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Online Driving Licence (DL) Application Form in India

It is mandatory for anyone wishing to drive a vehicle to first hold a valid driving licence in India. Without a driving licence, it is illegal to drive a vehicle and anyone caught will be punished by the police. Thanks to the implementation of technology into the services of the Motor Vehicles Department in every city, getting a driving licence has become a lot easier. Driving licences are issued by the Regional Transport Office or the Regional Transport Authority of a city. Applying for a driving licence requires filling an application form which is available both offline as well as online. All the states in India have official websites for the RTO or RTA offices from where the application form can be downloaded and printed out. Getting the application form online makes it more convenient and less time-consuming for people looking to apply for their driving licence. However, once the application form is filled in, the documents required need to be attached and submitted to the local RTO.

Driving Licence (DL) Online Form

As mentioned above, the government and the transport department have worked together to make the driving licence application form available online through the official RTO/RTA website. Also known as Sarathi, this website has all the information you require to successfully fill up the application form and attach the required documentation. Downloading the application form from this website is extremely easy and eliminates the need to visit the RTO/RTA multiple times.

Form of Application for New Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle

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The Sarathi website has application forms for people looking to get a new learner’s licence as well as those looking to get a driving licence. If you do not have a learner’s licence, you cannot apply for a driving licence. You will have to enter the details of the learner’s licence, the application number, and other details to download the application form. Once the application is filled up correctly, you will have to attach documents such as age proof, address proof, and photographs along with the form and submit it to the RTO.

Details required to print DL Form or LL Form

Applicants can print the application forms from the Sarathi website by simply entering the following information:

Application Number

Date of Birth

There are several forms you can download and print from the Sarathi website. Some of them are mentioned here:

New Learner’s Licence or Form 2

New Driving Licence or Form 4

New Learner’s Driving Licence

Addition of New Class of Vehicle to Driving Licence or Form 8

Renewal of Driving Licence or Form 9

Documents required to get DL

After printing the application form the Sarathi website, you will have to attach several documents that will need to be submitted to the RTO for verification before they issue a driving licence in your name. Here are the documents you will require to successfully submit the application form:

Application form correctly filled out and signed.

Insurance documents and registration certificate for the driving test.

If the applicant does not own the vehicle used in the driving test, a letter of consent is required from the owner.

Passport-sized photographs of the applicant.

Application fees as per the RTO.

Procedure to obtain Driving Licence

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Some might consider applying for a driving licence a difficult task but if the procedure is followed properly, it can be extremely quick and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a driving licence in India:

Step 1: Visit the Sarathi website – https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/ and register.

Step 2: Carefully and correctly fill in the application form to generate an application number.

Step 3: Once filled, click on the Submit button which will display a pop-up saying, “Your application has been saved successfully”.

Step 4: Record the application number before submitting the form.

Step 5: After submitting the application form, you will have to choose a slot to take the driving test at the RTO. Click on the tab “Appointment for DL test”.

Step 6: Click “DL Slot Booking” to choose a preferred date and time for the driving test. To select a date and time, you will have to enter the application number and DOB.

Step 7: Once chosen, you will have to report to the RTO at the correct date and time.

Application Forms Related to Driving Licence

Apart from a driving licence application form, there are other forms related to getting a driving licence in India. Below are some of the forms related to the driving licence application form:

Application Form for Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle or (Form 4)

There are a number of factors listed in an application form such as the type of vehicle and driving test details that make up the driving licence application form. Here are some of the categories included in an application form:

Vehicle Type – This is one of the most important parts of the application form as it lets the RTO know what type of vehicle the licence will be used for. Some of the choices are motorcycle with gears, motorcycle without gears, light motor vehicle or LMV, transport vehicle, or invalid carriage.

Applicant Details – This portion of the form contains all the details of the applicant including full name, permanent address, DOB, son/daughter/wife of, educational qualifications, place of birth, blood type, identification marks, etc.

If the Applicant Held a DL Previously – If the applicant has ever held a DL in the past, the details of the DL must be provided.

If the Applicant is Disqualified from Obtaining a DL – A proper explanation as to why the applicant has been disqualified from getting a DL must be mentioned if answered YES.

If the applicant has already given a driving test – Details regarding the driving test along with the authority and results of the test must be provided.

Along with this information, the applicant must provide documentation such as the learner’s licence, certificate of medical fitness, photographs, and application fees. The date of the application should also be mentioned along with a signature or thumb impression of the applicant. After everything else, the applicant must submit the driving test results as a part of the Certificate of Test Competence to Drive.

Application Form for Grant or Renewal of Learners Licence or (Form 2)

For anyone who wants to apply for a new driving licence or renew their expired/expiring driving licence, a correctly filled-in Form 2 is required. Some of the details that need to be filled in the form include the name of the applicant, age, DOB, identification marks, educational qualifications, blood group, and more. Along with this information, the applicant must provide information about whether they had any previous learner’s licence or have been disqualified from obtaining a new driving licence or learner’s licence. A fitness certificate must also be submitted to ensure that the applicant is fit enough to drive a vehicle. If the applicant is a minor, a letter of consent is required from the parent or guardian. Finally, the form also includes the results of the driving test. The form needs to be signed by the applicant or the parent/guardian/licensing authority.

Form for Application for Renewal of Driving Licence or (Form 9)

All driving licence’s issued in India have a fixed number of working years before expiring. Form 9 is designed for applicants who wish to renew their driving licence after it has expired. This form requires the applicant’s recent photographs along with details such as the applicant’s name and the name of any family member. Some of the other information required includes the driver’s licence number, licensing authority, and date of issue of the driver’s licence. Applicants are required to state the class or type of vehicle they wish to renew their licence too. Along with all this information, the applicant must include the temporary and permanent address and a declaration that the applicant’s licence has not been revoked or disqualified. Finally, the applicant must also include the expired driving licence with the form during submission.

Application for Duplicate Driving Licence or (Form L.L.D)

For those applicants who have misplaced or lost their driver’s licence, Form L.L.D is required to be filled up correctly. This form informs the RTO or any other authority that the licence of the applicant has been misplaced. In this form, the applicant must include information such as the number of the missing driving licence, name of the applicant, name of the authority that issued the licence, temporary and permanent address, father/mother/guardian name, and the reason as to how the licence was misplaced or lost. The form also requires the signature or thumb impression of the applicant.

Application Cum Declaration Form of Physical Fitness or (Form 1)

Anyone who wishes to obtain a driving licence must declare their physical fitness by filling in the required Form 1. There are 2 sections in this form – the first includes details such as the name of the applicant, family member’s names, permanent address, DOB, and identification marks. The second section of the form is for the applicant to declare any physical fitness ailments. In the form, the applicant must truthfully declare whether they are epileptic, colour blind, night blind, or have any type of disability in hearing or seeing. Along with this information, the applicant must submit Form 1A or the Medical Certificate.

Medical Certificate or (Form 1A)

All driver licence applicants must submit Form 1A or the Medical Certificate with the Physical Fitness certificate when applying to the authorities. The Medical Certificate is divided into 3 parts. The first part includes the name of the applicant along with any identification marks on their body such as a scar or a mole. The second section requires the applicant to genuinely declare whether they are suffering from any ailment such as colour blindness, night blindness, memory loss, or deformity that can stop the person from driving safely. The third section of the form is optional and includes the blood group of the applicant. This form must be signed and verified by a medical officer and they should declare that the applicant is fit enough to drive a vehicle.

Application for Addition of New Class of Vehicle to Driving Licence or (Form 8)

Form 8 lets applicants add a new class of vehicle to their driving licence. The details that need to be included in this form include the applicant’s name, name of a family member, issuing authority, and driving licence number. The next section of the form includes the additional class of vehicles that you want to add to the existing driving licence. Next, the applicant must include documents such as the Medical Certificate, Learner’s Licence, Driving Licence, and Driving Certificate. The fees should also be paid with the submission of the form. Finally, an authorized officer should fill in the Certificate of Test of Competence to Drive.

Application Form for Intimation of Temporary/Permanent/Change of Address for Authorised Licence Holder or (Form LCA)

Any driving licence holder who wishes to change their registered address is required to fill in Form LCA. In this form, the applicant must include their name, their father’s name, existing address on licence, new address along with proof, the validity of the driving licence, licensing authority, and fees paid for the change of address. This form must be signed by the applicant before submission.

Categories included in a Driving Licence Application Form

There are a number of fields in a driving licence application form that range from the applicant’s details to the driving test results. Here are some of the broader categories included in a driving licence application form:

Vehicle type – Here you must tick the type of vehicle for which you are applying for a driving licence. For example, geared or non-geared motorcycle, LMV or light motor vehicle, transport vehicle, etc.

Applicant details – Here the applicant must provide their full name, son/daughter/wife of, DOB, address, identification marks, educational qualifications, blood group, and declaration of citizenship status.

If the applicant has held a DL in the past – If the applicant has had a driving licence in the past, it must be declared in the form.

If convicted while holding the current DL – If the applicant has been convicted of any crime while holding the DL, it must be declared in the application form.

Whether the applicant was disqualified and cannot obtain a DL – A reason as to why the applicant was disqualified must be provided in the form.

If the applicant has taken a driving test previously – The details of the driving test authority and the test results must be provided if the applicant has taken the driving test already.

Along with this, the form requires the submission of documents such as learner’s licence, medical fitness certificate, recent photographs, and payment of fees. The date of the application and the applicant’s signature should follow.


Q: How do I apply for online DL?

A: To apply for a DL online, you have to visit https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/, select the state you live in, click on Apply Online, choose New Driving Licence, and enter the details.

Q: How can I get my driving Licence details in Parivahan?

A: Visit https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan/ and click on the Online Services tab. Click on Driving Licence Related Services and you will get redirected to the Sarathi website. Follow the above-mentioned steps to complete the application.

Q: What are the fees for a Driving Licence?

A: The driving licence fees are Rs. 200.

Q: How do I fill out a DL form?

A: To fill out a driving licence form, you will have to enter the Application Number and Date of Birth of the Learner’s Licence Application Form. Following that, you will have to enter more details such as name, DOB, address, blood group, and application number to apply for a driving licence online.

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