BH Series Registration Plates: All You Need To Know
Parth Dutt
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BH Series Registration Plates: All You Need To Know

Parth Dutt

In what is a new addition to the multiple steps taken by the government to aid the citizens and introduce IT-based solutions in the automotive industry, a new number series is rolling out to ease out the process of transfer of vehicles. This new number series was announced by the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH), which will be called ‘BH’, or the Bharat series. The basic agenda behind the launch of the new Bharat series is to smoothen the process of vehicle transfer if the owner shifts from one state to another. This is one of the several citizen-centric measures introduced by the government. 

This can be seen as the government’s attempt at providing an IT-based solution for vehicle registration to the citizens. The major hurdle in vehicle registration was the re-registering of the vehicle when one wants to move to another state. Here’s when the ‘BH’ series comes into the picture. 

The BH series will be a huge relief for the people who have to switch states because of their jobs or any reason; this number series will make the vehicle register anywhere across India. This means that the first two initials of the vehicles that were previously based on state names like DL or MH will now be replaced with BH, which stands for Bharat. This Bharat series of vehicles will cater to private vehicles. As per the current rule, one has to pay road tax for private vehicles for fifteen years, while with the Bharat series, one only has to pay road tax for two years, and then the owner can move to another state and will have to pay the tax as per the new state.

In order to get this BH series, one has to meet a certain set of criteria. This BH series numbers can be availed by the defense personnel, central government employees, state governments, central/state PSUs, and private sector companies which have offices in 5 or more states/UTs because the employees have a job of a transferable nature. The BH series is only applicable when the said criteria are met.

BH Series Registration Plate Format And What It Means?


The BH number plate will be different from the current format of the number plates. The new format of the BH series will be as follows: YY BH #### XX, where the YY stands for the year of the registration, the BH stands for the Bharat series, the #### stands for the random numbers between 0000 to 9999, the XX stands for the letters AA to ZZ.

This BH series will provide many benefits to the citizens. State relocation is very common among the employees of both the state government as well as private companies. This common practice carries the hurdle of the transfer of vehicles from one registration state to the other.  This transfer is necessary under Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which states that the person is allowed to keep the vehicle for 12 months in any state other than the state where the vehicle is registered. Moreover, new registration has to be made to the new state registration authority within 12 months.

Now with the BH series, the motor vehicle tax will be exempted for two years. With this upcoming launch, there is expected to be smoother and free movement of vehicles across states. The ownership transfer of used cars was also a big problem if the car is registered under another state and the buyer is from a different state. This type of problem will also find a cure through this new BH series launch. 

How To Apply For The BH Series Registration Plate?

The step one for applying the BH series is to apply for a new plate at the original registration RTO of the vehicle or using the Vahan portal , along with providing a functional government ID to prove employment. Further, the owner will have to pay two years of road tax or in multiples of two depending upon the stay duration in the state where the car was purchased. Previously the process would be to obtain a NOC from the origin state for transfer of registration to another state, but with the BH series, no such NOC is required to file for new registration; therefore, one can directly file re-registration.

The tax of the new state will be applicable, and the owner can wait for the duration to get over for the new registration. There is a fine if the owner is unable to renew the RC within time under the MV Act if caught by the traffic police. Lastly, there is also an option for the owner to file for a refund from the previous state. If the owner is willing to pay the tax for the new state and there is still time left from the previous state, the refund can be filled. 

This BH series promises to bring about a lot of positive changes to the current system and make things easier for vehicle buyers as well as the sellers.