Best Car Tyres for Small Cars in India
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Best Car Tyres for Small Cars in India

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Tyres are easily among the most important parts of a car. Unfortunately, they are also the most overlooked as most car owners tend to focus only on the mechanical and cosmetical aspects. However, it’s the rubber that is the only point of contact between a vehicle and the tarmac on which it’s driven. A set of good tyres can make a huge difference in the way a car performs, and on the other hand, having a badly maintained set or an inferior quality set can turn out to be a very risky affair. That said, it’s not child’s play to figure out which brand of tyres is best for you. Given the large volumes of small cars that are sold in our market, we’ve compiled a list of the best car tyres for small cars in India.

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Bridgestone Turanza

This can be a very good option for you in case your regular usage includes high-speed driving on the expressway. These tires are suitable for premium hatchbacks or even entry-level sedans. These offer a good grip, have low road-noise, and can even last 30-40,000 km, depending on your usage pattern.

best car tyres for small cars in india Bridgestone Turanza

Goodyear GT3

Another good option on our list of best car tyres for small cars in India is Goodyear GT3. It’s a very nice option if you seek ride comfort while not losing on on the grip. They are even priced quite well and have little tyre noise. The GT3s are a good option for those seeking a high level of safety as well as comfort.

best car tyres for small cars in india Goodyear GT3

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MRF is an Indian tyre company that has earned quite a name for itself for offering well-priced tyres that offer a good mix of comfort, road grip, and durability. The ZVTS is among their budget options and can be used on entry-level hatchbacks as they’re quite cheap and yet pretty reliable.

best car tyres for small cars in india mrf zvts

Michelin Primacy

Michelin is a renowned tyre brand across the world and offers a wide range of tyres based on the exact user requirements. One of the options it offers is the Michelin Primacy, which is a very good option for budget-end SUVs as it offers a good mix of road grip and durability while ensuring comfort for the occupants. It’s definitely on the pricier side but still comes across as a good value for money option.

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Apollo Amazer

The Apollo Amazer is a decent choice in case you want an economical option that might not come across as sporty but still offers a decent grip for the price it’s asking for. It’s available for cars from the budget segment as well as for the more premium ones like the Maruti Baleno. Also, priced at roughly Rs 3,500 apiece, it’s a pretty good option for those on a budget.

JK Tyre Vectra

Another Indian brand on our list of best car tyres for small cars in India is the JK Vectra, which costs roughly Rs 3,800 per unit and offers good durability. It’s a good choice for those whose running is mostly restricted to city commutes. While it can serve you with a very long life, you won’t get a very strong grip.

Yokohama BlueEarth-GT

While the Yokohama Geolander AT isn’t exactly a tyre made for small cars, you can still pick this if you own a powerful compact SUV like the Hyundai Creta. It offers a good grip while enabling you even drive off the tarmac and on rough unpaved roads. At almost Rs 7,000 a piece, it’s definitely on the pricier side.

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Maxxis MA-P1

Finally, we have the most affordable option on our list of best car tyres for small cars in India. The Maxxis MA-P1 is from a Taiwan-based company that offers a long range of options for those who don’t wish to spend a lot of money. The MA-P1 costs just about Rs 2,200 a unit and can be an ideal choice for entry-level cars like Maruti WagonR and Renault Kwid.

best car tyres for small cars in india Maxxis MA P1

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