Guide for buying used Renault Kwid

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Updated on: 22nd November, 2023 IST

Guide for buying used Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid

Hatchbacks are the most convenient mobility option out there on congested city roads. They provide the versatility of a small sized car such as zipping through traffic snarls more conveniently, parking in the least space possible and smaller turning radius, all this while not burning a hole in your pocket. In the present day used hatchback market, the Renault Kwid tops the charts because of the low maintenance-high return possibility that the car provides. The Kwid has been around in the Indian auto market for a while now, winning hearts, especially in metro cities due to its reliable specifications and high practicality.

Guide for buying used Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid is powered by 799cc 0.8Litre SCe (Smart Control efficiency) engine which generates a maximum power of 53ps at 5678rpm and a 1.0Litre SCe engine which generates maximum power of 68ps at 5500rpm. Both these engine comes with a 5-speed manual transmission while the 1.0Litre engine also comes with an automated manual transmission (AMT) variant. After the engine specifications, next thing one should consider during a car purchase is the design aesthetics. If you are looking for something different from the standard hatchback design, the Renault Kwid also come in special-edition models such as the Kwid 02 Anniversary edition, which has a sporty paint scheme and feature updates, or the Kwid Climber edition, which comes with all-new paint patterns and alloy wheels. The question that why Renault Kwid is the best-used hatchback one can buy can be answered by the fact that no major technical fault has been reported since Kwid's launch in India almost three years ago.

Pros of buying a used Renault Kwid

  • The ride quality on the Renault Kwid is quite commendable and reliable.
  • Price point and maintenance cost for a used Kwid is very small
  • Availability of an AMT variant makes it the most desirable hatchback in the city traffic.
  • 2 engine options and various styling options to choose from make it more appealing to wider customers base.
  • The resale value of the ‘kwid’ is top the charts.

Cons of buying a used Renault Kwid

  • Many Kwid uses have faced the problem of sudden stalling while driving their car. As reviewed by many customers, this is a common issue in many Kwid models.
  • The glove box cover and the audio system on the Kwid are prone to pretty high wear and tear. The touchscreen panel malfunctions in many Kwid models.
  • Many Kwid 800 models were recalled by Renault back in 2016 because of faulty steering racks. Make sure if the one you are about to buy has a proper functioning steering wheel. If not, you can walk into a Renault store and get it fixed free of charge.
  • The acceleration cable often malfunctions, in which case you'll see an error light on the speedo console. This, too, can be replaced free of cost at a Renault service centre.
Renault Kwid

Tips to consider before buying a used car:

  • Always look for a used car which has a low odometer reading.
  • Make sure to check for scratches and under the bonnet damage before buying a used car.
  • Documentation is generally the crucial part before buying a used car. Always check the original documents before considering the deal.
  • Make sure to check the emission levels while taking the test drive before buying the used car.
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Year Produced 2015 - Present
Price (New) Rs. 2.67 Lakhs - Rs. 4.65 Lakhs
Price (Used) Rs. 3 Lakhs - Rs. 3.5 Lakhs
Engine 799cc
Power 53ps/ 68ps
Torque 91Nm
Transmission 5-speed Manual/ AMT
Top Speed 147kmph
Acceleration 0 to 100kmph in 16.1seconds
Mileage 21.5kmpl

Renault Kwid Colour Options

  • Fiery Red
  • Ice Cool White
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Outback Bronze
  • Planet Grey
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