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How To Unlock Car Door When Keys Locked in Car?


Getting locked out of your car can be frustrating especially when you need to get somewhere at a particular time. There is always the traditional roadside assistance that can be called for immediate help, but sometimes that too isn’t as quick as you might expect. A locksmith can also be called for help but that would not provide you with a prompt solution to your issue, your car might just even get towed.

However, with that being said, there are various ways in which you can unlock your car, especially when you are in desperate need. It might not require calling for any help and you would end up with a quick resolution. These methods are quick and easy DIY options that you can use – yes they do work, however, it does depend on the type of vehicle and the car model. Newer cars and models might not be as easy to break into, owing to their specially devised security systems and automatic locking mechanisms, but nothing is impossible. Before you call for help, you can try out these hacks – I’m pretty sure at least one of them could work for you.

Use Your Shoelace

Just the sound of it might be impossible but you can unlock your car with the help of just a shoelace in seconds. You can also use any other kind of string that is just as thick. Tie a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace which would allow you to tighten the ends of it by just pulling at one end. Hold one end of the string and try your best to slide it down the side of the car door. Use a swinging motion to get the knot as far as you can so that it can reach the door knob. Once you get the knot over the doorknob, pull the end of the string to tighten it and pull up to unlock it. You must know, this method will not work for cars that have the side locking system, but if you have the pull-up knob, this is a great DIY option.

Use A Long Rod

This method will only work if you can pry open a wee bit of the top of your car door, big enough to fit a rod, air wedge, and a piece of wood. All you need to do is slide the piece of wood in at the top part of the door to keep it open. Next, slide through the air wedge and pump in air to create a sizeable separation between the door and the car. Keep pushing in the wood piece as far as you can to create a bigger gap. Once you have enough space, slide in the rod, and without damaging the paint or the door, carefully unlock the locking system on the side and you are good to go. However, for those who do not have an air wedge, this method can still be done but it would need some extra elbow grease.

Use A Clothes Hanger

Considered one of the more common practices used to unlock cars, the clothes hanger is popular. Compared to others, this method works great on cars with manual locking systems. Here’s what you need to do – grab a pair of pliers and open up the clothes hanger until you have a straight side and a side with the hook. The hooked side is what you would be using to pull up the arm inside the car door that is connected to the locking mechanism. Slide the hanger down between the window of the car and the weather strip until it reaches at least 2 inches below the window and near the handle of the door. It is advised that you grab your mobile phone and look for an image of the inside of your car specific to the model and the make, as the design can be different. Next, rotate the hanger until you are sure you have a good hold of the car arm – trust me this is going to be a challenge. Once you have a good grip, pull upwards and your car door will open up.

Use The Car Antenna

This method is possible with older cars that come with a specific kind of car handle on the outside. In this case, you can unlock your car from the outside with just the car antenna. All you need to do is unscrew the antenna, slide it slowly and carefully through the inside of the door handle, and wiggle it around until you find the lock jiggling. Once you find that you have made a connection, quickly push the antenna forward and the car door will immediately unlock.

Use A Windshield Wiper

Car windshield wipers are quite easy to remove and install, however, this method can differ depending on the model of your car. No matter the type of car, the model, and the make, a windshield wiper might just save you the time and energy of calling for road assistance or a locksmith to open your car door for you. First off you need to remove the wiper. Next, if you find your window is slightly open or you can pry open your door enough to push the wiper through, move it forward until it reaches inside. At this point, the wiper can be used to grab your keys, if on the car seat or to push the unlock button on the car door. You can use anything long and sturdy but for those of you who have nothing lying around and are in a hurry, then your windshield wiper is your best bet.

Which option do you think will work for you?

You can give these 5 options a try if you find yourself in this very common predicament. However, if you are unable to successfully carry out these DIY methods to open your car when your keys are inside, then you need to call your roadside assistance or any car service that is available at that time. Most people are members of special car services that offer assistance during times like these. Either give them a call or if you want a quick and easy solution, invest in a set of magnetic key holders that you can hide your keys in right under the bumper of your car.

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