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Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2020-21

With the advent of Electric Vehicles globally, India is not far behind and slowly but steadily catching up. And on ...

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Automaker Mercedes-Benz To Go All-Electric By 2030

Mercedes-Benz is ready to go green with its plan to go all-electric by 2030. The company is planning to reduce ...

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India’s Largest Public EV Charging Station Inaugurated in Navi Mumbai

In what is fantastic news for the emerging electric vehicle industry in India, the country gets its largest public EV ...

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World EV Day: Best Electric Cars To Buy In India In 2021

The future of automotive engineering is electric, it was said. In fact, the way the world would commute would be ...

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Rimac & Bugatti Partner To Build Future Hypercars For Both Brands

The French automaker Bugatti Automobiles, known for building some of the fastest production cars in the world, has partnered with ...

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NHAI to Build EV Charging Stations Along National Highways

In a bid to boost the electric vehicle infrastructure in India, the National Highways Authority of India, or NHAI, is ...

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Watch: World’s First Flying Car To Complete Inter-City Travel

Ever since man has been capable of imagining the future, somehow every automotive futuristic musing seems to land on the ...

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2026 Will See Audi’s Last Internal Combustion Engine Car, Shifts Focus To EVs

Audi has announced its transition towards electric mobility at the Berlin Climate conference. In what is an interesting and exciting ...

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How Do You Decide Between A Hybrid and Electric Car?

Today, one increasingly finds the impetus being given to eco-friendly cars. Conventional cars are no longer the go-to option for ...

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Top 5 Electric Cars To Buy In 2020

If there's a developing trend that one would want to see become a permanent fixture in the firmament of the ...

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Are Self-Driven Cars Really The Future?

Every now and again it seems that technology finds a new,  methodical or scalable way to impact nearly every single industry ...

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Production Spec VW ID4 Electric SUV revealed; India launch in 2022

Volkswagen revealed the production version of the ID4 Electric SUV that is in line with the company's future EV design. ...

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Tesla Could Establish R&D Centre in India

It looks like the hype for Tesla cars will scale new heights in our country as the highly revered carmaker ...

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Electrics Cars vs PHEVs vs Hybrid Cars: A Quick Guide

Car ownership is a complex skill these days. It starts from the moment you decide to buy a car. It ...

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Kia Reveals Global EV Business Strategy, Plans to Launch 7 New Electric Cars

Kia Motors Corporation has shared a glimpse of its global electric vehicle business strategy today, revealing an early sketch of several ...

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Delhi EV Policy: Subsidy For Electric Cars Upto 1.5 Lakhs and More Benefits

Electric Vehicles have always had an aura of mystique about them. With the aim to better the environment, EVs are ...

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Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400: The Wildest Electric SUV Ever?

Ford brings a new member to the Mustang family - Mustang Mach- E 1400. Ford just changed the world with ...

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Hyundai, Kia, & LG Launch Global Competition to Invest in EV and Battery Start-ups

With demand for Electric Vehicles growing, Hyundai, Kia Motors, and LG Chem are jointly sponsoring the “EV & Battery Challenge” ...

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Auto Expo 2020: Tata Sierra In An Electric Avatar Looks Simply Stunning

The legendary Tata Sierra, the first SUV designed and produced in India, makes a striking comeback in its all-new electric ...

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Modified Electric Ambassador that Runs at Rs 1 per Km

The eventual fate of versatility is said to be driven by electric vehicles. While electric vehicles have gotten famous in ...

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