Top Budget Car Modification To Add Zeal Into Your Old Car

Top Budget Car Modification To Add Zeal Into Your Old Car

Top Budget Car Modification To Add Zeal Into Your Old Car

The automobile industry in India has come a long way and cars today look and perform far better than they did about 25 years ago. Above everything else, the budget–friendly segment has been the most popular one in India and for good reason. Car manufacturers have been making their budget cars more durable, more reliable, and more powerful which makes it the easiest choice for people looking to buy a car on a budget. Yes, the cars made today look a lot better but when you compare them to premium, luxury, or supercars, they don’t stand a chance. So, while you might want to get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini (which you can by using a used car evaluation tool), you may not have the kind of money to afford one. Nevertheless, you can still get your budget car to look and perform like a premium model through the magic of modifications. People have been customizing their cars for years now and the trend has led to manufacturers producing their own versions of branded modifications which comply with the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989.

So, if you own a budget car and want to give it a complete makeover, there are a number of ways to get it done. From the exteriors to the interiors and everything in between, these modifications can get your car looking like a brand new vehicle.

Exterior Modifications:

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your car is to change its exteriors. There are a number of ways to give your car a “facelift” and not burn a hole through your wallet. Changing the way your car looks from the outside can help you get a better deal when you want to sell the model or can get interested buyers readying their RC transfer sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at some of the most affordable modifications for the exterior of your budget car.

Exterior Modifications:

Car Wraps and Stripes:

Sometimes modifying your car can take as little as adding some racing stripes to the body. We all know and love the racing stripes on the yellow Camaro in Transformers and you can give your car an updated look by simply adding a couple of stripes to it. Another affordable way to modify the look of your car is to cover it in a wrap. Car wraps are significantly new and have become extremely popular in the sports car segment. However, you can add a wrap to practically any car, even a budget-friendly model. Wraps can be customized in any way you choose – colours, patterns, and finishes.

Car Wraps and Stripes


Stock cars come with stock components, including regular headlamp covers. While these parts serve their purpose, they look quite ordinary. The market is filled with customizable headlamp covers and taillight covers that could easily change the look of your car. Whether you like a round headlight or a square one, the choices are endless. Along with covers, you can also change the lights inside. Normally, cars come with regular white LED headlamps but you can change them for brighter or dimmer lights, depending on your preference.

customizable headlamp covers and taillight covers

Windshield Wipers:

Here is another component that can be changed for a more customizable driving experience. The windshield wipers that come fitted on a stock model are more than capable of getting rain and dirt off your windshield with ease, but they look far from stylish. There are many wipers available today with different designs, colours, and even materials that can add a layer of style to your vehicle.

Wheels and Rims:

Alloy Wheels

It is probably one of the first changes that were made to a stock car but the wheels and rims are extremely customizable. Your car will usually come with regular-sized wheels but you can change and fit smaller or bigger wheels onto the car as long as they are compatible. Rims, on the other hand, are extremely versatile and are available is all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Spoilers and Lights:

Spoilers and Lights
Spoilers and Lights

If you are a fan of the Need for Speed movies, you would appreciate the look of most of the sports cars featured on there. Sports cars, almost always have spoilers fitted onto the back of the car which helps in both looks and aerodynamics. Today, you can get a spoiler fitted onto any car so long as it has enough space. LEDs have become extremely popular in the automobile industry and one of the best places to add them is on the body of the car. Many people install LED lights under their car to give it a complete sports car look and you can do the same with your car without spending bucket loads of cash.

Interior Modifications

While the exterior of your car is like a blank canvas for your imagination to go wild on, it is actually the interiors that offer the maximum amount of customization. There is literally an endless amount of modifications that can be added inside your car to make it look so much better than how it does fresh out of the factory. Manufacturers sell cars with some of the basic interiors that are perfectly functional as they are, but if you want that little extra, here are some of the most affordable modifications for the inside of your car.

Floor Mats:

Your budget car most probably comes with rubber floor mats that collect dirt and moisture from your shoes but there is a way to take the humble floor mat to another level altogether. There are many options available that are made from other materials and come in various designs that can change the look of your car floor. You can even install coloured floor mats rather than the black mats that come with your out-of-factory model.

Interior Modifications

Steering Wheels:

You might not think that your steering wheel could get modified but there are many cars that allow you completely remove and attach new steering wheels like the ones found on sports cars. If the steering wheel of your car cannot be replaced, you can get covers that will give your car a new look. You can brighten up your car with something as simple a steering wheel cover.



If you are into sports cars, there is a chance you like the way the pedals on those cars look as well. Unfortunately, the pedals on your budget car are far from the sportier kind. Nevertheless, you can buy and install sports pedals into your regular car without a lot of fuss or expenditure. The full metal pedals give your car a better look and are far more durable than the ones found on stock models.

Seat Covers

Seat Covers:

Definitely one of the first things you notice when you see a modified car are the seats. While your budget car comes with regular black or beige coloured seats, you can buy seat covers to give your interiors a stylish makeover. Car accessory manufacturers have been producing seat covers with every type of design, pattern, texture, and colour combination and they look extremely good in any boring stock car.

Equipment and Electronics

Equipment and Electronics:

We have all turned to look at a car that is bouncing with music and wondered what the inside of it would feel like. With high-end audio equipment and speaker systems with subwoofers, you can bring that feeling to your regular budget-friendly car. Installing an audio system into a car is as easy as just unplugging the wires of the old setup and attaching the wires of the new one. Apart from an audio system, you can install a touchscreen infotainment system (if your car doesn’t already come with one pre-installed). There are also navigation screens that can be added to your dashboard. Mobile stands are a common sight these days along with digital clocks and other such installments. The possibilities are endless and the best part is that they are relatively cheap.

Performance Modifications:

When the inside and outside of your car looks stunning, you might want to modify the performance of the car as well. You don’t want to have a car that looks like a Porsche but performs like a budget Maruti (not that we’re saying Maruti cars are low performance vehicles, they are the most second hand cars in the country after all…just compared to a Porsche!!!). So, what can you do to enhance the performance of your car without having to replace the engine with a jet engine?

Performance Modifications

Air Filter:

Petrol cars require air to function and high-flow air filters are the perfect way to deliver more air into the engine for a better performance. Compared to regular air filters, high-flow filters are oil-coated which increase the pick-up of the car and also might increase the mileage of the car. These air filters are relatively affordable and can be installed without any professional help.

Air Filter


Regular exhaust pipes help your engine get rid of the burnt gases that collect inside so that the engine can produce more power and torque. Free-flow exhausts are larger than regular exhausts and initiate faster removal of the burnt gases so that your engine is clear to produce more power faster. These exhausts also look and sound better and don’t necessarily affect the mileage of the car.

Spark Plugs:

Your petrol car already comes with spark plugs but if you want an enhanced performance, you can install high-performance spark plugs. These spark plugs offers higher resistance to carbon deposits while also offering multi-directional sparks that ensure better combustion. You cannot only change the spark plugs however and you will need new connectors and cables for your new spark plugs.

ECU Remap

ECU Remap:

If you are willing to invest a little more into your car, you can always opt for an ECU remap software which works with the Engine Control Unit to deliver a customizable amount of fuel into the engine. This ensures that you can get the best out of your engine without having to worry about draining your fuel. While ECU software works with petrol and diesel engines equally, it is more effective in diesel engines as it offers up to a 20 percent increase in performance.

There you have it, some of the most affordable ways to modify your budget car and turn it into a powerful vehicle that you would be proud of driving down the street. If you have a stock car that fits into the budget segment and you want it to look and perform like a higher-end model, these mods will definitely get you excited.