How To Increase The Value Of Car - Follow These 10 Easy Steps
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Car Maintenance Tips
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How To Get The Best Resale Price For Your Car? Read 10 Expert Tips

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In India, cars are considered to be a symbol of pride. They are cherished as one’s most precious possession. Our neighbors envy them and with our innate ‘show off’ ideology, cars truly are an important part of our life. Since they are such loved treasures, we should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to maintaining them.

According to research, a well-maintained car will draw at least 30 percent more value than a poorly maintained car.

But we are caught up with our tight work schedules; most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our car’s engine. We rush into the car, spark the ignition and head out to wherever we’re going. It’s only when we hear it making sounds we’re not used to hearing or when the car feels a little different than usual, we realize that the car has some problem.

Engines need to be taken care of. They need some overhauling every now and then, to keep them in good running condition. To help you take proper care of your engine so that you are not left stranded in your hour of need, we’ve put together this list of 10 ways to ardently take care of your car which will improve your car’s value:


The engine of a car

To keep your car’s engine in top shape, make sure that you interpret the signals that your car gives.

Jerks while driving, black smoke from the exhaust tip, cranky ignition; these are all a few signs that need to be taken seriously.

Don’t mess with the engine if you are not an expert. It is much safer to take it to a professional mechanic and let him deal with it because one small mistake from a rookie can cost you some big bucks. Basic care of your car’s engine can drastically improve the value of your car.

Engine Oil

Engine oil being poured in a car


Engine Oil is critical. In fact, it is the very lifeblood of the engine, the reliable running of any engine will not be possible without the engine oil. Engine oil plays a very important role for the car’s longevity.

Sticking to a regular engine oil is also very important. Different vehicles have different requirement. For getting information on what engine oil viscosity suits your car, ask your mechanic or read your car manual.

Your engine will not be able to reach its potential without it and if you miss the deadline between oil changes it can cause serious and irrecoverable damage to your engine over time. Oil keeps important engine parts well lubricated so that they don’t overheat.

So when it comes to changing engine oil, one must not procrastinate!


6-Speed manual transmission

Transmission is one thing that most people tend to ignore. It is very important that we remember not to downshift to a lower gear when driving at a speed that is apt for the level of gear. Also, one should let the car come to a stationary position before shifting to reverse from a forward gear.

Just like engine oil, transmission oil also needs to be changed at certain intervals. Transmission plays a very important role during the inspection of your car. Keeping in it good shape will further add to your car’s value.

Brakes and Clutch

Two hands on a disc plate


Regular check on the brakes and clutch is a must. It’s obviously easy to figure out when your brakes are losing their strength and it is equally important to keep a check on the clutch too. If your clutch is worn out, it will become hard to press and shifting gears might be a little harsh. A jerk felt while shifting from one gear to the other might indicate the same. To simply put it, a car which brakes well, drives well.


Two hands working on a suspension

The balance and stability of a car are dependent on the suspension of the car.

To make sure that the suspension is in a healthy state, keep a check on the bubbling and oscillations while driving on bumpy roads.

Keep your vehicle’s alignment and balancing up to date. Lack of steering control while braking might be due to some fault in the suspension.

Coolant Level

Meter showing low coolant level


High summer temperatures lead to engine failures due to overheating. A simple way to protect your car’s engine from getting overheated is by ensuring that you have the enough amount of coolant present throughout your engine.

Make sure the coolant level is somewhere between the minimum mark and the maximum mark. With the mercury levels rising every year, coolant does play a very important role in keeping your car fit.


Meter showing full fuel level


You may not want to tank up that often, but make sure that you are not running the gas all the way down to empty. Your fuel filter will catch a lot of this dirt that gets settled at the bottom of the tank and will make your fuel system work harder than normal which can create problems.

Fuel filter replacement can cost a lot, so by simply filling up before the reserve light comes up, you can avoid fuel filter replacement.

Engine Warning Lights

Speedometer showing different engine warning lights


Many of us tend to ignore the basic check engine lights.These lights have been coded to turn up for a number of reasons. Along with the typical check engine light, many cars have several other lights that glow to indicate a problem. They can warn about problems with the alternator motor, faulty battery among others.  A car showing error lights will draw a lesser value at any inspection.

Bumper To Bumper Traffic

Bumper to bumper traffic

Your engine is built go around at a constant speed. Constant stops and starts, as seen in city driving, can take its toll on your car’s engine. If it all possible, keep your speeds and RPMs at a consistent level which will ensure that you achieve a better fuel economy and your car’s engine will last longer.

If it all possible, keep your speeds and RPMs at a consistent level which will ensure that you achieve a better fuel economy and your car’s engine will last longer. 

Keep It Clean And Park It Right

A hand cleaning a red car with a yellow cloth


Always aim to park under the shade. Direct sunlight can be harmful to body paint, interior plastics, and leather-made seat covers. Also, try to use a body cover whenever possible. The better it looks, the more value you get.Coming back to the famous Hindi proverb “ Jo Dikhta Hai, Woh Bikta Hai”. 

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