5 Mind Blowing Technological Advancements in Future Cars
Car Technology
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Car Technology: 5 Features In Store For Future Vehicles

In a world where change is the only constant, technology becomes the key driver of that change. Does it not? And in a segment that breeds on new technologies, where innovation is a constant, evolution is but a natural occurrence. The automotive sector is among the most robust drivers of change. But one often wonders what’s next in the realm of developments in car technology.

Whether it is an upgrade in safety or driver comfort, there seems to be no dearth in the developments in future car technology.

Let’s try and ascertain some:

Personal assistants

At times, it does feel that the voice recognition function is interacting in a language that’s either not feasible for easy interaction or it tends to complicate easy instructions. But hang on. The personal assistant car function is set to undergo rapid improvements in the times to come.

Leading brands such as Hyundai are already working on a plethora of functions that are going to redefine developments in passenger car technology, such as- voice recognition Artificial Intelligence, Internet capabilities, and driver stress detection.

We may not be far from the future where at our disposal lies ‘multiple command recognition,’ where, two separate commands by the driver can be recognized and adhered to.

Imagine a scenario where even before you arrive at your home, the car enables you to turn the lights on?

Wellness care

Driving can often be a stressful activity. Something that’s inherently supposed to be fun, can be riddled with discomfort.

Constant traffic snarls can lead to a toll especially for people that require medical care. Moreover, consider a situation where one’s already beginning to feel unwell and the destination is miles adrift. That one’s caught in an inclement weather condition can further worsen the situation.

During such situations, developments in passenger car technology such as wellness care can be nothing shy of a boon. For instance, car technology may soon evolve to the extent of measuring one’s BP or reading the driver’s heartbeat. Detecting the driver’s stress level can be crucial as well.

Maybe simple acts such as merely dimming the cabin lights or turning on soothing music can be a great respite under duress.


While we have heard of the term ‘connected’ for cars, one wonders, what’s meant by ‘Hyper-Connectivity?’

It appears that in the not so distant future, cars shall be able to communicate with their surroundings in lightening-fast speed due to being powered with more autonomous capability.

Virtual Side Mirrors

You may have bumped into some images being circulated currently where it appears that the likes of Audi’s electric E-Tron prototype have eschewed traditional door mirrors for cameras.

In the near future, it appears that cars with small screens tucked into the corner of the front door area may be a reality. Instead of side mirrors, some brands have already begun- although in rare and small numbers- the usage of small head-up display screens that are fitted into the dashboard area, opting to move ahead of side mirrors.


As mainstream security continues to get more and more personalized and in lines with everyday affairs, a change in this regard can be expected in the sphere of car technology too.

Contemporary technology is not only concerned with giving us an increased luxurious sense of convenience but also with attributes that can in-build personal safety in our cars.

Soon, using biometrics, we may have cars that are able to recognize gestures, heartbeats, retina scans, brain waves, stress, fatigue and even eyelid movements.

Don’t you think it would be brilliant when mainstream vehicles would be able to carry out extensive biometrics that is designed for an increased sense of comfort and safety?