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Running Out Of Fuel? Here’s What You Should Do To Save Fuel

Running Out Of Fuel? Here’s What You Should Do To Save Fuel

Admit it; we have all been through this. Stuck in the middle of a never ending traffic jam, the low fuel level warning suddenly pops on, leaving us in a difficult situation. Likewise, we have been through instances of running on low fuel while being late for that important meeting. What is the best way to save fuel in such a scenario? Fret not, keep these 4 pointers in mind and you will surely never let the engine gasp for that last drop of fuel.

1. Keep Your Cool

There is no point getting all worked up when you see the low fuel warning light on the speedometer console. Most modern day cars will still have about 5 litres of usable fuel left in the petrol tank. This means you can safely drive for at least 50-60 kilometre, enough distance to get you to a fuel station. Out on the highways, the same figure will go up significantly due to lower fuel consumption.

Women driver driving the car with low fuel

2. Use Maps

Make use of Google Maps application on your mobile phone to locate the nearest fuel pump. In case you are in a hurry and do not want to fill up immediately, keep an eye on LIVE traffic on the Google Maps application. Save fuel by skipping routes that are marked as ‘red’ or have crawling traffic conditions. Start-stop traffic increases fuel consumption rapidly.

Google map showing nearest fuel pumps

3. Limit Air-Con Usage To Save Fuel

The air-conditioning unit puts a heavy load on the engine of a small car. Using the air-con can increase the fuel consumption by as much as 15-20% in some cases. It is better to sweat it out than being stuck with a dry tank.

Hand switching off the ac in the car to save fuel

4. Take It Easy

Save fuel by accelerating gently and changing gears at the right engine speed. Keep the tachometer needle under the 2500 rpm mark so that the engine runs as efficiently as possible. There will be no point over revving your car – it will only lead to unnecessary burning of fuel.

Drive slow and conserve fuel

And in case you do run out of fuel, never attempt to start a diesel powered car. If the fuel pump runs dry, re-starting the car will lead to vacuum creation in the fuel line and removing the same is a cumbersome process. Even a petrol powered car should not be re-started excessively with zero fuel in the tank as it can damage the fuel pump.

We are sure these steps will come handy someday. That said, it is always advisable to carry enough fuel in the tank at all times. Whenever the needle or the fuel gauge drops under 1/3rd, do fill up the car.

What do you do when stuck with low fuel situations? Tell us about hacks in the comments section below. Follow CARS24 for much such fun posts!