Filled Wrong Fuel In A Car? Here's What To Do

Filled Wrong Fuel In A Car? Here’s What To Do!

Filled Wrong Fuel In A Car? Here’s What To Do!

Just like how people are vegetarians or non-vegetarians, our cars too are a bit strict about their diet preferences. This means that a diesel car wouldn’t like to try and sip petrol just for the sake of it and a petrol car wouldn’t shout YOLO and head to a diesel only pump to get high on it. But then, mistakes have a tendency to happen when least required and the pump attendant might actually end up filling the wrong fuel in a car. In fact, you would be alarmed to find out just how many people end up making this mistake!

So fret not, you are not the only one who filled the wrong fuel in a car! So what do you do when you face such a situation? Here are some steps from CARS24 experts that you should follow to minimize the possible damage from filling the wrong fuel in your car:

Filled Wrong Fuel In A Car? Do Not Crank It

wrong fuel in a car

And we really mean ‘DO NOT’! It is vital that the moment you recognize there is a wrong type of fuel in the car, take the ignition key out and forget about turning the car on. By doing this, you will be doing yourself and your car a huge favour. This will enable you to keep the wrong fuel in the tank only from where it is much easier to handle the situation. Failing to do so, we recommend you get ready to pay a hefty repair bill. Also, try to push your car into a safe zone in the petrol pump premises itself.

Do remember if you are driving an automatic, even turning on the ignition key to slot the car into neutral can make the car pump fuel from the tank into the system. So beware!

If You Started The Car And Drove Off

wrong fuel in a car

God bless you. The moment you find out that you accidentally filled the wrong fuel in a car, pull up at a safe place immediately and turn the ignition off. It is the right time to call your roadside assistance provider and let them tow your car to the nearest service center. The extent of the damage will vary and depend on how long you had been driving before recognizing the issue.

In case you are not aware, the wrong fuel symptoms are irregular acceleration, visible smoke from the exhaust and engine misfiring.

Petrol In Diesel Car Or Diesel In Petrol Car?

wrong fuel in a car

By virtue of design, it is comparatively tougher to put diesel fuel in a petrol tank as compared to putting petrol fuel in a diesel tank. This is as the diesel dispenser’s nozzle generally does not fit into a petrol car’s tank. This gives owners of a petrol car a slight advantage in the mis-fueling game. It means petrol in diesel car is the majority mis-fueling mistake and unfortunately, it is also a tougher thing to deal with. The issues arise from the fact that diesel engines use the diesel fuel to lubricate internal parts of the car’s engine as well.

Petrol, on the other hand, does not have any lubricating talents in it. Thus it can make your car’s fuel pump very sad. Petrol and diesel also mix together happily, thus once the pump does its thing, the car is already high on the dangerous cocktail.

Always consult and be in touch with your mechanic and your insurance provider when you suffer such an issue. However, it is always safe to be vigilant about such mistakes that can totally destroy your car’s life. Always confirm with the attendants at least twice and keep an eye on what they are filling in your beloved car.

Have you been through this issue in the past? We would like to hear your side of the story too – do leave us your comments below. In the meantime, to know more such tips about cars, head over to our maintenance section