BH Number Plate_ Bharat Series Number Plate Registration
BH Number Plate_ Bharat Series Number Plate Registration

BH Number Plate: Bharat Series Number Plate Registration

23 Jul 2024
12 Mins Read
Key highlights
  • 1
    Nationwide validity eliminates the need for re-registering in new states
  • 2
    Can be applied online through MoRTH's website
  • 3
    Only available to non-commercial, private vehicle owners with offices in more than 4 states/UTs
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Car Number plates aren't just a legal formality—they're like your vehicle's unique ID card. But in India, these identities tie the vehicles to the state they were registered in. Anybody who has relocated from one state to another with their vehicle also understands the hassle of re-registration, which is time consuming.

Enter the BH number plate scheme! Launched in 2021, the Bharat number plate series simplifies life for eligible people. No more re-registering vehicles with each relocation. These number plates make life simpler by reducing bureaucracy for those who may need to re-register their cars to another state. 

From eligibility criteria to the application process, learn everything about these BH series number plates in this article. 

What are BH Series Number Plates and Why are they Needed?

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, passenger vehicle owners must transfer the registrations of their vehicles within 12 months of moving to a new state. If you don't comply, you may be fined and may risk penalties. But re-registering your vehicle in the new state can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

The Bharat (BH) Series number was introduced as a unified number plate series with nationwide validity. This promotes ease of mobility for those that have transferable jobs.. The BH series number plates came into effect in September 2021.

BH Series Number Plate Format Explained

BH Series Number Plate Format Explained

The format of the BH series number plate is quite straightforward and comprises mainly of four parts: "YY BH #### AA".

  • Part 1: "YY" denotes the year of registration
  • Part 2: "BH" is short for Bharat series, and uses the first two letters of the word “Bharat”
  • Part 3: "####" is a randomly created unique 4-digit number
  • Part 4: "AA" is a combination of a random pair of letters from A to Z, which is assigned to your vehicle

The BH number plates differ from regular number plates by removing any mention of the state and district of registration. For instance, a vehicle bought in 2024 and registered in Maharashtra would typically have a number like “MH 02 RS 3535.” However, with a BH number plate, it would read as “24 BH 2525 AC.” 

Who can Benefit from the Bharat Series Registration? 

Initially, the BH series number plates were only available to government or private sector employees with offices in four or more states/UTs. Also, only new vehicles could be registered under the Bharat number plate series. However, with the latest amendments to the rules, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has expanded the scheme to allow for conversion of regular number plates to the BH series, provided the owner pays the necessary taxes and meets the eligibility criteria. 

Eligibility Criteria: BH Series Number Plate 

The Bharat series is currently open only to non-commercial vehicles, with nationality limited only to Indian citizens. To be eligible for a BH number plate, you must belong to one of the following groups:

  1. Employees of State and Central Government
  2. Personnel serving in the Defence sector
  3. Employees of banks and administrative services
  4. Private sector employees whose companies have offices in four or more states and/or union territories

In addition to meeting these eligibility criteria, applicants must ensure that their vehicle's road tax is fully paid and that they have a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. If applicants do not meet these requirements, they may not benefit from the BH series number plate.

How to Apply for a BH Series Number Plate Online?

The online application process for a BH series number plate is simple, and user friendly. One can apply for a BH series number plate either online or through a dealer. Here’s a quick guide:

Online Application

  1. Visit the online portal: Visit the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ parivahan website
  2. Vehicle Registration: Click “Vehicle Registration” on the homepage and select “Bharat Series”
  3. Enter Details: Fill in the information of your vehicle registration
  4. Upload Documents: Submit eligibility and address proofs (list of documents in the next section of this article)
  5. Pay Fees: Complete the registration fee payment
  6. Receive Acknowledgment: Once registered, you’ll receive an acknowledgment slip with a unique application number
  7. Verification: After your documents are verified, your number plate will be issued

Applying Through a Dealer:

  1. Dealer Assistance: You can seek a dealer’s assistance in filling out Form 20 on the parivahan website for you 
  2. Select BH Series: Choose the "BH" series during application process
  3. Verification: Your eligibility is then verified by the state authorities
  4. Submit Documents: Provide required documents (list of documents in the next section)
  5. Pay Fees: After receiving RTO approval, pay the necessary fee or applicable motor vehicle tax online

Whichever way you proceed, the portal will generate BH series registration numbers after completing these steps, which provides smoother mobility across all states in India.

Documents Required for a BH Series Registration Plate 

Documents Required for a BH Series Registration Plate

To apply for a BH Series Number Plate, here is the list of documents that are required

  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Form 60 (for private sector employees)
  • Official ID Card (either a PSU or a government employee ID card, depending on your employment)
  • GST Certificate of the Company

Having these documents ready will ensure a hassle-free application process for your BH Series Number Plate.

Cost, and Validity Period for BH Series Number Plates

BH Series Number Plates Fee

The Motor Vehicle Tax or the Road Tax for the vehicles with BH series number plates is paid initially for a period of two years. It is then paid every two years up to 14 years. Once the vehicle crosses the 14-year threshold, the tax is levied annually at half of the previous rate.

Here’s a breakdown of the applicable road tax as per the invoice prices of the cars:

Road Tax Duration for BH Series Vehicles- Charged for 2 years, extendable in multiples of two (4, 6, and 8 years)

- Online payment option available

- Validity: 14 years; thereafter, an annual payment is mandatory
BH Series Number Plate Cost Breakdown
Vehicle cost less than ₹10 lakh8%
Vehicle cost ₹10-₹20 lakh10%
Vehicle cost more than ₹20 lakh12%
Additional Considerations
 2% surcharge for diesel vehicles
 2% reduction for electric vehicles
Road Tax Payment FrequencyPrivate vehicle owners must pay every 2 years or in multiples of two (4, 6, and 8)

It must be noted that diesel vehicles incur an extra 2% charge, while electric vehicles benefit from a 2% deduction on road tax that is levied on the vehicle.

Key Features of the BH Series Registration Plates

Nationally valid, and easily identifiable, the BH series number plates help in saving time, effort and paperwork. Below are some distinctive features that make these plates stand out:

  1. Secure and Tamper-proof: The BH number plate provides high-security and is tamper-proof. Security features include laser numbering, hologram, and unique barcode. 
  2. Exclusivity for Non-Transport Vehicles - BH registration plates are specifically designated for non-transport vehicles. That means, only private vehicle owners can avail this benefit at the moment. 
  3. Nationwide Validity - BH series plates remove the hassle of re-registration when moving to a different state, as the BH Series plates can be used nationwide. In addition, the road tax for these plates can be paid online, which can be done from anywhere across the country. 
  4. Uniform Design with a Unique Format - BH number plates maintain a standard design which makes it distinct as compared to the standard number plates. 
  5. Flexibility in Vehicle Resale - As BH series number plates are registered to an individual, and not a vehicle, the vehicles associated with BH number plates can be sold to both BH-series eligible and non-eligible buyers. However, for non-eligible buyers, the new owners must re-register the vehicle at their local RTO after the purchase and make sure to obtain a state registration number. The applicable registration fee and taxes based on the state's regulations are also to be borne by the new owner.

Pros & Cons Of BH Series Number Plate

If you’re considering a BH number plate for your vehicle, here’s a comparative analysis to help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision:

Advantages: BH Series Number Plates

  • Safety of the vehicle: With high-tech safety and tamper-proofing features, the BH series can be beneficial in preventing auto-thefts. 
  • Simplified Vehicle Registration: The BH number plate offers a streamlined vehicle registration process. If you’re somebody who frequently relocates for work, then you’d know how tiresome it can be to re-register a vehicle, every time you move to a new state or city. This number plate can save you significant time, and effort, by reducing avoidable paperwork.
  • Nationwide Validity: With a BH number plate, your vehicle is valid across the entire country and allows you to drive in any state or union territory without needing additional permits or re-registration. 
  • Cost Savings: Re-registration involves applicable taxes, and charges for additional documentation. Thus, eliminating the need for re-registration by obtaining a BH series number plate can help reduce avoidable frequent expenses and may prove to be a cost-efficient investment. 

Disadvantages: BH Series Number Plates

  • Limited Eligibility: One of the biggest limitations of the BH number plate is its limited eligibility. It excludes commercial vehicle owners. Although the government is working on extending this benefit, currently, the BH series is only available to specific groups. 

The eligible groups include government employees, defence personnel, bank and administrative service employees, and private firm employees with offices in multiple states/UTs. This, unfortunately, means that the benefits of the BH series number plates cannot reach all vehicle owners. 

  • Randomly Generated Numbers: The third unit of the BH series number plate, the four-digit number, is system-generated and random. This means owners cannot choose a specific number for their vehicles like special number plates. 
  • Periodic Road Tax Payments: Road tax payments for BH series must be submitted every two years. This may prove to be an additional difficulty to manage for some individuals who are already burdened with the overall logistics of relocating to a new state.

BH Series Number Plates: Highlights

Name of the Mark:Bharat Series Marks (BH-Series)
Concerned Ministry: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)
ActThe Motor Vehicles Act
RuleCentral Motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment) Rules
Year of Introduction:2021
PurposeTo simplify the registration process for vehicles relocating to a new state
Key safety featuresTamper-proofing, laser numbering, hologram, and unique barcode
ApplicabilityNationwide (all Indian states/UTs)
Mode of RegistrationOnline (Self or through RTO Officer)
EligibilityOnly Non-Transport vehicles are eligible; limited only to employees of State and Central Government, administrative services, banks, and private sector - with offices in at least 4 or more states/UTs

The Bottom Line: Should You Get a BH Series Number Plate?

In short, BH Series Registration Plates bring in flexibility and ease of vehicle movement for frequent movers and are especially beneficial for those who have transferable jobs. They offer the freedom to travel across India while also saving money by eliminating the need for frequent re-registrations. 

But the convenience of BH Series plates extends beyond just paperwork - they signify a hassle-free experience for re-registration and ultimately contribute to smoother journeys on the road.

So, if you meet the eligibility criteria, why not seize the chance to simplify your vehicle ownership?


Q. What is a BH number plate?

The BH series number plate is a new government initiative to standardize vehicle registration across India, ideal for those with transferable jobs. 

Q. Who is eligible for BH registration?

At present, the BH series is available only for private vehicle owners. Only State and Central Government employees, bank employees, administrative services employees, and certain private sector employees are eligible. 

Q. Is a BH number plate costly?

The BH registration cost varies based on the vehicle's invoice price, ranging from 8% to 12%. Additionally, there are extra charges for diesel vehicles and deductions for electric cars. While road tax for private vehicles is applicable for two years or in multiples of twos (2, 4, 6 years and so on).

Q. What are the benefits and disadvantages of a BH number plate?

Advantages: The BH number plate streamlines vehicle registration, providing nationwide validity and cost savings by eliminating re-registration expenses.

Disadvantages: Limited eligibility, exclusion of transport vehicles, randomly generated numbers, and periodic road tax payments every two years.

Q. Can I sell my BH series car?

Yes, vehicles with BH number plates can be sold to both BH-series eligible and non-eligible buyers. However, the non-eligible buyer must re-register the vehicle at their local RTO to obtain a non-BH series number plate and pay the required fees and taxes according to state regulations.

Q. Does the BH Number Plate Influence Motor Insurance Premiums?

No, the motor insurance premiums are not affected by the vehicle having a BH number plate. 

Q. How soon will I receive my BH series number plate after applying? The processing duration may differ based on your residing state, but typically, you'll receive your BH series number plate details within a few days of application.

Q. Is it possible to transfer/re-register my current number plate to a BH series number plate? 

Yes, individuals can transfer their existing number plate to BH series by paying the necessary taxes, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

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