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5 Things You Should Never Really Hide While Selling A Car

5 Things You Should Never Really Hide While Selling A Car

We, the mankind, often love our vehicles very much. It might seem suspicious or even untrue but, we humans are affectionate and more often that not forge a bond with materialistic things and cherish the thought of them being with them forever. The more we spend time with anything or anybody, the greater our love for the object becomes. While selling a car with which we have spent a considerable time, it becomes hard to negotiate. Our loves does cloud our judgement and often gains the upper hand. Generally, when it comes to selling a car, people tend to hide the cons in order to fetch a better price.But, it is evident that the hidden facts will be revealed and you can’t always hide them from modern-day gadgets. The revealing of hidden facts might land the seller in trouble and to avoid such situations, here we have for you a list of five things that you should never really hide while selling your car.

1. Structural Repairs

One should never hide any structural repair details if the car has undergone any. Structural repair in layman terms comprises of all the major damages to the structure of the car. For example, the accidental damage and all the damage history including pillar repairs, door change, boot repair, bonnet repair, etc.

2. Documentation Details

Apart from hiding the damage, one should also never hide the flaws with any documentation. For example, ownership details of the vehicle, damaged or fake RCs, pending documents, etc. This will not only put you in trouble but, might put you behind bars.

3. Police Case/Pendency

Pending challans, unresolved FIRs are some cases in which you can’t sell the vehicle. Even if you hide the details, it can be easily traced through vahan website.

Hiding your vehicle’s legal pendency will always push you one step closer to more grave police hassles. Why not clear it and sell it then? As such, you can’t hide it long enough.

4. Denting and Painting

Generally, dents and minor painting affect your vehicle’s price. The Pannel paints, roof paints, minor dents can be detected withing a few seconds. So there is no use lying or hiding about the quotes of paints and dents your vehicle has suffered.

Also, the color mentioned on the RC should always match the vehicle color or else that car is not eligible to be sold.

5. Service History

Many people try hiding their service history in order to fetch a better price. The dealerships have a record of all the necessary details along with the service history of a vehicle. Thus, some people try and get the odometer readings changed from some a non-authorized dealer.

The change in the odometer reading hampers your car’s value

Things not to do while selling a car

Why hide so much to get the best price?

Hiding never helps. No matter if it is about documentation, service or the vehicle accident history; hiding would only add to your troubles. If you are that concerned about the best price, what you need to do is – visit CARS24 website and book an appointment after the valuation. Once you visit us, the scientific inspection we carry makes sure you get the best price for your car through our live online auction. Why not give it a try?

After all, we are all law abiding citizens, aren’t we? Abiding by Buddha’s quote:

Truth can’t be hidden 🙂