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Updated on: 11th January, 2023 IST

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Feature -

Volkswagen India Pvt.Ltd. was established in 2007 as the distinguished auto manufacturer, Volkswagen’s Indian subsidiary. With an initial run of imported premium cars, they launched their first domestically manufactured car in 2009, the Polo. The Polo was a successful car in the market and gave Volkswagen a strong momentum charge for India. German engineering and quality at a sub-10 lakh price point was something that attracted several buyers across the country. The Polo has been consistently selling in excess of 2500 units/month since its inception with peak figures reaching around 4000-5000. The Polo became highly sought after in the used car market as well owing to this fact. People wanted an affordable vehicle with a solid build which also contributed to the sales. So here, we will list out the various pointers you need to look out for if you intend to purchase a used Volkswagen Polo.

Important Points to Consider While Buying a used Volkswagen Polo:

Suspension Noises:

This is a very common issue reported in Volkswagen Polos not only in India but overseas as well. It is more commonly observed on cars that have covered in excess of 30000-40000 kilometres. Several owners have reported that their Polos start making strange noises upon driving over deep potholes and bumpy roads. This problem soon escalates to noises being emitted on even the tiniest of road undulations.

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Suspension Problems -

The issue is caused due to cracked front lower arm bushes. The lower arm bush is a very important component since it is one of the two connecting parts between the wheel hub and frame. In extreme cases, a defective lower arm bush can cause total loss of handling control upon hitting road undulations. So be sure to drive the used

Volkswagen Polo

you intend to purchase over bad road patches and ensure that no noise is emitted from the front suspension during that time.

Window Problems

This problem is limited to the Highline and Highline Plus variants of the Polo which come with electric windows. The windows on these two variants, with the passage of time, tend to move very slowly or with great obstruction. If this problem isn’t fixed on time, it results in the windows getting jammed in place. In certain cases, it also causes the button to become completely defunct and require replacement. The jamming of windows is caused due to the accumulation of debris within the channels of the windows.

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Power Window Problems -

This causes obstruction to the movement of the windows through the channel and eventually jams them. Due to this obstruction, it also puts excessive stress on the motor actuating the movement of the windows. When this stress level reaches an overload point, the motor burns out and causes the entire channel to fail, requiring replacement for each component. Hence be sure to check the working of the power windows on the used Volkswagen Polo you intend to purchase.

Windscreen Washer Issues

This particular issue isn’t very commonly observed but has been reported by multiple owners. It has been reported that the windscreen washer jets of the 2011 and above models develop problems spraying water. They either produce a very weak jet of water or spray no water at all. The root of this issue is primarily a split water jet pipe. These pipes are known to be very fragile and are highly susceptible to damage. This issue is also somewhat serious as there is no certainty where the split could occur.

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Windshield Problems -

There is a high possibility that the split caused could lead to water being leaking onto the electrical circuits around that area. This, in turn, could lead to more serious problems than just a defective water spray jet. Apart from that, a defective water jet has a lot of potential for disaster. If something falls on your windshield and you’re not able to clean it off on time, you are very much vulnerable to accidents. So, be sure to check for proper functioning of the windshield washer jet on the used Volkswagen Polo you intend to purchase.

Emission Scandal Recall

The infamous incident that made


hit the limelight in 2015 sadly affects a certain batch of Indian Polos as well. The emissions scandal as discovered in the US where the company used a cheat device in their cars to pass emissions test was applicable on around 3.4 lakh vehicles sold in India as well. The Automotive Research Institute of India (ARAI) confirmed that certain Indian manufactured Polo GTs are using modified O-Rings in the car’s carbon filter canister which do not abide by their acceptable emission limits.

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Emission Scandal -

Volkswagen India themselves had done a voluntarily recall for all the Polo GT models sold between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017 to get the O rings replaced. Hence, if you are looking to purchase a used Volkswagen Polo GT manufactured in that time frame, be sure to get it double checked from an authorised service centre for the same problem.

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Rough Idle/Loss of Power

This is another very common issue with the Volkswagen Polo that has been reported by many owners. Several Polo owners have reported experiencing rough/ uneven idling on their cars. The Polo is known for its refinement and smoothness and hence this issue feels very pronounced when it occurs. It initially starts off as fluctuating idle RPM and slowly develops into vibrations and roughness when the car is idling. This issue is caused due to a defective ignition coil pack. If this issue is left unattended, the coil stops supplying timely voltage to the spark plugs which causes improper ignition and eventually loss of power while driving. So be sure to look out for uneven idling RPM patterns on the used Volkswagen Polo you intend to purchase.

Used Volkswagen Polo Guide- Power Loss -

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