy-to-find, readily available products that almost everyone has at home. Here are some of the best DIY tricks you can use to defog your car:

  • Dehumidifying your car is one of the best ways to get rid of excess moisture and ultimately, any chance of fogging. However, buying dehumidifiers for your car can be quite expensive. An alternative for this is silica balls. They are cheap and absorb moisture quite well, and are used in keeping food and other products fresh and moisture-free. You can make a dehumidifier by simply putting a handful of silica balls into a stocking or a sock and placing it in your car. This will absorb any moisture and you can change the sock when it is soaking wet.
  • Shaving foam is another great product that can prevent fogging up. To apply the shaving foam, take a handful and spread it across the glass with the help of a clean cloth. Let the foam sit on the windshield for at least 2 minutes before you take another clean, dry cloth and wipe the residue off. This forms a protective layer above the windshield and prevents moisture from collecting on the windshield.

Whether you’re driving in the summer, winter, or monsoon, visibility is the number one priority for you. The majority of accidents that occur on roads are due to a lack of visibility and fogging can be a major cause for it. It is best to always take precautions before you can head out onto the road so that you not only keep yourself safe but ensure the safety of others on the road as well. These tips and tricks to defog your car windshield and windows are extremely effective and should be used by anyone who has faced such a situation.

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